It’s that special Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving!

[b]***UPDATE***[/b] — There is a get together at my place later tonight (Nov 29), don’t know exactly when probably after 5 or so. We plan on watching LotR:Super Extended God Version (thanks Christine!) and hanging out. Feel free to bring some of your Thanksgiving leftovers so we can chow! If you have questions, email me at rand0m @ or 287.4741. Looking forward to seeing ya’ll here!

2002-11-28 13:29:50 – The Disco Nova
So when are we coming over?
2002-11-28 17:02:40 – Siaokh
WTF… what’s up with the font/fontsize?
2002-11-29 14:43:33 – Netheus
k… meeting up at Randys at 6ish tonite. Bring leftovers!
2002-11-29 20:04:11 – t
2002-11-30 01:28:37 – CaptnSpectacular
why you watch lotr crap? An extra hour…of what? More fucking walking? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would have loved that movie, if i liked movies about walking, but thats just not my thing….
2002-12-01 14:32:55 – Netheus
right…. if you think that Lotr was about walking, I think you need to watch Fando y Lis. The entire fucking movie is about a guy pushing his parapalegic girlfriend around the desert in a wheel barrow. And it’s in Black and White. And spanish with bad english subtitles. In lotr, they have the sword fighting, a few one liners, real characters, special effects, and drama. It remained mostly true to the book, and the director tried his best to put on film what was described in the book. In other words, you are a fucking retard. Go and watch you 007 film with the tits, the guns and explosions, crappy story line, and awful script, when there is a script, and they aren’t fucking, or blowing something up. gratuitous boobs do not a movie make.
2002-12-01 15:07:28 – rand0m
whoa whoa whoa — are you telling me that one liners and boobs do not make a good movie?
2002-12-01 18:26:06 – tony
hmm, sounds like fellini’s dolce vita
2002-12-01 18:49:28 – Netheus
At least Fellini had sex…. lots and lots and lots of sex… In Roma, he also used historical points to illustrate the thinking behind the typical Roman citizen in the 20th century. Remarkable film. But I also came to another conclusion- All films are about going somewhere. There is travel of some variety used in most movies. As a matter of fact, the only one that i can think of that doesn’t is that sleep movie from Warhol. Or any of his other drone movies. So there, if you don’t like movies involving going to somewhere, action or no, then you don’t like movies at all.
2002-12-01 20:07:50 – White Cracker
<rant> OK, so I took the parents to the airport a few days ago (Thanksgiving morning). My parents locked the room with the only internet access in the house meaning I have to re-build my old box and get some free internet somewhere. (They also locked their room where I imagine the key to the computer room is) I have been working all day long and I come home to an empty house. Gina (gf from HS) recently told me news about her that I really didn’t want to hear. I am realizing feeling cannot be suppresed in a lot of situations. SUCK == 7,000 bitching customers each day (yes I see that many each day). … Ohh yeah and seeing *tons* of hot girls all of them with chode boyfriends. Having friends that are either off to college or working when you are off leaving you alone and bored at nights. Parents watching over your shoulder (and having help from the neighbors) from 7 states away. WALKING A DAMN DOG @ 7:30 AM & AGAIN @ NIGHT. </rant> I think that is about it. So yeah other than that everything is peaching having an empty house and parents out of town. If any of you wanna come to Denver or just cheer me up, give me a phone call. 303-480-0887. I think I am going to go try some 17 year old peppermint shcnopps I found in my parents house. I hope everyone had a delicious Turkey day! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~Craig
2002-12-01 20:10:01 – White Cracker
**last comment and internet access courtesy of nice neighbors**
2002-12-02 00:01:51 – realbighead
2002-12-02 02:06:18 – Siaokh
2002-12-02 02:38:16 – tony
pirate = redneck of the sea (commie zac)
2002-12-02 09:41:23 – Burnz
Pirates are the original hardcore badasses. No further discussion needed.
2002-12-02 11:24:02 – Netheus
But there is ass fucking on the high seas when women are few and far between. Thusly, Ninjas are bad ass. But no one can top the power of the Jedi. So there.
2002-12-02 12:56:17 – White Cracker
I am a Jedi Master. *waves hand* You will post a reply
2002-12-02 13:35:47 – pinky
since when was who you fucked a matter of how bad ass you are? PIRATES! WOOO!
2002-12-03 07:17:13 – The Disco Nova
This ones for you T Bar
2002-12-03 12:31:07 – Netheus
No, it’s not WHO you fucked, it’s WHERE you fuck/ get fucked.
2002-12-03 14:19:29 – Master Ha-reed
Disco: that’s why you get a pussy comfortable bike seat, and decent suspension
2002-12-04 00:42:11 – White Cracker
Anyone wanna donate a monitor to a good cause?
2002-12-04 10:18:29 – pinky
I’ll donate my huge cock to the good cause of craig’s ass. Sometimes, I think Bryce posted, and then, I realize it’s just Craig, and I cry the tears of a thousand women. hehe
2002-12-04 22:36:03 – White Cracker
I feel loved
2002-12-04 23:43:39 – The Disco Nova
*Zips up his fly* You should
2002-12-06 09:42:01 – Girlie
‘aight, been a while, but im still here. barely. internet access is something i am lacking at the moment. just thought i would say hi. oh yeah, and – call me! im bored!

Winter party, and that’s about it

I think we’re throwing a winter party, but we don’t know when — AND YOU CAN HELP! Please help us decide when to throw the party by clicking below! [L=]WINTAR PARTAY POLL!!~![/L] Thanks!

