Class & Stuff

Okay, so I had to take a class for my traffic mix-ups from a while back, so I drove down to Pueblo on saturday morning [after a good drunk] and met up with 5 other people at the State Patrol office down there. The class was actually okay, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Met some Monument high school seniors who thought that I, Mr. 19 year old college man, was the cat’s pajamas. Also met a guy named Paul from Santa Fe who had some hella-fine pot with him. He’s going to St. John’s in the fall [w0o] and … anyway, ended up over at his place, took a couple slugs of vodka, chilled, then came back home. Oh, got my bike, found out that the front sprocket is fucked. Just might buy a new one. And on to Sunday. Didn’t really do a whole lot today, besides wake up early and start doing laundry. And then went upstairs to get some water, and I had to wash a fucking glass to get it. I was so pissed that I decided to clean. The whole house. So I spent 6 hours and cleaned the whole place up, which is good. Must have a little chit-chat with the housemates about some pressing issues, though — actually lookin forward to hashing some stuff out. Okay, so I go to 7-11 tonight, and there’s this person who works there, who’s name is Corey. Now, Corey seems to always be working at 7-11, be it a thursday night when I’m piss drunk, or a Sunday night when I’m getting some coke. Corey is always there. Only problem, is that I can’t tell if Corey is a male or a female. I tested this out tonight, by buying the May issue of Maxim [great bathroom reading material] and exclaiming, upon purchasing it, that “holy shit, 36 extra pages of hot women! wOOOoo!” and then closely watching the reaction of Corey. Nothing. Just a blink. So that made me think either that A) Corey is a guy and has read this issue, or B) Corey is a chick. HouseMatt is saying that Corey is a male, and Joanna [enchilida making friend of ben’s] concurs. I was thinking a guy as well, but then the whole Maxim thing … I’ll test it out for sure by going in and buying a pack of jimmies and and then, when Corey says “have a nice night” when I’m leaving, I’ll turn back and while holding up my purchase, I will say quite loudly: “That’s the plan!” The reaction, be it a smile/laugh or a bitterface, will affirm Corey’s sex. I think I’ll get a camera and post some pics of Corey and see what you people think. Funny thing on the way back from 7-11, while talking to HouseMatt and Joanna … I don’t like “chicks” [barring their firm, warm bodies], but I really like women. Because women aren’t fucking crazy. Thanks Joanna for affirming my beliefs! Funny quote of the day, regarding not being able to get any from the uber-christians *cough*Joanna*cough* here in CoSprings: “I should hang out in front of an abortion clinic. Hey, at least you know they’re loose.” LOL Update – 11:57p – Got this link from Zpacekowby — Do You Drink Too Much? I got a 91%/86%, and the following awesome quote: “It is likely that your current drinking patterns are harmful or hazardous to your health and well being.

2002-04-28 23:16:25 – Siaokh
2002-04-28 23:20:02 – Burnz
How about you take drunk Burnz down there and I will ask the she/male what she/he is. Stop fucking about mate. I hate that "Punch" post. Remind me when I come back next to fuck you up.
2002-04-28 23:33:52 – Mateo
erm, just because s/he might give a bitter remark, doesn’t tell you anything about the person’s sex. I think there are a lot of straight guys out there who would be upset at such a remark from you concerning your cockiness about getting laid. Then there is the fact that the guy could be homosexual, and with all the homosexual men I know, a remark like that would get a lot of really mean remarks to follow. have you ever thought of looking for an adam’s apple? Usually that’s a telling sign…at least in my book. I guess there are other ways of doing it that don’t assify you.
2002-04-28 23:58:04 – rand0m
Mind sharing these other tactics?
2002-04-29 00:05:54 – Burnz
99% on the test. They told me some shit about helping myself. So I plan on shooting them. I will tell you when I am a problem drinker. Bitch.
2002-04-29 00:09:35 – rand0m
maybe you should sober up first ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-04-29 01:45:59 – t
I don’t drink during the week usually, but on the weekends I "drink to fall down" (lead singer of korn) Truthfully, I’ve had a bottle of 151 on my desk for the last 4 months without touching it. Tonight we were burning old computer manuals for fun and I decided it would be fun to throw some half shots full of 151 into the fireplace, kaboom, wow, ha ha, it was cool. So then we take a thick 2" manual and place in the sink, then, we flipped through every 20 pages or so and covered the page in 151 till it was saturated, until we got to the last page. Then, having my assistant carlos ready to close the fireplace quickly, I used my grilling tongs to place it into the fire. Now mind you, none of the exterior of the book had 151, and the fire was very low, mostly hot ashes. Anyway, after quickly placing the well doused book in the ashes, and Carlos closing the fireplace, we waited, and waited, and finally the ashes crept up on the edges of the book, and FUCKING KABOOM, it was awesome, not an explosion really, but more of the entire book just disintegrated. I tell you people, when the shit comes down and they need firemen for station 451, I’m down with the shit. Just as long as I get a steady supply of cheap 151 liquor.
2002-04-29 01:48:59 – red5
Solutions: -Why dont you just cop a feel? or actually…that could turn out bad -Just hang out there till s/he uses the bathrooms and see what one s/he goes in…probably the employee unisex bathroom, huh -Derive which car is hi/ers and post that…there could be some good discussions on that -Once you figure out the car deal, look in it for other clues. -Ask which s/he likes better: smirnoff ice, or killians beer (asuming they sell some of those) or if not, choose two beers in the same two categories…aka pussy fru fru ‘beer’ or actual good beer. i think that last ones the way to go. this hopefully will be some great online communitive detective work…a collaboration if you will. red
2002-04-29 03:34:55 – pinky
who the fuck cares what the fuck sex the 7-11 person is? does it really fucking matter at all in your life? are you trying to get laid by casey? uh, no. also i’m 88%/94% so i got the same quote as randal… moreso, yeah, burnz is right, whoever the fuck keeps typing "punch," fuck off.
2002-04-29 04:26:17 – Burnz
Oh, by the way. Women are fucking crazy too. Estrogen isn’t good at any age. And I am getting a whole "It’s Pat" crush on this 7-11 person. Why did God make me so sick? And some men prefer fru fru alcohol, so watch your mouth.
2002-04-29 13:56:27 – pinky
burnz, you have estrogen in you too. and, women aren’t ass crazy as you are ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-04-29 14:04:14 – Siaokh
Fuck you Laura. Punch. Fuck you too Matt. Punch.
2002-04-29 14:35:03 – rand0m
It’s not casey, it’s Corey. And yes, it matters because it’s a serious cause of consternation at the house. Hrmm … must write speech.
2002-04-29 18:59:13 – t
English class sucks
2002-04-29 21:00:08 – rand0m
I gave a speech on Privacy Rights and National ID cards and took a Political Science final … aced the first, probably got a high C on the second. My semester’s almost over — have to take a single final online and I’m done.
2002-04-29 22:19:28 – Neth
Okay, so i have a distinguishable adam’s apple, I drive a butch ass pick-up, I like maxum (sp), and I would wish you luck on your pleasure seeking efforts….. am I a man? I need candy, I might walk down there in a bit…. I’m getting nervous….. What if I fall over at the alter? I always worry that I’m going to fall over whenever I stand up in front of people…. All of my friends are in art school…. they don’t know CPR!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
2002-04-30 00:54:30 – Burnz
Women are not fun crazy. I am one shoe, knife, arrest crazy. That is fun. That is a lifestyle choice, not a mandatory kind of batshittyness like women have. So PUNCH… I know what it feels like to be gay, bitch.
2002-04-30 01:33:29 – keener2u
It doesn’t bother anyone else that all that alcohol just went to waste in a fire:P
2002-04-30 04:42:12 – pinky
dude, is siaokh that one kid who goes to palmer? and matt was the first one to bring it up, so he should get the first fuck you…damnit all. and my guess is that 7-11 man/woman would get offended becuse there’s not exactly any smooth way to discren his/her sex, and like i said before, it seriously doesn’t matter since he/she is just taking your money for things you buy. it’s not like you’re getting married
2002-04-30 07:22:33 – rand0m
umm, Siaokh, I’m going to let you handle this one … And yea, it kinda matters, because on occasion Corey hooks me up. A free drink, some chips, other miscellaneous small stuff. It’s odd to say "thank … corey" instead of "thanks man" … as soon as I get a camera I’ll have some pics up.
2002-05-01 09:11:00 – Netheus
yeah, so do you guys remeber that first day of high school when none of us could figure out if Adam was a boy or a girl? And it turns out he was just waiting to be pussy whipped any way….


