Sunday BBQ and misc musings

We are having a Barbecue on Sunday around 2pm. Everybody is invited. BYObeer, if you have any ๐Ÿ™‚ Keen came home on Wednesday and brought along a copy of Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons” which is about the Illuminati and their infiltration of the Masons. I did a bunch of reading as of late and man, the Illuminati are interesting. Also of great interest is the vast amount of Masonic symbols and rituals that are existant in the Mormon church. I am told that Brown’s next book will address exactly that. Surely an inflammatory author, but one that has definitely made me want to learn as much as I can about religious symbology and more importantly, the pedigree of religion & power.

2004-05-28 23:00:17 – Netheus
ya know, I tell you guys this stuff is great for years, and some simpleton puts it in a book, and finally, your interested. God damnit.
2004-05-29 00:33:14 – Netheus
just finished Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary. The book says that he started it when he was 22. It isn’t anywhere near as drug induced as his other books, or ramblings. Beautiful prose. You can really feel that good old boy sense to his characters, that man’s world thing that he was raised around, and lived most of his life in. Really a very good novel.
2004-05-29 10:37:35 – realbighead
unfortunately, dan brown’s not a very good author. Interesting ideas, but he writes like a 13-year-old obsessed with ninjas and boobs. If you want religious conspiracy, I’ve heard that Umberto Eco is quite good, although I haven’t gotten around to reading him yet.
2004-05-29 14:56:51 – Netheus
Actually, that’s the book I just started re-reading this morning. The Name of the Rose is a really good book.
2004-05-29 21:49:15 – Adam Weishaupt
Novus ordo seclorum
2004-06-01 11:47:13 – Hagbard Celine
Never whistle while your pissing.
2004-06-02 20:11:20 – WC
hahahahha ok i’ve been without any internet access for almost a week now and i see nothing has changed on this site rofl. Ok sorry about that but I’m going through Firefox withdrawl, as I still don’t have internet access at my new place. yuck! ok ggbblbbq
2004-06-02 20:24:21 – Netheus
k… I know they are after me now. My sister and I went to the kick ass asian buffet on Vickers and Academy, and we got fortune cookies. We had the exact same fortune in our respective cookies.
2004-06-03 11:39:11 – rand0m
and of course you neglected to share what that fortune was. thanks for the suspense.
2004-06-03 15:41:48 – Netheus
"You will soon be surrounded by your friends and loved ones." sorry…. didn’t think that part was as interesting… I’m not sure how it compares to the time I got the fortune that said, "You will have an interesting life." Thank you mister fortune cookie maker.
2004-06-03 15:52:42 – realbighead
ya know, most packages of fortune cookies only have one fortune in them. It’s not that weird to get multiple cookies with the same one.
2004-06-03 22:39:25 – Netheus
yeah, but the myth is that they are all different. In reality, they prolly have about 25 different fortunes and just mix them up and hope it doesn’t happen at the same table. It’s just improbable, that’s all.
2004-06-08 12:53:46 – Netheus
I am going to the zoo in the next couple days. I will pet a giraffe and feed it nasty ass crackers. I will dip myself in a vat of SPF 45 repeatedly throughout the day. I will then waste money on overpriced crap food because it looks novel.
2004-06-13 20:14:53 – Content!
2004-06-13 20:49:01 – nick
Content? You must have the wrong fuckin’ site. ^^
2004-06-14 10:16:26 – Netheus
So I was at Denny’s last night talking to Dhea, and I found out about some more of our class mates: Julian Bigelow is making bank with an internship while chasing after a degree in Child Psychology, through Regis, who has also sent him to Ghana for the next 3 weeks. Bobby Purify is studying cultural anthropology, right now focusing on Architecture. Jamaal had a baby and got hitched, and Eric Trujillo has done something too, but we were talking more about all of the embarassing shit she knows about them. Like how she almost had Julian convinced he was gay when he was 14. Ha ha! Anyway…. Write something Randal. I’ll give ya a dollar!
2004-06-14 14:00:28 – pinky
bobby purify has a kid too. he’s also going to be a super senior and playing football next year at the best football reputation school ever…hehe. but he’s a bad ass.
2004-06-14 17:13:10 – WC
So hooray for the new Beastie Boy album. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good stuff
2004-06-16 11:17:57 – jordan
So i go into chile today. Why do we export the worst fucking shit that we come up with? They have TGI FRiday´s here. TGI fucking Fridays. Makes me wanna kick someone in the groin. HARD. We´ve also exported ugly fucking buildings. On the way in from the airport i saw a bunch of houses that could have just of well have been in some shitty C Springs suburb. I realize that it´s better than living in a shack, but whydid we have to export Widefield? I wish prefab didn´t mean ´looks like a piece of crap that came steaming from the an asshole from which a two-by-four was recently removed.´ anyhow, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you´re cool, fuck you, i´m out.
2004-06-17 00:19:23 – Netheus
Don’t you hate it when someone is taking the place of your boss, and they blame you for embarassing them because they fucked up, more importantly, embarassing you, in an attempt to make them look better in front of the customer? I fucking hate that. But the problem arises as I call them on it every time, and turn it around so they look like an ass. And I don’t do it purposely.. It just kind of happens. Someone says, "Why isn’t this done, you fucked up," in front of customers, and I reply, "because I don’t take speed, and I haven’t gotten to it yet because I was doing my job properly." and that shit eating grin leaves their face, and they tell you it was inappropriate later, and then you tell them that they were acting inappropriate, and they don’t like that, and try to go on like nothing happened. Argh.