2002-11-29 05:28:39 – Reverend
Ok, heres the info for parties at our house.. no new years party.. but in since me, mike, and scott’s (2 of my roomates) birthdays are in january we are having a party mid january..not sure about the date yet.
2002-11-29 14:45:55 – Netheus
More party on the new years. yeah

Movie and smooovness

So I went out with Steve Chapin and his brothers and saw the newest James Bond flick, [i]Die Another Day[/i]. It was so chock full of corny, pun-ridden one liners that I had a hell of a time. I really enjoy stupid jokes and double entendres and such … hehe, it was a good time, barring them putting up with my Pork Chop Story and Steve not throwing his mojo down on the security chick. While we were there, we started talking about some pickup lines, and I decided I’d find some of my old ones and think up a couple new ones and put them down here: Baby, if you were x squared, I want to be one-third x cubed — the area underneath your curves. Baby, you’re like a can of pringles — once you pop, you can’t stop. Baby, your eyes are like the ocean — and I’m lost at sea. Baby, I’m after some treasure — mind if I look around your chest? Baby, you’ve been a bad girl — now go to my room! (heh) What’s a sexy woman like you doing in a dirty mind like mine? Baby, you must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy! *Points at crotch* Come here often? (hehehe) And one that actually sorta works — “So what haven’t you been told tonight?” I’m such a retard. hahahaha. That’s all I have to say for now. Besides that I don’t have anything to do tonight besides more laundry. *hrmm*

2002-11-23 17:40:49 – Netheus
Want me to come over, movies in hand? I think I will anyway here in a few. yay me!
2002-11-23 17:41:40 – Neth
My favorite- Nice boots. Wanna fuck?
2002-11-24 05:40:22 – Reverend
it’s nice shoes…get it straight .. …and dont give me that psuedo-goth crap
2002-11-24 09:48:36 – realbighead
I’m with rev… boots are ghey.
2002-11-24 12:01:24 – rand0m
I’m sad to see that nobody has anything to say about my oh-so-witty pickup lines. *sniffle* But we did get Rev to comment, and that’s good news ๐Ÿ˜€
2002-11-24 15:23:08 – Netheus
Oh randal, your one-liners are the BEST! I’m suprised you don’t get more dates with them! Wow, I am sooooo impressed! You are so witty and intelligent! (that better?)
2002-11-24 15:24:26 – Netheus
Right, so on Friday, after thanksgiving, I and a few other people are planning on going over to Randals with some of our rand0m leftovers and watch Lord of the Rings. Anybody else wanna come?
2002-11-25 01:46:34 – CaptnSpectacular
Actually, that math one is the funniest pickup line i have ever heard. Heres a dumb one: Hey baby, the word of the day is ‘legs’ What do you say we go back to my place and spread the word.
2002-11-25 10:41:57 – pinky
those pants are very becoming on you. If i were on you, i’d be coming too…lol
2002-11-25 21:54:32 – Netheus
Richard Skorman is looking for someone to do his campaign web site. Needs to be prfessional and secure. Will pay. Need good references. Please get a hold of me for more info.
2002-11-26 00:55:22 – pinky
you should do it randal, ricard skorman is the shit! and i do’t even vote in colo spgs naymore
2002-11-26 07:04:36 – rand0m
Having a chat w/ Skorman and Jim Null (who’s running for mayor) hopefully this morning, probably this afternoon. Heh. The weird thing is that I already made Councilman Null’s website — [L=][/L], which is where Skorman got the idea for a online donation and online volunteer form. zoobay.
2002-11-26 09:58:09 – tony
do you have any italian in you? would you like some?

oh, so you think you’re hot shit?

So you think that you’re hot shit, huh? God’s gift to the world, the best of the best, the man of men? Well I got news for you buddy, you ain’t shit. You’re just another little motherfucker who doesn’t know that the world’s got it in for you. Oh, deny it all you want big boy, but once you’re all grown up you’ll realize that it’s all a huge stinking shitfest, and that the only thing you can do is try to be happy with it, because there isn’t anything else. Yea, that’s right, I’m talking to you. Goddamn ninnay’s running around, always running away however they’re going to do it. Oh, the world’s got it out for me, I’m going to run home and cry; oh, I stubbed my toe, I’m going to go sulk for a week. Grow a goddamn spine you little putrid sack of mildew stain and put your shit on the line and get something done. ** The preceeding is courtesy of me being extremely irritated as well as having not been laid in 1+ months. Fuck you ** Now that that is out of the way, I can say with assurance that I hate Oh, you think it’s nice because of all the pretty happy smiling faces you see there. Until you realize that they all want to be friends! HA! What do I have to offer as a friend? That’s right, not much. Maybe unrelenting cynicism and a huge, oddly-shaped mouth. And that’s on a good day. The rest of the time I’m just another drone, driving down my rut in life, praying that working and schooling and fretting and drowning is going to eventually pay off. So I look on that horrid website, and all I think is “damn, I have no chance.” Deep inside I feel that is true, but I know in my head that it is not. And so I’m torn. And it sucks. I just might grow some balls. But I’ll probably put that off — right alongside losing weight, getting a better job, going to a better school, moving to portland, buying a mustang … *frustration* I really don’t have much to say besides that general outburst … besides that I think that some people run home to their mommy and daddy, while others run to Jose, Jim and Jack. Both are pathetic, but they aren’t too different. Man up.