yup, feeling like shit right about now. It has hit me that hey, guess what! Most chicks *do* fit the stereotype of taking joy in being treated like shit. woowee. Okay, in other news, I realized that I need to get some community service done by March 8th. 24 Hours of it, to be exact. So, if you have some hella non-back-breaking community service suggestions, I’m all ears. I’m even more ears if you can think of a way to get 24 hours of community service signed off on without actually doing it. Thanks! Went to Little Bangkok tonight with housematt for dinner. It was decent. A little better than mediocre, but not quite “good.” Decent fits almost exactly. Anyway, I thoroughly recommend going to the Lonestar Steakhouse on 8th street, because it’s hella good. A little pricey for their only-“good” steak, but their ribs are to die for. So that’s my eatery advice for the day ๐Ÿ™‚

2002-04-26 00:42:56 – t
24 hours of community service can be best spent in helping the mentally retarded… who doesn’t remember how much fun it was playing dodge ball with the tards… do it, you’ll feel better!
2002-04-26 01:08:12 – pinky
dude, you should call my mom and see if she has anything for you to do. now that you’re all done making jokes about that last statement. yeah, my mom works for a non-profit, so she might have shit for you to do, and it prolly wouldn’t be back breaking, but i can’t guarantee anything. also, i am really really really fucked for this semester. i’d like to thank depression and insanity ๐Ÿ™
2002-04-26 02:53:38 – pinky
fucking shit, motherfucker. since i have a final the night of may 4th, i was wondering if any of you would like to buy my ticket to the Pop Disaster Tour off me. I was supposed to go, but now I can’t. It was $44…yeah, fuck school.
2002-04-26 15:49:21 – keener2u
dude plus their bread rocks the hizouse!!!
2002-04-26 15:57:29 – keener2u
BTW yeah you are totally right I don’t know what is wrong with women and their I want to be treated badly thing. …none the less I have no idea why people like you and I can’t just treat people like shit…..I think we should go to a class on this….how to bash women class 101..that would be interesting..I think they teach it in the summer at ppcc
2002-04-26 21:24:00 – Nettheepoooo
Yeah, so women bashing eh? You guys should come and see my psyche class some day…. there are like four guys, and they are all quiet, so we kick them like soccer balls…. Then again, the class is made up of women– divorcee, house wife, single mom, southern belle, black panther, me, some moon worshiping naturalist, and 2 girls who haven’t matured past high school. It’s like Luke and the Rancor, baby… Anyway, I already knew you were coming, so I RSVP’ed Laura, Randal, Bryce, and Mike. There will be beer. And chocolate dipped fruits, and a BIG cake, and flowers, and strange people (OH YEAH bAbiEEEE), and only one of my parents is even gonna try to come!!! But I have hired bouncers anyway. Thank you CoS!! Ave!! And Randal— You can read to kids at the Library. At least that’s what I would do… but you’ll prolly get stuck cleaning up the sides of the highway in a bright orange suit. You can also donate money. Pay off the state.
2002-04-26 21:43:25 – rand0m
Donating money is not an option I don’t think. I could talk to the public service place about that … that would fucking rock. Pay like $7/hr, and just cut a $168 check and walk away quite pleased with myself. I don’t think that can happen though. In other news, Friday night, ended the booty call relationship, and … yup, have nothing to do. [sigh]
2002-04-26 23:27:32 – Siaokh
Punch. And on a side note… bootycall relationships are fun for about a week.
2002-04-28 05:07:02 – red5
one of the best quotes my buddy has ever said: "oh shit! ive got to do 12 hours of community service in the next 45 minutes." -well…you’d better hurry
2002-04-28 10:15:41 – Master Ha-reed
no go on that neighbor of mine (damn those moral people) ๐Ÿ˜‰ anyway, if you are actually going to do the community service, you could do some office type work down @ Children’s Literacy Center