Yay tore’s back in town

Yay! Tore is back in town. We went out on the town and had some alchohol. ANd then we playe dpool. And then we drank some more! And then we went to tonys’ and hgad som emore alcohol, me a jaegera bomb an dhim … som ehard alcohol, as he is a total alcohdol snob and think sthat scotch is the bst! Good Times. WE saw MIke LEee too, but he was playin gpinball and did not hav emuch time fo rchiatchat. So we left. Yay fo ralchool. I am the lightesteswewgiht around: 3 beers and a shot of yager an dI’m feeling pretty good. Time for bwed! [b]Update[/b] – Yay, I’m not hungover! That was a nice and pleasant surprise this morning. Must have been the 4 huge glasses of water I drank. Okay, so last night at 3:10am, I’m laying there in bed, tossing and turning and this white early-90s acura integra pulls up and parks in our parking lot, next to James car. I was like WTF MOFO !? I mean, wow, it’s 3am, wtf are they doing. So this dude gets out, and then this hot-as-fuck chick gets out. Like WOW hot. So then they proceed through our back gate (!!?!?!!?) and try all the doors on the church. Yep. The backdoor, the sidedoor, blah blah. And then they get in their car, make a lot of racket, and leave. wtf, mate?

2004-05-26 18:18:03 – Netheus
you got it at the end there…. mating….
2004-05-26 18:29:00 – The Disco Nova
That is what I said, I thing they were looking for a place to get it on.
2004-05-26 19:07:22 – Netheus
nothin’ like defiling the house of god!
2004-05-26 19:19:57 – Netheus
speaking of defiling the house of God, [L=]here is what eric idle has to say about the FCC and the current administration.[/L] It goes straight to the song, so wait for it.

