Friday and such

Okay, since none of you people out there on the “interweb” felt like commenting on the previous post, I’m going to make a new one. So here it is. Oh, you want to comment on that last one, but didn’t because you didn’t have time, didn’t want to be the first poster, or whatever? Yea, well you suck, you spineless sack of post-primordial ooze. I went out with Matt to buy ice cream tonight. Of course it’s because it is that time of the month. So we go to Safeway, because that’s where all of the poor, non-rich CC people go. And it quickly goes from buying ice cream to filling the fridge with the following:

  • 9 pizza things [Totino’s brand???]
  • 2 packs of sandwich ham
  • 1 pack of turkey meat [for pork-intolerant housemate Shawn]
  • 2 packs of american cheese [fuckers don’t have blocks of sliced swiss]
  • one thing of Muenster cheese [yea, ice queen warped me]
  • 2 packs of hot pockets [mmm, grease]
  • 2 loaves of split-top crushed-what bread [the best]
  • a pack of bagels [cinammon raison, expensive $$$]
  • Some Mocha coffee things [starbucks = ass, but good]
  • ice cream [choc. chip cookie dough, ben & jerry’s]

Set me back about $58. Although I’m pretty sure that I will not eat 90% of all this food [cuz housemates will ;-)], it feels good to have a full fridge. How’s *THAT* for some bachelor food luvin! Okay, another thing. To all those love birds out there, why don’t you stop fucking around and just admit it to yourselves, okay? I mean, shit, sometimes I realize that I like someone, and then I do something about it, instead of sitting around convincing myself otherwise. Fucking weak. And depressing. To all those people who I know in the Colorado Springs vicinity. On friday, April 5th [that’s today!] the Sky Sox are having their first game, and it starts at 7:05pm. The plan is to get together, get our drunk on at a tailgate party and then go into the game. Maybe throw a grill and food in there somewhere. Scrumptious. Post below or AIM me, nick “rand0m” … w3rd! Update – 2:06a – While getting my drunk on, it has become really clear to me that Race from Johny Quest is the same dude (old with white hair) on SeaLab 2020. Also, amid a long conversation with Tore, it has been affirmed that chicks suck and, if it weren’t for wanting one, they’d suck completely. Update #2 – 4/5/02 @ 3:52p – Okay, I added in a slew of new features to the site, including a fixed admin side, and the ability for you beautiful commenters to bold, italicize, underline and link things … follow the “Click for Comment Posting Guide” link on the add comment page to get the scoop.