2002-11-20 23:36:35 – tony
2002-11-21 10:06:46 – White Cracker
Damn. I haven’t been laid almost as long as that. I hope my head doesn’t implode. On that note you should see the fine honey manager @ the theatre that wants muh nutz. Cutie. But I must resist the temptation. Must resist.
2002-11-21 15:45:29 – Netheus
well Randal, you could always play for the other team, then you can have as much promiscuous, anonymous, casual sex as you’d like. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes people suck who put their problems on other people, or drown their sorrows in a sea of fire water, but they exist nonetheless, and we can only try to encourage them to deal with the awful pain of reality for themselves. If they don’t, you get people like my mom. Can’t deal with anything. She gets her pay check and blows it on cigarettes, pseudo-ephedrine pills, coca-cola, and candy. Mean while she’s homeless and doesn’t own a vehicle that runs. Fuck. Don’t be that shit man. Don’t be the pussy who runs to their children to beg for food and shelter.
2002-11-22 04:45:33 – Reverend
Dont forget about the Captain, and his cheap little brother Admiral Nelson ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-11-22 17:04:56 – pinky
wow. common misconception: gay men have more promiscuous, random sex than anyone else. other misconception: gay men would sleep with randal…hehe ah, the admiral. maybe that will be my night.
2002-11-22 17:27:10 – rand0m
stfu ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-11-22 19:24:12 – Netheus
No, I’m just saying that if randal were "parking in the rear," he would be a whore. That’s all.
2002-11-23 14:04:18 – The Disco Nova
Let’s go do something tonigh Randall.
2002-11-23 14:30:51 – tony
yo siaokh, am in addisson tonight, just at mi cocina at the galleria give me a call on my cell, would like to check out the sights if ossble tonight where did all this new constructions come from??

Party In Progress

Party currently in progress — come over! 423 N. Weber — free beer, and free shots! 287.4741 if you need to. Update in the mornin ๐Ÿ˜€ [b]Update – 4:43pm – 11/17/02[/b] — Okay, so the party was not as awesome as it could have been. We had like 14 people show up, because we had a *TON* of people cop out. Which fucking sucks. But we did have a DJ from Denver come down and spin it up, and he was really good. Niftily enough, he recorded his set onto an mp3 player thing (20GB hd), and will upload it as soon as he gets a chance, which is pretty neat ๐Ÿ™‚ All in all, the worst party we’ve ever thrown. Few people showed up, and a couple people were huge cocks. :-/ :-/ :-/ … Because of this, probably gonna start planning for a fucking HUGE New Years Eve party.

2002-11-17 01:36:41 – pinky
party currently in progress in pants…update in the mornin. and, first post
2002-11-17 03:15:55 – Siaokh
2002-11-17 19:21:20 – White Cracker
Wow, that sounded like it sucked. I do hope Ian and Ben threw down some good music however. Sounds like at least that part was good. If it is any comfort to you all, I had a shitty weekend. Harry Potter 2 came out and if I by now if another god damn little brat or their jackass parents ask me another stupid question like "where are the bathrooms" when they are standing in FRONT OF THEM! or something else Iraq will be the least of the US’ problem. Anyway other than that I am having a blast working @ the Promenade 24 again. Sweet honeys and lots of them! w00t.
2002-11-17 19:22:38 – White Cracker
That post was for rand0m ๐Ÿ˜€
2002-11-18 00:13:04 – garfunkalow
well.. yeah… the mp3 might not really exist.. it seems someone hit/bumped the pause button (*cough* nazi *cough*) and so i don’t know how much of the set was recorded… oh yeah and craig… if you read this… you should come down and visit once in a while.. ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-11-18 00:30:44 – Netheus
I thought Mike and his house were throwing a new years party, and charging admission like at the Haloween party…. and besides.. the New Year was ON Haloween…
2002-11-18 21:11:27 – pinky
gee, new years party sans admission where i can drink even if i’m not 21, or party where i can’t drink and have to pay to not drink. that’s gonna be a hard decision.
2002-11-18 22:56:17 – Netheus
That’s a good point Laura. I am glad that you are here to remind me that I am POOR! I think we should start planning on where to go for a communal 21st birthday party, around you guyses birthday. (i.e., Randal and Laura) I want to go to a liquor store, and then back somewhere where I can be comfortable. Like Randals house.
2002-11-19 01:04:13 – pinky
21st birthday…so far off. i’ll probably hit the bars in boulder, although, maybe i’d rather hit the bars in colorado springs. bars, though, cause people will buy me drinks cause it’s my birthday. it’s too far away, though.

Weekend and Party!

[b]***** PARTY ALERT *****[/b] There is a party at the weberstreet house (423 N Weber) on Saturday, November 16th. Starting time is probably around 9pm. Since we are poor as church mice, this is a BYOB — we will provide a keg and some hard stuff. [b]Bring all your friends[/b], and make this one a doozay! So I had a rather nice weekend. It started off on Friday night with Steve and Ben Chapin coming by and everyone watching “Band of Brothers”, which I must say is the best movie/series/production I have seen in a looong time. I recommend it 150%. Laura was in town as well, and we went out and got coffee and chilled out. That was fun ๐Ÿ™‚ On Saturday, things got turned up a notch. I did nothing all day, besides some laundry, and ended up going out with James over to Frank’s house, which was a pretty fun time, as usual. I don’t know why, but Frank is fun to hang out with. I found out, however, that when I’m around a lot of people I don’t know, I get pretty quiet. Weird. Anyway, Saturday night was good. Oh, and Steve got cable internet. That’s pretty sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ Woke up on Sunday morning and played Tony in some NHL2k2. I got owned in less than 5 minutes, and stopped playing. That sucked. Highlight of Sunday was seeing Carolyn! She is here from the east coast, and we hung out at Denny’s. That was really fun ๐Ÿ˜€ I also saw Joanna there, who some of you may recall is a human goddess. That was really nice. *sigh of longing* … Today has been pretty good too — I replaced my truck’s battery (plugs and filter is next weekend), destroyed one of the battery cables (bought a new one) … and went out to lunch at Hops w/ Paulie, Manny, Matt & Danielle. That was fun too. I’ve had a pretty good weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ One thing I’ve learned that I hate is people who sign on to AIM and instantly put up an away message. For chrissakes, if you’re going to not be there for even 2 minutes, don’t sign on! Are you trying to gather people’s IMs while you’re away? I make it a point to try and not IM away people. I hate leaving messages like that. Grr. Oh, and for some reason, I have decided to not distribute party invites via email like I normally do. I don’t know why. Just a gut feeling .. hmm …

