Avs!!! + night

Went and watched the Colorado Avalanche stomp all over the New Jersey Devils in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, making them the best in the NHL. Tore, Laura, myself and a little later Tony had a great time watching the game at Old Chicago — Go Avs!

The game ended and we met up with Janelle over at Josh ‘n John’s … the ice cream was good. Saw Lily, Amy, Keith, Adrian and Ryan over there, as per usual, which was cool. It was good to see janelle for more than 5 minutes. We had a good time, then everyone split, and Laura and I chilled for a while at the park.

About 1:30 Laura gets ready to go out to Hide ‘n Seek [club]. I walk her to her car, and she has a flat. And her spare is toast. hrmm … So I gave her a ride over there. No one else showed up, so at 2:40 am I gave her a ride home. I’m here now at home around 3:35 … that’s a lot of driving. Earlier today I was thinking about how much I enjoy a good drive, but I really don’t like driving around shuttling people. hrmm … oh well, it was good.

And that’s been my day. Oh, my mom is home. ‘Ungh!’ does not describe how I feel about that. I want her to stay not-at-home. More thoughts tomorrow … ‘night

2001-06-10 13:14:48 – tony
When you go to get the tire replaced, dismiss discount tire. Forking salesmen. Bastards. Ruthless deviants. "I’m getting better. No you’re not, you’ll be stone dead in a moment." I feel better and only occasionally have coughing fits.
2001-06-10 15:55:12 – Comments
i c your comment page works again! hoooooraww
2001-06-10 21:13:47 – Laura
next time, i’ll try to make sure that there’s someone other than you around when i might have a flat so you don’t have to shuttle me. i mean, you offered, but i should have refused and spent the night at the park…ugh.
2001-06-10 23:55:56 – rand0m
yea … here’s my reply: wtf?
2001-06-11 19:56:31 – xeon
whoa that is harsh