2002-04-05 00:15:50 – keener2u
The blue links were interesting enough to post on the last subject….
2002-04-05 00:24:54 – rand0m
then why didn’t you? pussay. all of you. weeeeak.
2002-04-05 00:49:57 – pinky
yay for drunken baseball! wish i could be there ๐Ÿ™‚ that would rule.
2002-04-05 00:50:52 – keener2u
hmmm yeah never been to sky sox stadium so that should be interesting
2002-04-05 06:59:04 – keener2u
wow 2am and already an update on the days post….btw do we know how to buy tix for the sky sox game…can we buy them in advance are they going to sell out because of opening day….
2002-04-05 08:35:13 – Burnz
Ooooooooooooo, rand0m is going after Burnz now. You’re sexy when you’re bitchy. Perhaps we need to settle this pugilistically. I doubt that is a word. Fisticuffs it is, jackass.
2002-04-05 09:29:46 – realbighead
don’t make me kick all your asses. and get off topic already, this is a rand0m comment thread.
2002-04-05 11:03:29 – rand0m
I know that some of you people want to go to the baseball game. I hope. And damn right I’m sexy when bitchy. It’s the only time that I find myself even mildly attractive. Matt, do you have a link for those tickets?
2002-04-05 11:18:03 – keener2u
yeppers…Sky sox tix I myself think that we should get general admission tickets behind the sky sox dugout…..arond 114
2002-04-05 11:39:03 – keener2u
so since this stupid thing won’t take html…here is the link…
2002-04-05 13:01:22 – pinky
fuck…i slept through my second midterm in my women’s stdies class…fuck.
2002-04-05 13:35:44 – tony
Hey pinky, don’t worry, just explain to your professor that you couldn’t come to class because of severe explosive diarhea always works for me
2002-04-05 13:56:19 – rand0m
<a>testing href</a> <b>testing bold</b> <i>testing italic</i> <u>testing underline</u> <b><a href=><u>testing nested</u></b></a>
2002-04-05 14:09:34 – keener2u
Wow that was the most interesting post I have seen randal post…plus lots of good blue links….
2002-04-06 02:15:20 – pinky
went to symphony…went to bois house and got drunk…went to club…could not dance with hottest boy in the world because i am white…learned what it feels like to be non-white in boudler…way too drunk to type…fuck italic and linking shit…it sucks like your mom
2002-04-06 03:56:55 – Burnz
*Forcibly jerks random bullshit posting award away from Tony and hands it to pinky*
2002-04-06 11:32:21 – realbighead
at least it wasn’t about snowboarding or gourd sex.
2002-04-06 11:40:39 – Siaokh
w00… everything is bold now. Way to close your tags randal. -Tim
2002-04-06 13:54:57 – pinky
i don’t even get the benefit of one free random bullshit post because i was drunk? that’s fucking [B]shit[/B]
2002-04-06 13:55:25 – bastard
Due to having recently lost my "random bullshit award", I must reclaim my honor: How to remove MS Messenger: At Start->Run type in "RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%INFmsmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove" and run it. This removes Microsoft Messenger, that useless piece of shite.
2002-04-06 15:02:57 – Burnz
The wolf spider female is the most ferocious of the species. It uses its front legs to restrain prey while it breaks apart the carapace with a small, single tooth and then devours the prey, often taking a long time to actually kill it. Random, and incorrect. Now who brings the ruckus?
2002-04-07 04:13:00 – Burnz
Hey bitch, you wanna block me, that be all good. So here the message baby: you can take your jealousy and misguided spite and direct it at someone that needs it
2002-04-07 04:16:36 – rand0m
yea … and you can take your self-denial "i’m better than this" bullshit spew and shove it up your oft-penetrated wide-load ass. goddamn. you know, I really hate it when someone that I know tells me that my opinion is worthless. That’s like the lowest of the low.
2002-04-07 04:23:56 – Burnz
Oh, big man with the wounded ego. Stop wearing hypocracy there brutha. Don’t fit so good.
2002-04-07 04:29:23 – rand0m
what the fuck are you talking about? I may not like dumbass, worthless relationships [simply because the invariably end up in pain and suffering], but I recognize a quality one when I see it, unlike you, who is so caught up in some bullshit anti-relationship frenzy that you can’t see a good thing when it slaps you twice and calls you Suzy. $.02.
2002-04-07 04:33:28 – Burnz
Oh, I got that nice distance appeal that women so love. And you’re goddamn right I am anti-relationship. They are troublesome and interrupt my pattern. And I mean that you are giving ol’d Burnzie here the "You are a dipshit you’re opinion is worthless and ‘weak’" scene and then bitching about getting the same. Hypocracy. Say it with me big fella.