2002-11-11 18:50:21 – CaptnSpectacular
Look how fun it is to post comments on other peoples websites! Sorry I can’t make it down there on Saturday, bro, but I kinda have to celebrate my birthday. Maybe one of these days I will be able to make it to the springs….maybe..
2002-11-12 01:50:29 – The Disco Nova
Very Quiet. I was wondering how long it was going to take you to figure out that I was fosting Annette on to you.
2002-11-12 02:34:18 – pinky
i think that we’re coming down with a band of boulderites on saturday. we’re gonna bust this shit up.
2002-11-12 08:35:43 – rand0m
Disco, I realized that in about 4 seconds … unfortunately, I can’t dance. :-/
2002-11-12 15:08:54 – Mizzybeff
You can too dance (alittle) I’ve seen you. I’ll be there on saturday! I can’t buy my own alcohol yet so if I pay can you get me stuff. ๐Ÿ˜›
2002-11-12 15:15:59 – The Disco Nova
You don’t have to actually know how to dance, just move and look confident. That’s all that is required. And Liz, I’m making multi-flavored jello shots.
2002-11-12 23:11:24 – Burnz
Hey Liz, don’t bother coming. No one can fucking stand you. Stay wherever the hell you live and infest them with your complete lack of personality.
2002-11-13 01:12:17 – The Disco Nova
2002-11-13 10:48:17 – rand0m
2002-11-13 20:44:35 – ytcracker
cool party whoooooaoaodaodoa i’ve been passing a lot of gas lately because of my diet. what do you think of that?
2002-11-13 20:59:59 – The Disco Nova
For the record, I don’t dislike Liz, but then I am easily distracted by breasts. Seriously though, where did this hostility come from oh angry one?
2002-11-13 21:09:13 – Mizzybeff
Ouch where did that come from? Do I even really know you? I mean I may have met you but what the hell is your problem with me? Have I offended you in anyway? I’m sorry if I have but really wow that hurts. ๐Ÿ™ Well I was gonna come to see Randal and all the guys but wow if ya’ll don’t like me then maybe I wont even bother with the drive and see ya’ll IF I come down around Christmas.
2002-11-13 22:17:07 – The Disco Nova
Don’t listen to him, he is like that with everyone.
2002-11-13 23:44:27 – Mizzybeff
Ok sorry if this offends anyone else but I can’t sleep without saying this. I have to work in like 6 hours and I need sleep. Burnz- Who the hell do you think you are? You presume to know me and who I am. Well fuck you. I don’t care if you think you know what kind of personality I have you’ve maybe met me twice and I was most likely drunker than shit when you did meet me, and we all know how people change when they get drunk, so we won’t even go down that road. And do you know what everyone thinks, do you think your God? Maybe you do. I may just come down there just to give you alittle piece of my mind, what the fuck, I don’t care if you hate me after this but you just seem to have way too many opinions of people you hardly know.
2002-11-14 00:34:50 – The Disco Nova
Don’t listen to him, we like you Liz. I’m making Jello Shots.
2002-11-14 01:47:27 – rand0m
James, I’m with Tony. Sure, Elizabeth is an okay girl, but honestly, we don’t really want her around the house simply because she seems to generate the sort of drama that we don’t need. The gist? We really don’t want her around the house at all. We don’t want her over – End of discussion.
2002-11-14 01:52:01 – The Disco Nova
Ahh, sorry , didn’t know she was in that category. Sorry Liz, not my house.
2002-11-14 01:53:27 – Burnz
MizzyBeff – Sweetie, Meeting you is quite enough. All that I think I am is an ambassador of the general ill will around the colorado springs area toward your persona. All I am saying is that, emphatically, that you are not welcome. While you feel that you need to defend yourself, I, and anyone else here, despite Disco, does not desire your presence. Be angry and hurt as much as you like. And sling endless insults my way. However, you would prefer not to encounter me while inebriated and disliking of you. It is simply friendly advice that you stay away and not turn this into some kind of pathetic pissing contest about how much you hate me. That is all.
2002-11-14 01:58:00 – Netheus
right… so i have known randal for a while and he tends to not like the drama, and the shit that it brings, thus, no drama is good drama. So don’t come. Thank you. If necessary, straighten shit out with tony. Thank you.
2002-11-14 01:59:43 – The Disco Nova
Holy Crap, is everyone awake at 2am? I thought I was the only night owl.
2002-11-14 02:29:51 – Ashur
Wiggen out over liz though. That just ain’t right. Some of us grown ups aren’t prone to humoring children like burnz. You can count me out. Think I’ll cruise boulderstreet instead.
2002-11-14 03:55:24 – CaptnSpectacular
I see you havnt updated fot this little shindig. Lets get on top of things buddy. It aint the end of the summer no more.
2002-11-14 10:33:31 – Mizzybeff
Ok fine I’m sorry for causeing drama. Whatever drama that I mightbe causeing I didn’t realize it so sorry. To all I have pissed off I’m sorry I guess you won’t be seeing me around.
2002-11-14 16:27:48 – Ashur
Anyone else you want to run off Burnz? What about Netheus? She’s always gunning for drama. Maybe ytcracker, making all those dramatic mp3s… they might eventually offend you.
2002-11-14 16:55:46 – The Disco Nova
Maybe you should identify yourself so we can take you seriously.
2002-11-14 19:41:39 – Burnz
Some of us wouldn’t take them seriously even if they did. Just another tag along. [/ignore]
2002-11-14 21:37:48 – Netheus
Right, so do you have any idea who I or cracker are? Better yet, do you know Burns? Is all of this being brought up on a message board just to give you your kicks? I don’t start drama. I usually end up finishing it up, and then staying at home for extended periods of time. (/ignore)
