specialness and today

Well, today it 06-07-2001. Inspired by fondly recollected memories, this is a rather sentimental day to me, for personal reasons of which I will not divulge.

Make the best of today because, well, there won’t ever be another one like it.

2001-06-08 11:36:08 – Siaokh
Uhm… 06-07-01…. just another day for me. I make the best of every day. If you try to live in the past, you wont see what is happening right front of you today.
2001-06-08 12:12:21 – Forgotten Vet
D-Day was yesterday you f00l!!!
2001-06-08 12:15:54 – Xeon`Friday
Damn today is friday… that means that its the weekend which means that I am not going to Denver since I don’t have a job… suggestions?
2001-06-08 12:21:21 – Laura
yeah, craig, you should throw a party…i think that you would have fun at that party, especially if you invited people. hehe. you could buy the new weezer CD. you could also smoke a bowl. you could eat green aggs and ham. D-Day was yesterday? look at me care. i mean, geez, i think we should get that holiday off work, then i would care. 🙂 what is everyone else up to tonight? does anyone wanna go catch the avs game tomorrow night? i know you do. it is game 7, after all. (GO AVS!) and, i bet i can guess why yestersay was sentimental for randal, but, well, eww. heh.
2001-06-08 12:30:42 – Xeon
what this "buying" activity you speak of? Why not just download the CD for a "evaluation period" and burn it to disk.
2001-06-08 12:48:21 – bastard
ROCK ON!!! I’m HIT 4000
2001-06-08 12:50:18 – Laura
because you like the band and want to support them. i mean, i would steal bands CDs who I only kinda like. Besides, the weezer CD is the coolest shade of green ever, and you can’t reproduce that. and it’s not like you can buy anything anyway, you have no job. 😛
2001-06-08 12:58:43 – bastard
You need two people for grocery cart smashing which works like this. The passenger holds onto the buggy with an arm through a car window while the driver of the car accelerates the vehicle to about 30-40 miles per hour. When the correct path to a target is established the driver will hit the brakes while the passenger releases the shopping cart which will continue on at 30-40 miles an hour (which is extremely fast for a shopping cart). It is amazing how far in the air these shopping carts fly when they hit a concrete parking stub or a curb. Some carts have back parts that will open and seemingly hover in the air before crashing down. It is important to only use the metal ones and not the new cheap plastic jobs because they bust apart.
2001-06-08 13:03:54 – your mom
yeah, shopping cart busting is even cooler with my BBC in Randal’s ass. and even cooler than that if there’s someone in the cart when you release it. maybe that’s what craig can do this weekend; ride in shopping carts.
2001-06-08 13:06:00 – The Burnz
Goddamn it Tony, who gives a shit about shopping carts unless you are trying to convince us to do it. Besides, that is shit from jackass- The Worst Show Ever so for the love of Mary get some taste before you open your mouth. And craig, you should buy the Weezer CD, those bastards really ate it on Pinkerton, a little love for the boyz would be good for you.
2001-06-08 13:11:12 – Laura
the new CD is actually pretty good. not as good as the blue album, but i don’t think anything could be. it’s worth purchasing in a store. see, that’s the problem with you computer nerds. you don’t have social interaction because you can do everything on your computer. go to a CD store and get tans! 🙂