2002-04-07 04:33:28 – Burnz
Oh, I got that nice distance appeal that women so love. And you’re goddamn right I am anti-relationship. They are troublesome and interrupt my pattern. And I mean that you are giving ol’d Burnzie here the "You are a dipshit you’re opinion is worthless and ‘weak’" scene and then bitching about getting the same. Hypocracy. Say it with me big fella.
2002-04-07 04:40:46 – rand0m
First off, you double posted. Look at you, polluting my database with your crap. And no, I may have called your decisions weak, but I never said your opinions were worthless. But my opinions? Yea, they’re worthless. I used to think that you thought they weren’t, but I was mistaken. My bad — I’ll just go back to transparently thinking that my ideas mean something while the rest of the world ignores me. Many thanks for everything, fucker. Get your head on straight.
2002-04-07 04:44:41 – Burnz
God forbid I fuck up your database. Maybe if your site functioned correctly, I wouldn’t have that problem. And you insult me and then ignore me. I say that you have very valid input most of the time. You decided to refrain from contact with my argument. And you act wounded like a woman, man up there sucker.
2002-04-07 04:47:43 – Burnz
I just made your point about someone else. Fuck it. I’m drunk, but I’ll say it. You’re right. Don’t pussy out. I will do the thing. But just know that I don’t trust it, and I don’t like it…but I want to do it. And I am on the motherfucker. Hugs?
2002-04-07 04:59:57 – rand0m
Of course I’m fucking right. I only speak the truth. And no fucking hugs. I’m not gay, and the only people I hug are my father and my extremely close acquantainces. So fuck you. I don’t know why, but fuck you. Ahh, feeling much better after 15 shots of red rum. Oh, and fuck you again. Just because. Oh, and Laura, fuck what people say, okay? Despite our baggage, you rock — keep that in mind, cuz, as it says on the LindyCommune whiteboard, I only speak the truth ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-04-07 05:09:09 – Burnz
Remind me to tell you how stupid this idea is and when it ends badly, that you and you’re ridiculous "I will only talk through my site" bullshit was founded in delusion and vicarious living. And we can talk about this when I sober up. Maybe by then you won’t be such a little cunt.
2002-04-07 05:19:04 – rand0m
Bad idea!? How the fuck can it be a bad idea? That’s the whole point, you goddamn self-denying motherfucker. And when we’re not drunk, yea, like that will ever happen. I plan on being completely smashed for the next …. until monday. And vicarious living? Yea fucking right; I only wish I could get some glimpse of the enjoyment that I’m sure you’ll get to participate in. Oh, and in case I forgot one in there, fuck you.
2002-04-07 05:35:48 – Burnz
I am bedding after this one, so we shall clash another day. And it is a bad idea from my POV. Waste of time and effort. Did I not properly explain my weight factor? Time with woman X isn’t as great as night with booze and good TV. And the frustration, embarassment, and commute time-consumption are all added into the equation over something that lands slightly higher than how good fish-sticks with tartar sauce are. That isn’t denial, that is mental measurement. Not to mention that the "vicarious living" attitude is emphasized by your wish to "get some glimpse of the enjoyment that I’m sure you’ll get to participate in." So we exhcange "fuck you’s" and I will meet with you on the morrow.
2002-04-07 13:01:41 – bastard
Well Folks, it’s a sunny sunday afternoon, about 1:13 PM, that’s right, remember to "spring forward" one hour on the old clockaroo. Well we are here at the coliseum where cleaning crews are cleaning up after this morning’s thunderdome brawl to death between matt "fuck you" byrnes and randal "fuck you too" kohutek. Wow, what a fight, and if only i could say i was there to watch it, but nooooo, tony passed out around 2 am. What the fuck happened? Oh yeah, my roommate dustin wilson, that whore bag ex-felon can revel in his own filth for the remainder of his probationary life.
2002-04-07 20:09:15 – Siaokh
2002-04-07 20:27:53 – rand0m
There you go. Are you happy now? Look what I’ve gone and done, just for you Mr. Siaokh man. Umhmm, who’s the man? Yup, thank you, thank you. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-04-07 20:28:54 – Siaokh
2002-04-08 00:59:50 – pinky
yeah, so, "wounded like woman"? fuck you man. jesus.
2002-04-08 12:58:59 – Siaokh
Jezus pinky… What the hell crawled up your ass and pitched a 6man tent?!
2002-04-08 15:27:46 – pinky
tim, fuck off and die