Guess Who’s Back In Town

Okay, so new things going on. The first and foremost will be Drama. WOO DRAMA MOFO! Mike Lee swung by the store wednesday (05/19) the other day and brought with him …. Matt Byrne! I was overjoyed to see him in his already-drunk-off-his-ass glory *cough*. I had heard that he was off the drunkard bandwagon, was going to school, you know, cleaning up his life. Well, that’s not the case. They show up and we’re chilling and whatever, and Matt is fucking crazy. Crazy Drunk. And Crazy. Eventually he tires out and goes out to pass out in his car. Mike and I are chilling, doing nothing and *ring_ring* my cell phone rings. It’s Matt’s mom. Now, if Matt is in town, he is going to hang out with one of three people. 1. Emily. HAHAHA. No. 2. Mike Lee. Sure, but he is the most unreachable fellow in CoSprgs. 3. Me. And she has my cell #. So she calls me looking for him. I hand Mike the phone and say handle it, as I was doing something else? So the first thing she asks him is if Matt has been drinking … Mike stalls and says that he thinks he’s upstairs playing computer games (this is all going down at the store). He gets out to Matt’s car and tries to rouse him from his stupor to no avail. So he tells Matt’s mom that he’s “taking a shit”. She immediately goes crazy, asking “what’s going on!?” And he says “he’s taking a shit, he’ll call you back in a few.” Reasonable for covering a buddy, right? Right. So Mike and I shoot the shit for like 30 mins, and go outside to burn one and Matt’s car is gone! Driven by a heinously drunk Matt! Woo good times! We have a good laugh, and continue on with our conversation. I have turned my cell phone off by now to avoid Matt’s mom. At about 11:15pm, we’re closing, and turn my cell on to get my messages. Of course she called: “Okay this is xxxx xxxxxx, I would like to have your address. If you don’t call me back in the next 5 minutes with your address, then I will call the police and I will have them lookup your address by this phone number. I will have the police meet me over there, and I am going to take everything that is mine, which is Matthews cellphone, Matthews car keys, Matthews car, mm, there’s another set of keys that he has in his jacket, his credit (bzzt)” and it cuts off for some unknown reason. Man, that’s a super message to receive. So I call her back. At 11:15pm, which I’m hoping she’ll really appreciate. “Hi xxxx xxxxxx, this is Randal Kohutek. I am calling to let you know that you should never call me again. I do not appreciate being threatened, nor do I appreciate being threatened to be visited by the police. I have no affiliation with Matt, and only saw him because he stumbled into my store drunk off his ass. If you would like to call me about this, please save your breath and don’t.” And that is that. He must have had a second set of keys, as I have his first set right here. Surprisingly enough, I have not heard from either of them. I find it quite amazing that he enters town and there is _instant_ drama. Guh.

2004-05-24 22:26:06 – fourdegrees
da-yum. look at all the fun i miss out on living up here…
2004-05-24 22:32:36 – Netheus
Well, he’s not in jail, so he must have made it home okay, or… somewhere… or he used not his real name.. Jesus Christ man.
2004-06-01 14:45:43 – Dice
I like that story.

Weird things, weird dreams

Okay, so I was at the store the other night and Shawn and his g/f Emily showed up with Paulie. We hung out and chatted, ’twas a good time … Shawn’s such a cool/laid back guy. I had a good time just chillin. So they leave, and I’m getting ready to close. So I’m standing outside burning one, and this drunk-off-her-ass girl starts coming down Nevada. Now, this is brightly-lit Nevada, so I see her coming from at least a block away. As she lists perilously from side to side, I notice that she has no shoes on. Not even typical-CC style flesh-colored flipflops that are impossible to see. I really mean no shoes. So she kinda staggered by and neither of us said anything. It was very odd. Okay, so the other day I had this whacked out dream. I for some reason was in a school, sitting in a hallway against the wall in a desk. Oddly enough, I had a pistol and an M16. Why, I do not know. So this kid comes out of the classroom across the hallway, followed by scary-looking SWAT clad police. So they’re doing there thing and I’m just sitting there. And then they finished with him, and I just got up to leave, totally not realizing that I had two weapons at my desk. So I get up and start to walk out, and the police yell ‘hey, stop right there!” as they have no doubt seen the M16. So then I was like “OK” … and then they came running up, and then I woke up, totally wondering why I wasn’t in prison. I can’t explain how freaked out I was. Crazy. As told by James, I was asleep on the couch the other night, and he came into the room and turned on the light and said “oh, you’re in here” and I apparently replied with “I’m not asleep, freebsd install … ds3 … ” and then went back to sleep. I find this discomforting. Less BSD, More Normal. kthx. [b]Update – 05/18 @ 2:18p[/b] LOL, I saw this quote while randomly browsing: [i]I am 22 years old. It’s kinda scary to realize I’m an adult now. It’s even scarier to realize all the other adults are as clueless as me.[/i] …. wow, I feel the same way :-/ Lauren emailed me and asked to take down the Why Lauren’s A Bitch article. It was written by Laura, so I asked what she thought. Unfortunately, I have not heard from her. I would post the email but I lost if. Damn. I think she’s worried about what people think since she is getting out of the military soon (holy shit, it’s been 4 years !?) Regardless, it involves ideas like “it’s childish” and “[lauren’s] parents agree that it’s immature”. The Real News is this: that is okay! I’m ‘mature’ for 18+ hours a day! Why not be immature on a worthless website! wooo! Fuck you ! And your parents too !