Day #2 – The Recovery

So today has been a total recovery day. I’ve kinda sat around and not done a whole lot. I feel a lot better than I did yesterday, which isn’t too surprising. In fact, I haven’t even used that much vicodin. I have to say that the penicillin pills taste like shit, though. Not appetizing at all. I did a shitload of homework today, though. I did a huge (14+ page) stock portfolio project, a 3 page career evalution essay, and a resume project thing-a-ding. All in all, it was 20+ pages of homework-luvin, and I didn’t enjoy one minute of it. I have, right now, a 63% in the class (of the total possible points) and there’s another 175 possible in these 3 papers, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get at least a B. rock. Okay, so our cable has been out for a good 4 days now, and I’m getting pissed. Went sent in the goddamn check on Thursday, and it still hasn’t arrived to the “City of Industry” in California. Goddamn U.S. POStal service. Anyway, Bruce, an adelphia phone jockey, tells me that the service should be back up shortly. I didn’t know this, but Adelphia has a call center at Platte and Union, right across from the Burger King — Bruce told me this, and when I heard it, I just about jumped out of my skin. Some dude, somewhere in America is telling me there’s a Burger King right near there office, all familiar-with-the-area like!? Whoa. Luckily, yes, he lives here in the springs. Righty-o, moving on. On another note, I’ve heard that some of you bitches have been giving Burnz a hard time because I’ve been a little pissy as of late. Well, know this — our eyes-locked, teeth clenched stalemate is over, simply because I’m too damn tired to keep ignoring him. Yes, I gave in. No, I don’t hate him. Yes, I am bitter about somethings, but you know what? I don’t need anyone else to fight my battles for me. It’s the thought that counts, and yea, thanks for sticking up for me, but come on — when it comes to pissing matches, I can hold my own. Was talking to Shawn and FirstMatt about somethings tonight, and it boiled down to this: “I’m a chauvenistic motherfucker when it comes to chicks.” And you know, that C word has such a terrible stigma attached to it … man oh man, what am I getting myself into? What happened to straight edge, always staggeringly nice me? Should I get him back, or is seasoned, bitter, veteran me better? Tough call. Update – 12:36a – Our cable is back on – w0o! Mad props to Bruce at Adelphia. Update #2 – 12:58a – Wendy’s fries and a frosty = super-awesome. Update #3 – 2:49p – I put some finishing touches on a website I’ve been kinda-sorta working on, and while I was at it, I put in some nifty javascript to help you not-forget to fill in some of the comment form fields. Also, I fixed up an error page that appears sporadically with some helpful info if something breaks. Update #4 – 6:21p – Yay, aren’t I a total dork. Image on the left there is a smaller version of the webcam pic, modified to show whether or not the cam is on. Nifty, eh? Right, will go back to being a quiet geek.

2002-04-24 00:32:10 – Neth
argh….. going to…… AHCK!!! Yeah, so nyway, why didn’t you call me when Burnz was down?!?! Fuckers. Anyway….. found photographers for my wedding, bought rings, ordered cake, found minister, got carolyn’s plain arrival info (took 6 months to get her to even find out when her school got out…..), family has gone to hell, ordered flowers, I’m gonna explode…. too much… not enuf money…. fucking Illuminati on top of it all… ergh….
2002-04-24 00:40:48 – rand0m
Let me be the first to say: "uhh … right."
2002-04-24 00:45:18 – N e t h e u s
and about the cable— if there is a service that you have to pay a bill for, you can usually go to the physical office to pay it. This includes utilities, cable, all insurance, most cel companies, ISP’s (local), satellite, and telephone. I know because I am broke, and usually run into these offices at the last minute.
2002-04-24 01:40:33 – pinky
yay for weddings! well, not weddings for me, but i’m all excited now ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe. oh yeah, was i supposed to RSVP? shit. give me your number. and, the next fucking band who is on MTV whining about divorce and sounding just like creed is going to get hate mail…awww yeah! and chauvenist, or nice guy. gee, that’s real hard to decide ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-04-24 02:02:28 – Burnz
We didn’t call Netheus because you suck. Ha, die! No, my time was mostly monopolized by some useless crazy twat. In that vein, it is all about chauvenism. Bitch hating is my #2 favorite pasttime behind People hating. And yeah, all you motherfuckers best get down off my shit now. You sticking-my-nose-where-it-doesn’t-belong cock knockers. *hides behind rand0m*.
2002-04-24 13:38:27 – rand0m
Wow, I’m just going to say nothing about such defamatory remarks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I don’t know if being a dickhead is all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, sure, it feels pretty good to be so bitter and jaded that I *won’t* bend over backards for anybody at any time, but the consequences? … er … yes, those consequences. Whatever they are, I’m sure that they play heavily against the "being a nice guy" routine. Which is good too, I guess. Being a doormat sure gets a lot of friend-females, but very little in the way of luvin. Being a dickhead means some luvin, but a lot of derision from the non-dickhead-liking population of women. tough call.
2002-04-24 14:57:29 – Siaokh
2002-04-25 00:51:26 – keener2u
nothing wrong with being a doormat….
2002-04-25 02:59:00 – t
Tony’s Top 10 List of Things to Buy: 1. Flogiston Chair – 2. Nissan 2002 350ZX 3. A Laptop 4. New Jeans 5. New stem and disc brakes for mountain bike 6. Annie Plunk’s 1st Edition Edgar Poe book 7. Villa in the mountains of Italy 8. Prescription sun glasses 9. A niiiice suit 10. Barret 82A1 .50
2002-04-25 03:30:38 – Burnz
Burnz top 10: 1. Glock 9mm 2. One bullet 3. Bottle of Jim beam 4. Lawyer 5. Last will and testament 6. Large tarp for splatters 7. Contract for your favorite ex girlfriend’s life 8. Penthouse suite for one night 9. Nother bottle of Jim Beam just in case 10. niiiiice suit from "The men’s things to be found dead in warehouse."
2002-04-25 14:40:00 – The Disco Nova
Randall, the secret of being a dickhead to get women is to not ALWAYS be a dickhead. Being a dickhead 90% of the time means that when you do give a compliment, it is more appreciated.