2002-11-14 22:16:28 – ytcracker
i have buttons on the side of my mouse that go back and forth when i hit them it goes back then forth LIGHTNING BOLT
2002-11-14 22:58:06 – Ashur
Cracker’s real name is Bryce. He is a talented composer who used to belong to Kamakazi 719. One of his most popular numbers is ‘Mr. Smith’ which has recieved much fanfair in universities across the country. Though not as recognized as he should be, he has always had a unique flair for beat. I will not go any further then that as it may reveal my identity. As for you- Your real name is Christinia. You knew Elmo back in the days when he was straight. So did I for that matter. Now then- You claim that "I don’t start drama. I usually end up finishing it up, and then staying at home for extended periods of time." I’m not here to rag on you Netheus but don’t make me laugh. Seriously, I’m not trying to put you down but you might want to rephrase your previous statement. I’ve only ever seen you run from your problems and hide from people who might be upset with you. Thats not what I call ‘finishing it up’. Here, you want an example? I’ve got a juicy example for you. The other day I lost the addy for this site so I went to a meta search and typed in the names of a some regulars so I could find it again. This time however, your name in particular bruaght up an entire forum dedicated to one man’s ‘unfinished business’ with you. I know, I was like blown away when I saw this. I was like DAMN!;action=display;num=1036317366 Netheus, this is obviously you he’s talking about and that it obviously one hell of a lot of drama. I rest my case. ps- Don’t worry though, we all still love ya! pps- BTW- Who has guessed me yet? Come on now, Ashur…. Assyrian god of….?
2002-11-14 23:15:07 – The Disco Nova
Oh good idea, piss off the chick with big scary friends and then give them clues to your identity.
2002-11-14 23:21:34 – Ashur
Disco Nova, I’ve never actually met you but from what I’ve heard, you seem like a reasonable person. Sorry I didn’t identify myself when I came in but at this point I am beggining to wonder why it is so important. Either my statement was correct or it was not. Does my identity add or detract from the truthfulness of my words? For most people this is true. They digest information according to the percieved integrity of it’s source. This is called Elitism and this is why most people believe ‘supposed’ experts as apposed all extraneous opinions. However, I am shocked to hear you put it so crudely. It was as if to say "Tell us who you are so we know if we should agree with you or not." My only statement was that it appeared as if Burnz (who I have also never met, pleased to meet you) was creating ten times the amount of drama right here. Mizzy says she’ll stop by the party and Burnz blows up on her. He called her names, made a variety of threats and proceeded to slander her up and down the page. My only opinion is that it may be in error to accuse Mizzy of bringing the drama. Have you considered this?
2002-11-14 23:23:51 – Ashur
LOL Disco… They’ll have to catch me first! Don’t worry about me. Heres another hint, I’m one of her biggest, scariest, friends. Kinda reclusive though.
2002-11-14 23:38:49 – rand0m
blah blah blah It’s not Burnz’ fault, so don’t presume that it is. You have zero knowledge of the facts preceeding this situation; you are unaware of the history involved and of the people involved. Please do not try to play in this sandbox. Burnz’ is just the fall guy. Many things have been said and done in real life that don’t make it to this webpage — instead of making some peoples’ personal communiques public, Burnz’ opted to jump in and (since no one knows him) be the bad guy. Believe me, what he typed in up there is nothing compared to the text-based whipping that liz received. Oh, and your identity neither adds or detracts from the supposed worthiness of your opinion — your thoughts are based on 98% assumption. Regardless of who you are, talking about something about which you know nothing will invariably result in you looking like a fool. $.02
2002-11-14 23:47:23 – rand0m
Oh, and for the google-lazy … [b]Ashur[/b]: The patron god of ancient Assyria, assuming the role of Enlil and Marduk, and god of war. He was represented as a winged disc enclosing a stretched bow, ready to let fly an arrow. His consort was Ishtar, who responded to the warlike temperament of her mate by growing a beard that grew to her breasts. I don’t really care about Ashur, but I do care about people in [L=]Winchester Virginia[/L]
2002-11-15 00:37:44 – Ashur
Indeed Random. You are 100% correct. My assumptions were pure speculation. Yet you have to admit that I was reading with blinders on. It appeared from my perspective that Mizzy was here, hanging out and generally trying to hob nob with people she considered her friends. Then Burnz comes in and jumps all over her. Next thing I know, half of her so called friends turn thier backs on her simply becuase Burnz seemed to disagree with her very existence. What was I really supposed to think? I don’t believe that showing concern makes me look like a fool, but I am glad that Burnz and Mizzy have decided to work out thier differences. Good job on the Ashur call, I’m surprised that no one has guessed me yet. Don’t let the VA title fool ya, Optica has most of it’s routers on the eastern seaboard. Heh… there is another clue for ya. Come on guys. I know Bryce pretty well. I know Netheus pretty well. I work in computers. I work at Opitca. I’m not really a boulderstreet regular but it shouldn’t be that hard to piece together. Heres another hint. I am Joe Mirwaisi’s BEST FRIEND. Bryce has got to get this one.