2004-05-17 17:13:09 – WC
*whaa* I’ve done that. ^^ falling asleep and then having someone discover you and telling them some crazy geeky shitz. ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-05-17 17:38:56 – The Disco Nova
Thank you for proviiding proof to my claims of Randallls geekdom.
2004-05-18 13:50:02 – WC
yah ph3ar, so his nutz are HUUUUUUUUUUGE!
2004-05-18 22:44:16 – Netheus
right… i just finished reading the Divinci Code. On the surface, a nice fast paced story, the writing in and of itself is terrible, but the story is good. Directly below the surface, this book stinks of Boyd Rice, Tracy Twyman, the Church of Satan, and how all three of them have recently split company. Normally, I would sit back, keep this to myself, and not be called paranoid, but the author brought up the story of Dagobert. For as much as he 101’d the audience through most of the book, he left out some of the more interesting secrets concerning the grail and the merovingians. But he left that story in. Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice (members of the church of Satan) A) Are co-editors of an underground magazine called Dagobert’s revenge. B) It is named so because Rice believes that he is a descendant of the merovingian line, and claims that he can prove at least that. He took the story of Dagobert to heart particularly because of the grusome dispatch of his eye. C) Twyman and Rice split camp not too long ago, probably about the time that this book hit number one. However, Correlation is not causation. The public reason had something to do with Tracy wanting to make a living off the Grail story. D) Twyman lives in Phoenix. E) Boyd Rice lives in Denver F) Rice is a pompous ass. The direct line of reasoning is the exact same as stated by Rice all over the place. I have a tape recording of him saying it sitting in front of me. Neither of these two can write very well. i have a few other ideas, but they will make me sound really paranoid, and you’ll be coming to take me away.
2004-05-18 22:59:28 – The Disco Nova
I just wanna say that most people in the Church of Satan are not true Satanists. They are members of a cult of personality.
2004-05-18 23:01:48 – The Disco Nova
As far as Lauren goes…. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. We can invite her to one of our parties and see if she can refrain from turning it into a soap opera.
2004-05-19 00:35:02 – Master Ha-reed
So is the Satanic Bible not Satanist, or is it rather that LaVey’s followers have perverted Satanism into something else? Are there any other "Satanist" groups that are Satanist? What about the Setians? They sound like they’re more full of shit than the CoS.
2004-05-19 02:44:03 – The Disco Nova
LaVey would cringe at what the CoS has become. They have gone mainstream, softened some of LaVeys ideal, and worst of all, they practically worship LaVey.
2004-05-19 14:05:06 – WC
*deep throaty voice* Bow down to me my servants. I am the true _one_. Do what I say and I will grant you eternal prosperity and happiness. Wow I kinda felt like I was a leader of a religious movement there for a second. Sorry about that.
2004-05-19 18:21:52 – Netheus
There is this one idiot 300+lbs fat ass that is now saying that Satanists shouldn’t blaspheme anymore. He kinda lost the point. No, you have Mansonite-style "I just wanna be bad" morons, and then you have real Satanists, but they don’t advertise.
2004-05-20 13:54:18 – WC
Do you believe in Satan? He Believes in You!
2004-05-20 21:08:51 – Siaokh
WC … the new David Koresh! … or not *Punch* -Tim
2004-05-21 10:28:44 – Netheus and then click on "Emily get out of the way" Powell was being interviewed on Meet the press. His press aid wanted to cut off the interview "because of time limits," and abruptly cut off the interview, right as Tim Russert was about to ask a fairly important question. Powell tells the aid to let him finish. The British spin on it, as well as NBC’s, is that the press aid didn’t like the question that was about to be asked. I’m not sure if that was it, I think she was just being a little b1tch. this is the best link for the video, it shows all of the b1tch fight that occurred. NBC is only showing the later half of the video.
2004-05-21 12:26:21 – Master Ha-reed
Hopefully the bitch got fired for that. Poor Colin Powell, one of the most beloved and respected (and deservedly so) figures in American politics ending his career like this. He should have fought the soldier instinct and resigned long ago.
2004-05-21 20:04:13 – Netheus
Are you kidding? He’s the only one that is going to get out of this with the fewest scratches. His son, on the other hand, needs to jump into a lake of feces.
2004-05-21 20:56:30 – Master Ha-reed
His credibility’s shit though. Powell could have won the Presidency before joining the Bush admin. Now Democrats don’t trust him, and he’s too dovish for Republicans.
2004-05-23 10:58:05 – jordan
so, i’ve been out of town for awhile, and i need some clarification on something: why do we hate lauren? just wondering.
2004-05-23 22:28:03 – Netheus
(with Jordan. No one ever explained this one to me, from my understanding, it was the abundant pushiness of cleavage.) So Jordan, are you in South America yet? How is it?
2004-05-23 22:42:50 – Netheus
As far as Powell goes, he is black, and as much as I could give a flying rats a$$, our grandparents, the racists, are the only people who vote. Like 50%-60% of seniors vote, while about 20-30% of people 18-45 vote. He would have never made it. I do agree with you that he has lost virtually all of his credibillity, but I also don’t think that he agreed with anything that has come out of Bush’s mouth. He is also the first person in the W administration to even suggest that they were wrong.

