this site freakin blows

I really have no motivation to post anymore. I could go on about how the store is, the HPI deal, Tore’s incredible attitude & bullheadedness, James HotSex Adventures, Keen and I’s solving all of the worlds problems while talking on our porch, seeing a couple PHS people, meeting up with Laura at Phantom several times … but meh. Too much to type and I have zero impetus to do it. So here are some links, some of which are pretty scary. heh. [L=]HOTCYBARSEX WITH HOTMAMA[L] – hilarious cyber sex outtake. [L=]Random beligerent conversation[/L] – priceless. [L=]A FreeBSD Firewall Script.[/L] Don’t ask me. Things of note. 1. I was chatting with Nick the other day, and I linked him to a profile that was of the perfect girl. His first reply “does she keep her mouth shut?” I laughed heartily. And fuck anybody who doesn’t laugh. It’s a joke. Jesus. 2. I was late this morning and ended up going to work without a shower because Keen took a loooooong shower. So I feel dirty, because I am. That is all.

2004-06-20 09:41:25 – Siaokh
HAHAHAH Damn randal, there was one quote that stood head and shoulders above the rest: "rand0m: do you want me to cut you?" teh funnie. *Punch* -Tim
2004-12-11 09:17:21 – sktonh
need photos hotsex