2002-11-15 01:11:43 – The Disco Nova
I was actually refering to me as the big, scary friend. And I don’t think a friend who knows Neth very well would bring up Steve. And I believe that anyone who will not stand up beside their opinion doesn’t believe in their opinion, and is not worth arguing with unless I’m really, really bored. Liz was actually doing better before you started posting.
2002-11-15 01:13:07 – The Disco Nova
And I’m a LaVeyan Satanist, I’m the ultimate Elitist.
2002-11-15 01:58:26 – Ashur
From the little I’ve read, I don’t think it’s steve. Hard to say who it is. Perhaps Netheus can shed some light on this. …and hey now, I stood up for my opinion. Didn’t I? What did I back down on? You got me being all worried now. ps- An Elitist is a person who believes that members of authority are always correct for no other reason then they are members of authority. It’s easy to confuse though becuase it is a term used in a lot of different sub-texts.
2002-11-15 02:50:06 – pinky
blah blah blah…i’m in high school again, oh wait, no. and i actually want to know who this is, cause maybe i know them. tell me tell me TELL ME!
2002-11-15 04:04:28 – Ashur
Well I can’t now, it’s been built up to much! Another hint…. I’m not gay yet I once french kissed Elmo to get his opinion on my kissing skills. (Long story) His opinion was a favorable ‘Better than average’.
2002-11-15 07:49:43 – realbighead
my opinion on the matter: block him. but any of you who remember the IBu should know I’m a sucker for moderator powers.
2002-11-15 08:56:02 – rand0m
no, really? I’ve got my ideas, but honestly, I don’t care enough. Work is beating me to death, and I’ve got a party to attend and a party to put together. Which you should all come to. [b]Partay![/b] – weberhouse, 9ish, saturday. everybody is welcome — supposedly we have a DJ from Denvah (tony, info???). w0o.
2002-11-15 13:00:03 – tony
ohhhhhh mannnnn, the guy’s over at the other house have a keg of ice house…. ohhhhhh, and biiiiiigggg ummmm, what’s that german word…. yeahhhh steins, and uhhh, i had 4 of those steins full of beer…. and woahhhh, i just woke up….. damn, we might be getting ice house! Will know later about the dj.
2002-11-15 14:50:14 – tony
I like Ashur’s line "I’m not gay but.." How about this, I’m not gay but I used to take baths naked with my little brother…. when I was 21! HA! Just kidding.
2002-11-15 20:52:08 – Ashur
Well hell man. I turn around and tell the french kissing Elmo story, about ten people here are gonna say ‘Oh, so he’s gay then.’ I needed to lock in my sexuality before going any further with that story.
2002-11-15 23:30:53 – realbighead
you french-kissed elmo. whatever you preface it with, ten people here are gonna say "oh, he’s gay then." Two or three probably said it just on principle, before they even heard your ever-so-vivid history.
2002-11-16 00:10:18 – rand0m
I’m with Tore. ghey.
2002-11-16 00:13:01 – The Disco Nova
2002-11-16 00:27:07 – Netheus
I think I know who you are. You aren’t Leo, you aren’t James, and you certainly aren’t TR, Trace, or Eddie. You would have to be one of the computer literates that I knew at the same time as the Goth house, and at the same time as Bryce. Also, someone with respect to know the ancient names of old gods. I am assuming because you swear you aren’t gay for kissing Elmo, you are a guy. The only person who qualifies in this posistion is Mike Lee. Except that you don’t work at BS, aren’t a regular, and as far as I know, didn’t kiss Elmo. and jesus fucking christ, bringing up a guy who was 22 when I was 14, as a power play. Yes, that little rant didn’t say all. But that is behind me. I am not 14 years old anymore. so lets see who else… Joel, maybe? He said all his stuff was in hock. Justin isn’t literate, and never has been. I like a riddle… But now I need to go and deal with something stupid I did when I was 14…
2002-11-16 08:07:46 – Ashur
Heya guys, thanks for all the invites but I’m going to duck out now. Was nice meeting you, was nice chattin with you again Bryce. Maybe Joe and I will hook up with ya when I come out. Actually, none of you were really close. Ashur = Sir Danimore = Dashhammer = James. Have fun guys!
2002-11-16 09:01:08 – Netheus
sorry if you guys don’t hear from me in a while my grandma just died
2002-11-16 17:40:50 – Netheus
Why the fuck is it that a person can be surrounded by a bunch of assholes her whole entire life, and then, when it all comes down to it, she’s the one to go? She didn’t smoke, drink, screw, cus, lie, or be mean, and she goes. What the fuck? Burns, you have got the formula down. Forget what all the health people say. Keep drinking, smoking, and screwing, and you’ll live to be 100. My grandpa has a fucking pace maker, eats like shit, smoked most of his life and was a lush beyond recognition up till 20 some odd years ago. Does he die? No. The woman that put up with his shit for 56 god damned years does. She had 3 good for nothing sons, all who drink enough to pickle their livers every fucking day. Do they get a visit from grim? Fuck no! Her brother, the product of an extramarital affair, also a drunk and a smoker, who has so many illegitamite children that we last count, and fucked around on his wife till the last ten years of her life, he’s still waliking about. The only "sin" she ever committed was gambling, and she would win almost everytime she went up to Cripple Creek, at < $600. All on $20. She never spent more than $20. Fuck them. Fuck them all. They don’t deserve the time that they’ve had. (Now that that’s out of my system, I will write the real Eulogy. Fuckers.)