PC, Jeep, Nick Berg

Welp, I have a brand new Compaq Presario SR1010NX sitting on my desk. I’ll take a photo of it here in a few minutes and maybe upload it. Ahhh, the wonders of having a PC. w0ot. Paulie swung by the store … two nights ago? to show off his brand new Jeep. He has the extenda-version that is ~2, maybe 3 feet longer than a normal Wrangler, and it’s hot. Soooo nice. GJ Paulie ๐Ÿ˜€ Keen is off in Las Vegas again, which is no fun. For him or me ๐Ÿ˜‰ But yea, he’s down there until nearly the end of the month, so there won’t be a whole lot happening until he gets back because I am a lazy slob who doesn’t go out unless there is somebody else to go with. And Keen’s my wingman. Sidekick. Buddy. So you know. I watched the Nick Berg beheading video and read a whole truckload of the websites / news things about it. I personally think he’s kinda foolish (at least that’s what I gather from the news) but that video is so over the top. It’s horrendous. I highly advise you don’t watch it, as it is sickening. Like … you think of beheading where a guy takes a huge axe or sword and just goes WHACK and off pops the head with no muss and no fuss. Well. No. Two words: Butcher Knife. There’s a bazillion videos/mirrors of it, just Google it if you want to feel like retching. Associated Links: [L=][/L] [L=,2933,119854,00.html],2933,119854,00.html[/L] [L=][/L] [L=][/L] [L=][/L] [L=,2933,119810,00.html],2933,119810,00.html[/L] So I don’t know what to make of that. I mean, Holy Shit, Beheading!? Does anybody else think that’s a little nuts? I can see shooting. I can even see raping. Maybe even Burning. But Beheading? Grisly. I am outraged at “them” and at the US Leadership for waging this whole debacle. I’ve read that some people are thinking “Dumb contractor roaming Iraq alone = dead”. I’ve read some people who think that this is retaliation for the Prison Camp Abuse, and some people who think these are just sick fucks and their actions justify the US being there. Read the links, put your opinions below.