Yea, Fuck you too

You know, I’ve used that title a lot. And it really applies to so much. Swingers it the best movie ever. If you don’t agree, please go rot and die. I have a lot of story from sunday to post, but I’m too trashed to type them all up. So fuck you. Oh, and FUCK YOU TOO. UPdatE!OKAY! SO I CANNNOT SEppl TENAicoUS D OKAY!? FO FUCK YOU! AND YOU TOO! YEA< YOU'THINK yOU"RE SO HOT. YEA RIGHT MOFO! Update – 2:23a – FYI, earth day is my bitch, and also FYI, Tore is the bomb to talk to when trashed. WHere are you when I need you tore!? Update – 2:27a – burz is here, and he likes the officespcae guy more than jennifer aniston. hence, he is gay. LOL u{DATE!Sandwichares are the life of drunkards. No goddamnn sense here. so FUCK YOU!@ WO!O wait. this iwlll go tomorrow. wait, this is now. fuck me. OH MY! HOLLY SHIT A irweless liNK!? FUCK ME WITH AN IFRADNMRED MONSTER ON HMY! Update – 1:25p – Okay, so after my wild drunkeness last night, I went to the dentist to get sawed on. First off, it was a huge mistake to get fucked up last night. Going to the dentist with a mild hangover, while having to spend time with my mom, man … that was hell. Anyway, the whole shebang, front to back, took 2 hours. I got Nitrous Oxide, too! wOowee, it was a good time. Had a tough time keeping my eyes open, but there was this hella fine aid lady helping out the doc. She was all interested, asking questions and such. And then, when my gums are laid open and I look like a racked chunk of beef, I tell everyone to stop, and say, pretty loudly [to me] “ONE BLOODY MOFO.” I thought I was so funny. LOL. It’s still funny. Anyhow, they both cracked up, and then, for the rest of the time, I laid there, thinking “damn, I’m funny. One bloody mofo. Hahaha” So that was that. And now, I’m here on the couch, hurting, but the vicodin is helping … and I hate guaze. Sutures? no problem. Blood? No problem. Pain? No problem. Roll of toilet paper jammed into my mouth? Sucks. On another note, the thread previous to this one is up to 20 comments, and the last few are pretty good. As much as I moan about peoples’ extreme (again, to me) ideology, they have some good points. Although I don’t recall getting criticized for dropping out of school for a year … right now, that kind talk would likely get yer ass whooped. heh. God, Office Space & Swingers = good times. Funny pic of the day: Yahoo News Update – 9:33p – Pageview number 30,000 came in this morning from Laura at CU at 6:04am … props to the health of — thanks for visiting ๐Ÿ™‚

2002-04-22 03:13:16 – pinky
i get first post and all i can say is WOOOO! tenacious d!
2002-04-22 03:21:22 – red5
Ron Livingston is way better than Jennifer Aniston in that movie and i like him way more because he is great. Anyone see band of brothers(b.o.b.)? ron livingston is the shit in it too. jennifer aniston is dumb, and i am not gay.
2002-04-22 03:30:28 – keener2u
damn wireless links and laptops…eyuehah OWhoo!!!
2002-04-22 04:00:40 – Burnz
I think that red5 is my new best friend. He knows what is up. Fuck jennifer aniston and fuck this whole goddamn office space issue. I have more drinking to do. But I am only occassionally gay. And that is just between me and Frederico. You faggots.
2002-04-22 14:32:25 – Siaokh
Punch. Pimpin aint easy but it’s necessary.
2002-04-22 18:27:23 – Tony
For gonzo craziness, there is no substitute, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
2002-04-22 22:49:46 – realbighead
There is a substitute. It is a TROMA film known only as: Cannibal: The Musical If you can find it, I recommend watching it once with your favorite crack rock. And as far as painkillers for dental work, the injectable general anesthetic crap is so superior… you drop off super-quick and pop right out of it an hour later. Oh, and if you can save any of th vicodin, its resale value on college campuses is quite high.
2002-04-23 01:50:33 – pinky
check out the first letter on there is written by a certain me ๐Ÿ™‚ wooo! hell yeah, i’m a bad ass. those of you who got to miss tenacious d, i am sorry, it was a blast.
2002-04-24 00:36:31 – Nethene
Tore– Cannibal the Musical sucked. Troma, however, is one of the greatest z movie companies ever. There best must, however, be Killer Kondom. For those in the Springs— they have it at ToOnS, others, no idea. And see Tore, I told you you were fun to talk to when shit-faced!!!

‘nother wednesday

Went into the dentist today, blah blah blah, tooth root tip-fixing-surgery scheduled for monday, 10am. Probably will fuck me up for at least that day. I’ve been missing a fair amount of classes due to this tooth & because of work. That sucks. I don’t care much. [sigh]. It’s sad, but Cs are good enough. Putting forth anymore effort has little glimpse of reward. I’m just so blah recently. I don’t care about much. I mean, almost nothing … just kind of going day to day, making sure that I’m alive for the next. I’m really, really glad that summer is coming up … I don’t know if I should take a class or not; I mean, it would keep me sharp and it would help, but jesus, a class during summer? Kind of kills the point. Oh yea, tim moved to texas. Found that out a while ago. Quite a loss :-/ … oh, saw craig at blockbuster the other day. I’m sure he still wants to feed my nuts to angry, rabid ferrets, but at least it seems like he’s doing okay. yea, don’t have much to say to anyone about anything. Update – 4/18/02 1:05p – I added a thin in the “See & Do” section of the sidebar to check whether or not the webcam is on … the “On” is a link to a pop-up window that shows the pic. woo.