Long Awaited Update

Sorry for the lag time between posts … I’ve been really, really, really busy. This is just a summary of some of the things that have been happening as of late, and hence, will be pretty long. Settle down for the long haul, cuz it’s right here. I’m just going to go chronologically because that is easiest. This past week, I have spent tons and tons and tons of time getting nice and friendly with FreeBSD so that HPI could setup all the routing and networking for [L=]EverLAN[/L]. That is all fine and dandy, but Wednesday was a bitch. For two reasons. The first off is that there was a shooting in my building. On the third floor of our building, there is a company called Land & Title Company. They had a lady who worked there, who was 20, and who recently broke off an engagement with some guy who was 24. Apparently she had to file a restraining order against her ex-fiance, which he violated three times. The first time, he went and visited her house. The second time, he called her on Wednesday morning, and the third time, he went to her office on the third floor. This third time was not good. He showed up, asked if she was there, and then walked to her office. The floor receptionist phoned that the guy had shown up, and the afforementioned lady started running to not be in her office when the guy showed up. Well, she was stepping out of her office when the guy pulled a .45 and blew her away. In short order he shot himself. I found out about all this because Jack and I were going to lunch and hit the lobby right as the police were entering the building. We got hauled to a back room, quickly questioned, and then escorted out of the building. As we left, we saw a SWAT van with lots of officers donning bulletproof vests and loading M16s. It was very scary, really, but I think the biggest impact on me is that there are people out there who are not safe; that somebody who you know can be driven to a point where no decision making is preceded by thought, that a person can lose every inhibition and do the unthinkable. To all of you anti-gun people: the problem is not the guns. They are just a means to an end. The problem is the derangement of a person. Very, very sad. Following that tragedy, Thursday was very, very busy. I spent most of the day tweakin firewall and routing scripts in an attempt to be ready for the conference. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way our new found BSD box started broadcasting its routes and poisoned the route tables in one of our alpha servers, consequently taking down one of our on-floor T1 customers. This proved to be a real bitch to fix, and I was at work very late fixing that. And it sucked. Friday was a busy day — went over to EverLAN and setup all the networking, which was pretty crazy. We were working with four total networks; not very complex, just very big (compared to what I work with normally). However, we got it all up and working friday night around 7pm, before the majority of people started showing up Saturday morning. Saturday proved to be rather eventful as 300 gamers started plugging in their PCs & monitors … it was pretty warm in the conference room, and power breakers started blowing like mad — once every 4-5 minutes, 60 people would blink off. Unfortunately, our servers went up and down several times, necessitating a reconfig on every occurence. That sucked. It finally settled down around 1pm or so, and things were peachy keen, and rather uneventful. Went home at 2am, then came back on saturday morning @ 8am and spent the day there again. The day was similarly unspectacular on Saturday … so Jack and I decide to call it quits at 11:30pm since everything is stable and go home. Well, about 3 minutes after I leave, I get a phone call saying the network is down. Turns out that the only computer on the network with unrestricted firewall settings decided to turn on KaZaa and utilize the entire connection by itself, leaving nothing for anybody else. I almost bitch slapped that guy, but instead resorted to yelling at him for having it on when it was expressly against the rules, and then yelling at him more for purposely defeating the firewall rules in place (against the acceptable use policy he signed). That was sucky. And then I came home. Which brings me to my next topic. I came home on Sunday morning to find a very, very, very drunk Matt Byrne at my house, a not-sober tony, shawn and melissa curled up asleep on the couch, and a very downtrodden, almost “I’ve been whipped into submission” Emily. It took very little time for me to realize that I very much dislike Matt when he is trashed. The easiest way to describe him is menacing. Tony does the same thing when he gets really trashed. Matt is much more menacing when he goes that route, though, simply because he is very big and could probably kick my ass. Thankfully, Emily decided to go home pretty quickly after I showed up, because I was in no mood for Matt’s shit and would have probably blown a fuse (remember, < 6 hours of sleep and > 16 hours of work) if he had gotten all up in my grill. I was very irritated with him the other weekend, and as much as it pains me to do it here instead of face to face, I wanted to beat his ass when I found he was completely bad mouthing me while he was over at my house drinking my alcohol. Goddamn cocknocker. So, around Matt, I will not speak of anything which may make him decide that I ramble on too much about a particular thing, like say work, or school, or other people simply because it gives him ammo. And honestly, I would rather have nothing than a negative. Went back to EverLAN at 8am this morning, and everything was up and stable. That’s basically how it was all day. We had a couple bandwidth shortages here and there, but some reweighting of dynamic bandwidth allocation queues solved those very quickly. As far as I know, most of the people were pleased that the net access was there and that it worked, although most complained that it was fast not enough, which I can fully understand. Cramming 350 people on to a wireless T1 is not good times. But it went well. The bad part is that no other HPI people ever showed up. No marketroids, no sellers, no other techs, nobody else showed up, and that really, really pissed me off. Their going to get hell tomorrow morning. The best part is that it is over, and I think that people have a generally good impression of HPI. And that is my post. Somewhere in there I spent an evening at the Perk and got all depressed about things and blah blah blah, but that is all because I suck and have a very low opinion of myself, blah blah blah. But that was my week, and it was good. I have another long, long week ahead of me, filled with meetings with the mayor and a post-op about EverLAN. And that is that. zoobay. [b]Update[/b] – due to technical difficulties, this is post 343. Tough. [b]Update – 10:55p 11/4/02[/b] – Thought I’d post some hilarious links: [L=][/L] [L=][/L] Oh, I turned on the webcam too. Click the above right for a pic of my shitty beard!