2004-05-13 19:26:53 – pinky
I think that they’re saying it’s retaliation for the prison stuff, and maybe they think it is, but the more fucked up shit we continue to do over there, the more excuse they will have to act equally as fucked up. While I suppose death could be argued to be worse than being sodomized with a lightbulb, I don’t know if I’m willing to make a value judgment there. I don’t think that justifies us being there, though, seeing as this happened after we were there, and we obviously weren’t able to stop it. And, besides that, I still believe that us being there has allowed "them" (the terraists) to recruit more people, especially when all the middle east gets to see us abusing people. So, whatever. meh.
2004-05-13 21:48:31 – Siaokh
Point of no return. Unfortunately, as i see it. We had opportunities to get the fuck out of Iraq a few times. But at this point in the conflict, if we (the troops) leave, it shows the warlords and terrorist minded that if they stick it out for long enough, and kill enough people we’ll leave them alone. Sadly with the upcomming election, this might be the case. Very similar to what happened during the US civil war. Lincoln was up for re-election. He was down in the polls… and the South knew that if they could hold out long enough, and get a new president elected that the north would withdraw, and we’d be 2 nations. Lincoln won, and the South fell… Terrorism wont fall because of the re-election of GWB, but we can’t just step back and leave. The terrorists need to know that we wont stand for their tactics, and that we WILL hunt them down and see to it that they find justice (Fourty Virginians?!) ๐Ÿ˜‰ If the call is for Peace in Iraq, the Iraqis need to embrace their new chance at democracy, OR when all is said and done when the government is handed to the Iraqi people, they need to change to something else. Ramblings a-plenty Not too cohereant, but it’s how i feel (sometimes) -Tim
2004-05-13 23:32:00 – Master Ha-reed
We were at the point of no return the minute we invaded. Either a) Bush’s advisors were stupid enough not to know this or b) they knew it, but knew they could never sell a long occupation to the US public so they lied about it. I’m guessing b is the more likely scenario since many of Bush’s cohorts are Bush I era officials, and a big reason we didn’t take out Saddam in the first Gulf War was because we knew we’d have to stay. The reason we can’t leave is that if we go, Iran steps in and creates a client-state. The Shiites are the majority in the country and could easily overpower the Sunni and Kurdish minorities. Even the moderate clerics are advocating a quasi-theocratic government, very similar to Iran’s "Islamic Republic" (a contradiction in terms if ever there was one), to say nothing of nutcases like Sadr who are leading insurrections as we speak. We leave now, and we give Iran (the winner of the "world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism" award for God knows how many years) a partner in crime. We’ve got to do this one right, since Bush & Co fucked up Afghanistan by high-tailing it for Iraq for the job was finished. We left Afghanistan in the oh-so-capable hands of the UN, and the result is a cobbled mass of contradictions they call a Constitution (Islamic law is listed as the highest law of the land, but somehow they think they’re going to guarantee equality of the sexes and freedom of speech, religion and press) and a country that is more or less still run by warlords. The only viable solution we have is to bring in more troops and [B]hunt down and kill[/B] terrorists until they get the message that they’re beaten. This is a key problem we’ve had in this war – we haven’t [B]beaten[/B] the Iraqis. When we fought WWII, we didn’t care if we were going to hurt civilians like we do now. We of course didn’t go out of our way to hurt civilians, but it didn’t stop us from dropping bombs on the enemy. We’re trying (and we have been trying) to fight a half-war here, sending troops in but keeping their hands tied. The result is a needless loss of American life, and a needless prolonging of the war. The country knows how to do this right – we removed dangerous regimes 60 years ago in two nations that are now strong and even (in the case of Japan) surpassing us in some areas. But to do so, our leadership needs to care less about pissing people (both Americans and persons abroad) off and do what needs to be done.
2004-05-15 06:38:07 – Siaokh

No Laptop, Intellectual Masturbation

I have no HPI laptop anymore, it is being shipped somewhere after I formatted it the other night. It is very difficult being a network/systems admin sans PC. I’m going to mention Jared’s website again. I went back and started reading through the comments on the previously linked article and man, those people have _WAY_ too much time on their hands. What happened to writing concise arguments? This is writing, not talking — if it’s going to be written, it should be as clear and as brief as possible. Please note, however, that this is a post/rant, not an argument, and that I am henceforth not bound by such rules. Additionally, I am not a 19-20 year old college student that prizes their super-human brain power, has nothing to do and enjoys masturbating their own ego with prolific posts on a website about a nearly-nondebatable topic. Yes, I just insulted all of them. Good Game, me. Why non-debatable? To me objectivism is a philosophy of life. Generally, people like it or they don’t. If they don’t they are usually ignorant schmucks, but there are a few that aren’t total fucking idiots who actually understand the concepts, yet choose otherwise. Props.Going with that, it’s like trying to persuade a tree to uproot and move over to that sunny spot because I want to water behind the tulips — it isn’t going to happen. Sure, you can debate the merits of it, but it usually boils down to “am I a crybaby who would be afraid of a world where people would be required to produce or not?”. Amazingly, it seems like most people are terrified of having to make results. Of having to do. Of having to lead. So that’s my rant. No comments, please. I had some other stuff to post, but that was at the front of my mind, so I might update again when inspiration hits me.