2002-04-17 18:47:44 – Siaokh
2002-04-17 19:33:07 – Tony
I think it’s good to take a class in the summer, at least one, seeing as how it keeps your mind in school year round, and keeps you in school. But you can take one class without it affecting your schedule to much, and you can still take vacations, not that I see you taking a week long vacation to Las Vegas anytime soon. We need to get you a mountain bike! I went biking twice today, once at palmer, and once at Ute Vally. I talked to that girl olivia again, and found out she’s a christian conservative… hmmmmm. And btw, craig’s little coworker’s name is mary, 19, and don’t know about the boyfriend situation yet.
2002-04-17 20:19:46 – rand0m
Sorry Tony, some of us work more than 16 hours a week. Granted, 17 hours of classes is a lot, but, if things at UCCS are how they are everywhere else, you’re probably in class for only 15 hours a week, which is 3 hours a day, or 5 hours, three days a week. Tag on two, 8 hour work days, and what do you get? Oh, right, a shitload of free time. Does christian conservative automatically equal un-nailable?
2002-04-17 20:31:37 – Burnz
Tony, can you really afford to be picky about who you go out with? No offense, but I know what it’s like to be out of the game. Gotta start somewhere, even if it is with a bible humping Jesus loving crazy woman.
2002-04-17 22:39:32 – Siaokh
2 or 3 words depending on who you ask and how intoxicated they are. ALCOHOL! -Tim
2002-04-18 12:03:50 – tony
Woah randal, you seem to forget something very important others hold very valuable. Your time is more important than work or school. Sure, I’ve got free time on the weekends, and I can squeeze in some free time during the week outside of studying for Calculus III or doing homework for my other 4 classes, but I make a point to make that free time available. Work may pay the bills, but if you live to work instead of working to live, you’ll never have time to enjoy life. Always remember which one you’re living for.
2002-04-18 17:44:01 – keener2u
Is that kinda like eating to live…or living to eat.
2002-04-19 00:34:46 – pinky
argh…first of all. tenacious d, monday, if you want to buy a tickert from my friend $25, and we need someone to buy it. besides, the d is like your mom on crack: fun and ugly. also, i am drunk and have to go read names in an hour and a half for holocaust awarness week. fucking christ. also, how come no one has noticed that the water behind osama in the new tapes isn’t moving at all. it is a lovely backdrop for his dickfuckcock ass, though…hehehe. i don’t want to see or do, randal! argh!
2002-04-19 00:44:26 – pinky
also, you all should check out because you will see ๐Ÿ™‚

Bitch Took the Ice Cube Trays!

Okay, so I go outside tonight, for the first time in … oh … 4 days [?], to go pick up some pizza with FirstMatt and Christine [Netheus], and on the way there, we see a staggering sight: in the back of my truck, there are beer cans, an empty plastic vodka bottle, a small canadian mist bottle and a [!!!] smashed corona bottle [/!!!] Can you believe that!? Some punkass bitches, while staggering around drunkenly, deposited a case of empty Busch Light and other miscellaneous liquors into the bed of my truck. Of all beers, Busch Light. What kind of panzy, dickless motherfucker drinks Busch Light!? And then puts it in my truck!? What assholes. Oh, and get this. The dicks put a coat in FirstMatt’s car. He has a convertible VW, on par with my truck [how’s that for valuation?], and it’s top was down, and some motherfucker put a coat in his car. And then, he put it outside of his car, and somebody put it on our fence. How’s that for spooky? On another note, I have less tooth pain. I don’t know why, but it hurts less. My lip is still a little swollen and numb/tingly, but I think I’ll pull through. Didn’t take any vicodin today, so that’s a telltale sign that I’m not dying. Oh, milkshakes / smoothies are the best. Man oh man, grind up some ice, throw in some fruit yogurt & pineapple and add some ice cream, and woohoo, good times await. I have a paragraph running through my head regarding past Good Times, but I’ve determined that it’s better to dwell on all the great things I have going for me now than to get all reflective and get depressed about days gone by. So that’s that. I hope all you peepz out there in the real world have a good day. Update – 12:21p – Going in to work today at 1, and I have two gripes. First off, FirstMatt left for California this morning. He’ll be gone until Saturday. I’m sad. :-/ And another thing. I’m going to walk to work, and it’s 73 fucking degrees outside. It’s April, it’s not supposed to be that hot yet. Much too hot. Just might drive.

2002-04-15 01:26:09 – keener2u
The wierd thing about the beer cans is for the last couple nights in a row I have been outside like every hour and I didn’t see anything happen to the truck or the car….wierd….so I am watching the brak show right now…and again I must say that zorak makes the show…
2002-04-15 02:24:42 – keener2u
I was surfing of today when I found [L=]this[/L] check it out …it rocks…
2002-04-15 03:12:53 – pinky
all fucking zorak does is make rude fucking comments and it gets old. just like cartman gets old…except i must say, cartman had some really good things to say in the ep on wednesday. "If U disagree with me, Fudge you too Fudge Off and get the Fudge Out!" seriouslah, that’s my free-fiddy. also, if anyone wants to go see tenacious D on the 22nd, and would rather buy tickets from the illiterate fucks i live with than ticketmasterbator, we will sell them to you ($30 is what we paid). Respect mah authoitah. hello my name is bingo. i like to climb on things. can i have a banana? eek eek
2002-04-15 03:14:42 – pinky
that mouse thing is awful. i don’t even know who you are, but i probably hate you.
2002-04-15 03:21:53 – keener2u
Did you read the whole thing? It’s a satire of the war on terrorism…
2002-04-15 12:10:32 – rand0m
I’m with keener on this one … Zorak is the funniest thing on the Brak show. Except for the short dad guy … kinda weirds me out, but he’s pretty funny. But a giant mantis running around? That’s pure comedic genius.
2002-04-15 12:20:45 – realbighead
all must bow to the power of comedy… particularly at the expense of retarded politics.
2002-04-15 17:13:01 – Siaokh
2002-04-15 18:47:25 – pinky
no, i didn’t read the whole thing because i couldn’t look at the dfead mice ๐Ÿ™ but my hate is rescinded. and randal, it’s fucking gorgeous out. remember the good ol days of skipping class because it was nice out? yeah!
2002-04-15 20:37:52 – rand0m
yea, that’s exactly what it is in reference too … beautiful day down here in co.springs too ๐Ÿ˜€
2002-04-16 09:27:55 – keener2u
You all suck yesterday I was in nice 83 degree temp today I am in freaking 30 degree temperature in the middle of what looks like columbia. I am waiting for some guys from grand theft auto 3 to come out and say…."you want some gringo" But hey at least I get to drive my Mitsu Lancer Es at high speeds on a highly curvy road of death! Mmmm Santa Cruz rocks….did I also mention that I am not coming back and I am just going to stay here with all the beautiful alcohol and cheap women….
2002-04-16 10:49:28 – netheus
Honestly…. I hate the tv… but it’s rays…are….so……….powerful!!!!!!!! The mose thing was cute… I’m glad he saved a cat from the humane society.
2002-04-16 12:26:13 – tony
I knew my day would come, I just knew it!!! —> [L=]Why I drink so much![/L] This only proves that Byrnes will be CEO of MegaCorp some day! <span style=’font:8pt tahoma;’>[fixed broken link processor –rand0m]</span>
2002-04-16 20:55:41 – rand0m
w3rd, this rocks … Boulder Street Coffee Roasters has metered wireless net access … $.10/min, which is pretty reasonable. nifty ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-04-16 21:36:31 – Siaokh
Fuck that shit… just hack their wireless connection…. H4x0r t3h GIBS0N!!!!!
2002-04-17 00:02:19 – rand0m
Actually, it’s pretty neat how they have it setup … none of the authentication or billing takes place locally, it’s all done upstream at their HQ. User’s traffic leaves locally and hits the main internet-bound pipe, and then, if your MAC is registered [and logged in], they’re custom software lets your packet out on the net. If you’re MAC isn’t registered [and logged in], then it redirects you to their login page. I’m sure that their system has a hole or three in it somewhere, but I didn’t look to hard in the 10 minutes that I used it. Also, I think they’re setup so that you can only use their wireless NICs; my D-Link pcmcia card wouldn’t associate with their Linksys access point — in fact, the access point completely ignored my broadcasts for locating a hardware connection, which indicates to me that they’re closing another [potentially huge] opening by filtering out any non-authorized MACs. Pretty smart guys, imo. here they are — [L=][/L]
2002-04-17 09:47:42 – keener2u
Dude, Borlands HQ looks like something out of a Furni catalog….from the wicker chairs to the Dishes with bubbles in them showing that they were made by hand by some poor people in argentina…
2002-04-17 18:28:17 – Siaokh
ikea? -Tim