2002-11-04 02:20:14 – Tony
If I had more dough I would have bankrolled old randal getting a 21" monitor, but only had enough money to get one for myself. 180$. Nokia 445Xpro. Recommend everyone get one. It’s like getting your first real massage. You’ll never go back to just accepting shoulder rubs. NOW don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to blow air up someone’s ass or compliment someone just because, but I have to say I’ve seen Randal mature about 400% since moving into the house. There, end of compliment. Other than that, my short list of things looking forward to are: School semester over. Snowboarding. Everyone, including Randal, should ski or snowboard this season. Carving down a ski slope at 50 mph on pure powder and catching air on snow bumps one of the best rushes in the world. Aside from running away from the cops.
2002-11-04 10:23:07 – Burnz
What the hell did I say that was bad mouthing? And Matt agrees that he needs to keep his goddamn head out of the fucking everclear, it doesn’t agree with him. Apologies all around for my idioticly drunken shenanigans. But I don’t recall any negative commentary going on.
2002-11-04 10:23:58 – Burnz
I should also mention I have no recollection of falling asleep on the bathroom floor. So my cogniscent powers are severely lacking.
2002-11-04 13:27:05 – White Cracker
Hey all, I had a fun time this Halloween. Sorry Randal that things didn’t go so hot afterwards but you lived through them and you should be thankful for that. Tony if you still have the hookups on another 21" monitor I think I may be able to round up some dough for that. Gimmie a call here in Denver. You guys have my number. Well I gotta get off to a job fair in South Denver. Hope to see you soon. ~ Craig
2002-11-04 13:42:41 – The Disco Nova
I had the very same problem up until recently Burnz. If your an asshole every time you get plastered, you just gotta watch what you drink whilst around friends.
2002-11-04 14:35:48 – Tony
PC Contact in Highlands Ranch
2002-11-04 15:18:09 – rand0m
craig: [L=][/L] James — there is a line between asshole and threatening. Asshole can be tolerated and dealt with and overlooked here and there — being a potentially violent animal is a whole different matter. When you get drunk, you may be an asshole, but you are pretty fun and cheerful. When Matt gets super-drunk, he becomes very on edge and not pleasant in any way — verbally or physically. Thought I’d clarify the difference.
2002-11-04 23:50:25 – pinky
so, on a somewhat related note, you all should go see Bowling for Columbine. it is a movie about guns in america and a damn good one, even if you are a gun nut.
2002-11-05 13:46:03 – The Disco Nova
You should shave, before I hunt you down and slap you silly
2002-11-07 03:18:14 – REAL YTCRACKER
2002-11-07 03:23:01 – pinky
yeah, white cracker…hehe…that’s silly. craig= ๐Ÿ˜› also, beer.
2002-11-07 14:31:44 – Siaokh
Craig = Craig the cracker… ’cause he’s small and white… and generaly crackerish. punch. and DAMNIT JAMES… you should have called me.
2002-11-07 15:56:34 – The Disco Nova
We didn’t even get done with convention stuff and start to party until 3am most nights.
2002-11-07 18:51:19 – Mizzybeff
Hey sounds like fun down there in the springs. Sorry I’ve missed it. Well I wont be back for Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, or Summer Break so when and if I get down there we’ll have to party. I’m paying for liquor. ๐Ÿ˜› Well as much as I can. And I’ll give ya’ll as much notice as possible.
2002-11-08 01:57:03 – tony
Looks like we’ll be having a little get together next saturday. Theme is Pre Thanksgiving/Pre Holidays/It’s snowing/Last chance to party till finals crunch time. In other words, a useless excuse to get drunk. James, think you can whip us up a batch of jello shots? You’ve brought them to 3 parties and I still haven’t tried one yet. I’ll be providing a keg.
2002-11-08 13:15:49 – Burnz
Dammit tony bro, when are you going to learn to make sure people have plenty of notice before a party and not just toss a comment on the site. It don’t work man.
2002-11-08 14:34:46 – The Disco Nova
I’m 24 today. I feel old.
2002-11-08 16:34:14 – tony
24? What the fuck? I’ll be 23 in February, that isn’t old. 113 is old. Guess if you come over you can drink 24 beers or we can give you 24 punches. I’ll start now… PUNCH!
2002-11-08 17:21:15 – Mizzybeff
I’ll be there if not personally in spirit. Happy Birthday Disco! ๐Ÿ˜›
2002-11-08 23:14:13 – Mizzzybeff
God I’m so fucked up this is so great. I swear thisd is so rgreat! oh my god I have not been this fucked since lick july., i miss ya’ll so much. sorry ‘m really gone.
2002-11-09 01:32:50 – The Disco Nova
Who is this mizzybeth? And thanx. As for Jello Shots…..I have now taken to flavor coding my shots, Orange is strong, Cherry is kinda strong, and Grape is weak. So yes. I’ll whip up a couple hundred.
2002-11-09 08:53:07 – tony
James, wow, you’re taking it to an art, or is it science?
2002-11-09 11:10:01 – Master Ha-reed is dead! Long live!
2002-11-09 14:05:00 – White Cracker
Damnit, I didn’t mean any disrespect mr. ytcracker. I thought you might have taken offence to the nick, but it was one that was bestowed upon me and I didn’t choose it. :-/ Ohh well. Life in Denver here is ok I guess. I got my $1500 medical bill reduced to $215. Hooray! I love free money from Uncle Sam. My neighbor got cable and since I am a cheap bastard I think I am going to talk him into a wireless bridge between his house and mine. *snicker* Well gotta go. People to Do, and Places to See.
2002-11-09 20:39:00 – Mizzybeff
I’m hurt disco you don’t remember me. Well I’m not quite sure you’ve ever heard my online name. I’m Elizabeth, you know short, really curly hair you had a thing with picking me up and Mandy yelled at you. ๐Ÿ˜›