2004-05-07 18:40:23 – The Disco Nova
In other news, Randalll needs sex. Please ladies, put an American flag over his head and do it for your country
2004-05-07 18:50:47 – rand0m
You’re the one who just went on a nice little picnic, and the one who wants new spiffy matching furniture. Domesticated what?
2004-05-07 18:56:22 – rand0m
OMFG I just watched this fat bitch attempt to parallel park six (6)!!! times before giving up and going around the corner. Reverse, turn, BOOM, hits the curb. Pulls out into traffic. Repeat 3x. Tap car in front of her. Repeat previous exercise 3x. Get frustrated at own horrible parking abilities. Pull around corner. Gah, go back to chewing yer cud.
2004-05-07 22:46:59 – Netheus
I thought James was your pet domestic, lunch in a paper bag and whatnot.
2004-05-07 23:39:31 – rand0m
Well, he was, and then he inexplicably stopped. And now he’s being domestic for her. I feel neglected.
2004-05-11 03:01:43 – WC
Can’t you still steal quickies at lunch time?
2004-05-11 14:07:03 – Netheus
it’s my second anniversary!!! yay!!
2004-05-12 02:19:39 – WC
hmm does anyone have an idea on how this was made? I’ve been starring at it for awhile and the best thing I can come up with is there is a daemon that generates this pic on the fly based on the webserver logs? [L=]Dynamic Pic[/L]
2004-05-12 11:00:35 – rand0m
99% sure that the .jpg is actually a .php, and they’re using stock images (the little guy and the box) and the GD library to insert some text into the box at specific positions … and then outputting the whole thing as image/jpg.
2004-05-13 01:52:00 – Netheus
[L=]Bananna Phone[/L]

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Okay, so some things to post about. Shit, I don’t know. How about recent news. James has a girlfriend, her name is Rebecah (sp?) and she is nice. I’ve been out to Hooters twice recently for lunch on Sundays. Paulie, Matt and I used to do it every single Sunday before he left for Iraq. But Paulie’s back, so I guess we’re going to do it again. It’s pretty fun. Linkification: [L=]Anonymous online confessions page[/L] – good read? [L=]Two photos of a guy getting hit by a car[/L] [L=]Hilarious Nutrigrain commercial[/L] I finished reading “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. It is a really really really really good book. I very strongly recommend it to everybody, especially if you’re into history or into little factoids about the history of words and such. It has a very powerful, very much debated premise that the Catholic Church inspired the demise of Paganism, and with it the celebration of femininity and it’s association with Godliness. I simply cannot say how good it was. The first night I started it, I was up until 6am reading. Can’t put it down, can’t say enough good things about the thought, the research and the idealogy that went into the book. Jared has a writeup on [L=]his website[/L] about what Objectivism is and is not. He decries his own writing saying that it’s not precise enough, and while I agree to some extent, it’s pretty well done. Not so much on the acadamian level, but more on the “this feels like what it’s supposed to be”. Go read it, so you can of course lambast him like all the other groupthinkers will. GG. I had a whole bunch of other crap to post, I might put it up soon. I just don’t ever feel like updating. I know, I’m gay.

2004-05-04 23:42:52 – Netheus
That is hilarious! "Lots of babies!! Arrr!!!"
2004-05-05 00:46:55 – WC
That nutrigrain commercial is older than dirt. But still very funny. Especially when you think the guy ate some "special brownies" at work, and when the camera zooms in _that_ is why it hits him he’s high as a mofo. Some of those confessions suck. Some are very long winded. And some .. are . . . wierd. Thanks randal for making me waste 2 hours reading that stupid site. ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-05-05 02:14:50 – Master Ha-reed
Reading that confessions site only reaffirms my belief that 90% of the people on the Internet are fucking quacks.
2004-05-05 03:52:49 – Netheus
All people are vulnerable. Exposing that vulnerability can sometimes make you stronger, or give you confidence, that whole what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Do you have the balls to expose your weakness to even yourself?
2004-05-07 03:03:42 – WC
I’ll be in the springs tomarrow. Maybe we can get something to eat? Any takers? Call me. 720-308-6703 ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-05-07 10:04:04 – Netheus
It’s my birthday tomorrow!