Man, today has been dull. I heard and saw that a bunch of people went to phs graduation … that’s pretty cool. I have spent my day lounging around at work figuring out how to turn Database information into printable labels. not going to well.

As for tonight, i have no plans. as for tomorrow, i have no plans, although i think my mom comes home soon [suck!] — I really wouldn’t mind if I didn’t see her for another year or two. [gets back on track …] Yes, avalanche game, possibly over @ Tony’s place, starts at 6. Call either tony or I for details.

*rand0m goes back to doing almost nothing. breathing a little, blinking occasionally. that’s about it. someone should set something up tonight so rand0m won’t be so bored.

Update: The people page is now in the database and super-administratable — look for a plethora of updates soon.