Feeling like a baby

So last night, I’m laying there on the couch after a whole day of doing absolutely nothing, and it hits me that part of my lip is numb. Well, that’s not good news. So I go to sleep [end up not getting any], and calling the dentist this morning. Well, the dentist wasn’t there, because it’s Friday. That’s understandable … must be pretty nice being a doctor, eh? Anyhow, gave Lucy, the head runs-the-show lady the story about feeling like I got hit by a semi, the unending pain, and the numbness, and she told me she’d talk to the doctor. Got a phonecall right around 11am, and the story is this … first off, I overdosed on Ibuprofen. This accounts for the feeling absolutely terrible on thursday. As for the pain & numbness, she said that it is more than likely an abscessed tooth. The doctor did a phone prescription of some antibiotics and some vicodin [!] for the pain. I am really surprised at how cheap drugs are … I was expecting like $50 for 20 pills, but it was $16.58 for a bottle of vicodin and 40 antibiotics. Anyhow, I did some reading up on what an abscessed tooth is, and found that this website clarifies it the best. Have a read, and then laugh at the wild amount of agony that I am enduring. oof. :-/

2002-04-12 13:32:01 – Msister
ummm…I could have told you that your teeth look puss-y and tout that you have bad breath. Also,,,we all know about your cerebral abcess. Hope you feel better and that you don’t puke out of any cars and humiliate your sibling. If you were the great guy you claim…you would share the vicodin with the rest of us. M
2002-04-12 13:32:01 – Msister
ummm…I could have told you that your teeth look puss-y and tout that you have bad breath. Also,,,we all know about your cerebral abcess. Hope you feel better and that you don’t puke out of any cars and humiliate your sibling. If you were the great guy you claim…you would share the vicodin with the rest of us. M
2002-04-12 14:03:26 – Netheus
m’kay…. so you have 2 identical twin sisters that simultaeneously post at the same time…. wow…. and randal— don’t get happy with the vicodin. It’s hyped up ibuprofen. If you od’d on it (how, I know not… I used to take 13 at once), it’s not a good idea to take it. All that much anyway. I’m serious, come see me… I can make it better.
2002-04-12 15:27:19 – Burnz
I don’t know netheus all that well, but I bet she can give you something much nicer for the pain. Vicoden is the poor man’s morphine.
2002-04-12 17:00:12 – pinky
randal, you should just smoke some fucking crack and forget about it. and all of you not working on the 20th of April, I offer you to come celebrate 4/20 on the field outside my dorm with thousands of other people with weed. it’s the shit, yo
2002-04-12 17:54:44 – rand0m
Actually, Vicodin is hopped up Acetomeniphin, the primary drug ised in Tylenol. And, from what I’ve read on the web, mixing Vicodin with 500mg of ibuprofen is one of the most potent pain relief combos ever. I’m sure that Netheus has some "other" things that would make me feel great — their legality, though …
2002-04-12 20:05:00 – Siaokh
2002-04-13 00:19:05 – Netheus
I can both guarutee their legality, and potency. However, if the vicodin is too strong for you, just take the excedrine. same thing but VERY mild. Aside from that ibuprofen is an anti-inflamitory. The only way that it works is if you have a MUSCLE that is ENFLAMED. The acetomenaphin will actually be what is killing the pain… If you think you are going t die, and you can’t sleep because of the owie, and the dentist keep blowing you off, I can give you something that will at least get you a night’s sleep.
2002-04-13 00:22:51 – netheus
oh— and if it really is an abcess, you would be feeling sick at the same time that your tooth hurt. The nerve would hurt because of the exposure to the air because the tooth would have been eaten away by the poison/ bacteria causing the abcess. Then you would swallow the ick, and it would make you feel sick/ nauseous.
2002-05-24 15:27:10 – Jeremy
Yeah, smoke weed man. Like, uh… (trailing off,then silence)

shitty day++

Okay, so I’m sitting here at 2:26pm, and it hits me that I have not said one word today. I have not uttered a single sound. And that is usually because I’m just having a crappy day. I didn’t sleep last night. I up from ineffectually laying there and downed more pills than I could count, and passed out this morning around 7:30am. A few hours later, I wake up [oh, noonish?], feeling like I had been crammed into a trashcan, rolled down the street and thrown into a compactor by some big, brutishly-unkind man. My day has not progressed much since. Called in to work and said I’m not coming in … took a shower, got dressed, and am pro-actively doing nothing about the speech I am supposed to give in ~ 3 hours. Have you ever just felt like hell? It sucks. I find the word “cupboard” distinctly disturbing. It is pronounced “cubbard,” and when seen as text, makes one think of a 2″x4″ with a cup on one end. Although a cup board is really what it is, I find this word woefully inadequate for the tasks associated with a cup-bearing device. Hence, the cupboard will now be referred to as the “cupland,” insinuating that the object at hand is actually a complicated, socio-economically driven environment dedicated solely to the ideal of cup management. Thank you.

2002-04-10 16:20:43 – tony
"More pills than i could count" implies "feeling like I had been crammed into a trashcan" therefore we can assume that if not "More pills than i could count" then not "feeling like I had been crammed into a trashcan" or more simply: q -> r !(q) -> !(r) After cramming for and taking a discrete math test, this is the only way i can see your problem.
2002-04-10 16:25:28 – rand0m
Ahh yes, but were you cramming in a trashcan that was handily located in cupland? ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-04-10 17:05:30 – Burnz
You think that is bad? You try that spelling of Steven with the ph. Stephen. My God. That is like spelling "novel" "nophel". Madness. Mad freaking ness.
2002-04-10 19:00:49 – Siaokh
2002-04-10 21:42:47 – realbighead
this world needs more gigantic robot ninjas with lasers who turn into jets.
2002-04-10 22:07:36 – pinky
hey, it’s funny you were silent for most the day considering today is the "National Day of Silence" in which i participated in being silent from when i woke up to 5…but since you would not support the cause, i’m sure it’s merely random coincedence. I’m still in love with the boy in the basement and 12 days until the D!
2002-04-11 00:24:49 – Netheus
Have you degressed to political correctiveness?! Go read Marx, Neitzche(sp), and LeVey. Ratify your mind Randal!!! Go get Fight Club, or hell, I’ve got it on DVD, just come borrow it!!! On a stranger note, I didn’t feel quite right today either. My soon to be mother in law called me up and told me to go to the jewelry store and buy a ring to match my engagement ring. She even suggested Platinum. Then the bank sent me a letter saying that they cashed a check before it was dated, and forgot I made a deposit. I am so pleased. I think I might go seek coffee somewhere now…
2002-04-11 01:34:48 – ASSHOLE
ur fuckin DUMB
2002-04-11 01:37:54 – Teh Drunken
kick his fucking ass yu ass knocker.. NO DRUNKEN FORCE COCK POWERS YOURS FUCKING ASS CHUGGING SHIT KNOCKER… ohh yeah and we need some weeed. you know where we can get some you drug dealer???
2002-04-11 02:53:28 – captnspectacular
I dodnt know the D was comming! Shit, now i gotta get tickets…..
2002-04-11 05:27:11 – pinky
mark, if you want D tickets, like my friend have extra ones because they never graduated kindergarten and forgot how to count. they need to sell them to someone. let me know if you want one (i’m always online)
2002-04-11 05:27:31 – pinky
mark, if you want D tickets, my friends have extra ones because they never graduated kindergarten and forgot how to count. they need to sell them to someone. let me know if you want one (i’m always online)
2002-04-11 21:36:50 – captnspectacular
how much
2002-04-11 23:22:23 – netheus
okay, so I was listening to a radio show featuring Blanche Barton about Satanic Parenting…. She expounded on the value of discreet behavior concerning the development of her son, Zyrkses(sp). She said that he sometimes avoids telling people his last name in case they recognize it as his father’s. Religious prejudice sucks. Sucks bad. This hyper intelligent boy fears repression by the damn cabbages because of a faith/ philosophy started by his father. FI_I cking xians…..
2002-04-12 02:19:08 – pinky
they’re $30, mark *who rocks* and yeah, it sucks that whoever barton is too stupid to realize that his last name is common and no one even knows who his dad is…and also that not all christians are bad people, just some of them, and then again, they’re not necessarily bad people, they just forgot how to think rationally. wow, boulder has gotten to me.

I’m glad I’m me

Sometimes I am just so happy that I am me. For instance, I go home for lunch today, and there, right across the street, are 30+ lithe, scantily-clad, glowing tennis players, actively jumping up and down, stretching, and bending over while playing tennis. Man oh man, it’s a shame that I have other responsibilities that so carelessly drag me away from watching the near-orgasm-inducing ladies do their thing. In other news, FirstMatt bought a dresser. It’s nice, and not even all that heavy … got it from Furniture Family or some such place … I’d say one of the best parts of picking it up with him [cuz I have a truck] is the whole cruising around on a bright, sunny Tuesday afternoon. Sometimes I loathe the fact that I can’t just go outside and enjoy downtown like I could when I ditched class in highschool. Damn this whole growing up thing … it’s definitely for the birds. Update – 4:54p – I’ll tell you, the tall tennis players are the best, because they have these short skirts and long legs, and then they serve, and … yummm … Anyhow, not much tops sitting in the hammock, drinking a margarita while watching young ladies do their thing. If any of you guys ever get the opportunity, I heartily endorse this. [/testosterone]

2002-04-09 22:33:14 – Netheus
I guess the t&a action subdued the tooth pain? Or was it the margarita?
2002-04-10 01:27:50 – bastard
I have a question. I wonder if anyone could suggest a good book for explaing the subconscious inter-relationship with the present conscious? I have been thinking about this subject for quite some time and have tried to make some of my own conclusions regarding this subject. This is all probably all due to my viewing "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and my soon to be departure to that varily wary location. Btw, I’ve never read Aldous Huxley, although I will think that I should read this literature at some point. Also, I love Vodka, heart and soul.
2002-04-10 02:39:31 – Burnz
Ooooooooooooo, for once I am madly madly madly in love with Tony’s randomness. If you are going to walk the Huxley road, make sure you hit up Island. It was part of his humanistic era, after all the hallucinogens. Eastern humanism with western ambition. But start it off with the old standby, Brave New World my Epsilon friend. And for a poor man’s guide to psychological communication between subconscious and conscious mind, get "Man and his Symbols" it is an omnibus of Carl Jung and 13 of his best students. It is also the only lower-brow piece he conceded to doing. Not to say that it is simplistic, just more so than his other 11,000,000 books and their tendancy to make a lot of assumptions about the reader’s knowledge of societal structure in Germany many generations ago. And don’t worry, he strongly divorced from Freud’s perverse psycho-sexual answer to everything. Read it, you will like it, it is good. Sorry you all had to read that. Know that I am not proud of what I have done.
2002-04-10 11:45:16 – Siaokh

And another week

So yes, my weekend in review. Umm … drank 15 shots of Red Rum last night and was completely bombed. Got into a pissing match with Burnz about … don’t really know 100%. All I know is that I’m wildly offended for some reason or another. And then had lunch with Emily & Melissa today @ Old Chicago. That was fun … then did coffee with Emily & FirstMatt and came home. And then the rest of the day has been me doing absolutely nothing. I have some sort of homework or something due to for school, but I don’t know what … hrmm. I have something else to say … umm… oh, right, SpaceGhost rocks. I’ll remember what I was going to say in a bit. Oh, another thing, Tony might be moving into the LindyCommune here … and Shawn might be moving out at the end of June to go to school in Denver. Yea, not remembering the original point of this conversation. I’ll update when I remember. Update – 10:32a – Off to my dentist appointment for my hurtin tooth. Hopefully it won’t cost an arm and a leg, and I’ll leave with all my teeth still in my mouth ๐Ÿ˜‰ Update #2 – 12:37p – Came back from Dr. Lawrence’s office, my wallet a lot lighter and with all my teeth intact and cleaned. The gist – I have beautifully maintained teeth, and there is absolutely nothing wrong. Oh, the whole sore/pain thing? Probably bumped my face on something and my “teeth are bruised” … I didn’t know that clumps of calcium, phosphorous and other mineral salts could be bruised, but hey, I’m not a dentist. He said to call back if they still hurt in 30 days … until then, I’m investing in ibuprofen.

2002-04-08 02:59:51 – Red5
Rand"0m"al, you need to tell me the next time you will be in auroura or wherever it is your parents live so you can swing by and see my new place in denver. let me know. And are you talking about the show: spaceghost, spaceghost coast to coast, cartoon planet, or just the character of spaceghost? cause they are all cool, but cartoon planet (staring spaceghost) is the best for obvious reasons [brack] red5
2002-04-08 05:51:41 – pinky
hell yeah…brak is the shit.(props to mark) but i do believe he was referring to space ghost coast to coast in which there was a yellow monster and kittens tonight, along with a bunch of other shit that made no sense, but rocked…
2002-04-08 07:50:09 – keener2u
hmmm yellow kittens don’t remember that mmm adult swim…I have to admit that space ghost c2c rocks….but I think you are wrong about brak…brak is ok….it’s zorak that rocks…..oh yeah and all weekend long especially at the baseball game on friday Randal kept doing this wierd laser beam thing and trying to look like space ghost…it disturbed me….
2002-04-08 08:38:43 – pinky
ok, anyone who tries to intimidate spaceghost (rand"0m"al…lol) is a loser. and zorak is about the worst character ever. i wish he just wasn’t there. it’s only good when spaceghost fries him with the laser beams….and when spaceghost was talking about getting a bag of cats for moltar, and then zorak asked about them, it, for a brief moment, showed this big yellow monster with kittens running around. it fucking rocked. and [B][U]brak is definitely the best character ever to be on spaceghost[/U][/B]. anyone who disagrees sucks ๐Ÿ™‚ and, a new episode of the brak show premieres next week and i’m SO! FUCKING! EXCITED! because it rocks how hard? SO! FUCKING! HARD! woooo!
2002-04-08 08:40:22 – pinky
and i can’t fucking underline and bold? that’s bullshit. so, randal, if you will fix that for me (if i fucked up) or just delete the U’s, that would rock.
2002-04-08 08:41:56 – pinky
shit…i wrote intimidate instead of imitate….okay, no more posting for the sleep-deprived me.
2002-04-08 08:49:01 – rand0m
I’m going to have to disagree. [B][U]Zorack[/U][/B] is the best … I mean, he goes out with Brak and drinks beer just because. And he says "Shut up" in that voice of his. And his eyes, LOL. Oh, and Red5, SpaceGhost Coast to Coast on Cartoon Network — Monday mornings at 12:30am ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-04-08 09:20:06 – keener2u
[begin sucking]I must disagree with pinky[/end sucking] so yeah Zorak totally makes the brak show. I mean you know anyone can sing "I’m a pickled beat and I’m hot for you baby" But who can sing songs of hatred in an N’sync voice and get away with it….only Zorak!
2002-04-08 13:02:43 – Siaokh
2002-04-08 19:33:56 – pinky
alright, those of you with exceptional minds: i need a "compelling and exceptional reason" to late drop a class, so, if you can think of some beleivable exaggerated personal problems involving my parents divorce, email me, or just post it here…there, do i get the random posting award again?
2002-04-09 00:56:34 – Netheus
Yeah…. I went to Wrestling on Sunday…. ahhh….. humanity at it’s best. Getting depressed, don’t know why….. oh yeah, that’s right, I’m broke!!! I wish I could go to the dentist. By the way— Ibuprofen isn’t going to help. Invest in ambesol. If not, go for tylenol, but not ibuprofen–it only eats your kidney and is an anti-inflamitory. Tylenol is a pain killer and ambesol is a mild anesthetic. If it still hurts, gimmie a phone call, I have roots and berrys and other witchy things that work. Or lick an Aspen tree (that’s where Aspirin comes from!!).
2002-04-09 02:04:20 – Burnz
In the denver coliseum Netheus? I was there! On the floor baby! Vindicate me and tell me you love Goldust. And it is about time somone put that Raven through a table. Pardon me while I exonerate the white trash hillbilly spirit that resides in the cob-webbed piston hole where my heart should be. WHAT? (for all you non-wrestling fans out there, get ready, your candy-ass is next. Don’t sing it, just bring it. What are you going to do when Hulkamania runs wild on you, brother?)
2002-04-09 22:31:38 – Netheus
WORD!!!!!!!! Ahh, guilty, non-intellectual, violent pleasures. Goldust is the shit. Nothing like drag queens, queers, hicks, and big titted women to get the brain relaxed!!!!!!!!