For fuck’s sake

When was the last time that you got to sit on your porch at 6:30am, drink a delicious cup of hot cocoa and post on your website? Never, you say, because you don’t have any hot cocoa? Well, sucks to be you then, huh? Okay, so a couple things have been eating me as of late, so I’m going to type about them because I have to keep my fingers moving or they will freeze off in this nice, crisp, frigid air. The first thing is that I have no content, and that you should stop reading right now and click on that little blue comment link below. I know you want to, so get to it already. The other thing that’s on my mind is that I hate inconsistency. I mean, for the past few months, my life has been simply spectacular. I really can’t find anything to fault, besides our bathroom door lock thing, which has magically decided to not work anymore. Back to the point, I’d like to say, with firm assurance, that I am now a consistent person. Yea, I get pissy occasionally — not everyone can have wonderful days all the time — but for the most part, I am good ol’ reliable, fun, big-loud-mouthed me. And that is perhaps the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. Ran into Janelle, Ice Queen, yesterday at Boulder Street. There I am at 9:30am, well outside of seeing-her time boundaries, pooring milk into my coffee, and Ari goes by and says hi … resisting the urge to knock his punk ass down, I gave a gracious hello in reply. Not 5 seconds later, while pouring in my undersized amount of sugar, Janelle comes up. We get to the idle chit chat, with me asking a question and her giving her typical one word, completely non-interactive replies. We come to an impass, and she tells me that she thinks that I’m being “distant.” The plethora of horrible, scourging things that ripped through my mind cannot fit on this page, but I didn’t say anything … just kind of looked at her with a “who the fuck are you to talk about being distant!?” look. Anyhow, not another word was said, and she left. Now, tell me this — how can someone like Janelle, who has *defined* indifference and cold-shouldering over the past 5 months, get the nerve to call what I’m doing (emotional self-preservation) “being distant.” What a fat crock of shit. And that’s where that whole consistency thing comes up … what kind of crackhead pulls this routine? I have also realized that when it comes to women, I am bitchy. No, that’s not accurate … rather, when it comes to women, I am so mind bogglingly cynical, jaded and so destined to not get fucked over that it leaves very, very little room for any sort of interpretation besides what I believe. Now, this doesn’t differ from real life all that much, but it’s enough to piss me off on a regular basis. Why are you all chicks so goddamn fickle, always changing everything you say and do for an inexplicable reasons? Goddamn, use your fucking ovaries and do something more productive than just keeping them warm. Like say, stand up for something and stick to it. And not change how you react to particular people just because it will allow you to win some kind of bullshit, non-existant argument. For fuck’s sake, come on. In other news, a co-worker sent me a wildly inappropriate for the workplace picture last night, and I just about died because it’s so true and so funny. As soon as I get my little picture linky page thing working [which will be today], I’ll link it. And while I’m at it, I think I’ll turn the webcam on when I get into work — being a voyeur and all, this sort of thing excites me. w0o! Update – 12:31p – Okay, so I got my image thingy to work … this here is a hilariously true picture, but it has nudity, alcohol, violence and general crudeness in it. If you are female or sensitive to nakedness, do not click here. Also, has an article about the mini-series-ization of a book series called “Chronicles of Amber” … I mention this, because one of the main characters in the series is a gentleman named Random – and that right there, folks, is where my alias of ‘rand0m’ came from. Take a read and maybe learn something ๐Ÿ™‚ Update #2 – 4:22p – Looking at the traffic, I have concluded two things. First off, I am very cute, because tons of people have been watching the webcam, and secondly, someone in Santa Fe really likes the pic linked above ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another day in the saga of rand0m

Welp, this news post doesn’t come as a super-duper good one, because there really isn’t that much happening in my oh-so-busy life. Besides being an undesirable #6 pumpkin, that is. From the top, Spring Break! wOo-wee was spring break fun. I did mostly nothing. Kind of sat around a lot. I got drunk mid-week with Emily and the housemates, which turned out to be not such a hot idea, because, well, going to work with a mild hangover sucks. Anyhow, she had some issues that required drinking to get over, so we did. That was fun. Break continued on, and … yea, that was about it. Oh wait, no, I got a scrumptious raise on Friday, along with 35% company ownership — rock!. And then Steve’s sister had a wedding reception, which I attended, and had a lot of fun at. Didn’t do much else on Friday night at all. I don’t think. To be honest, I don’t remember. Saturday started out pretty slow, but it got better around noon … cuz I went over to the local Honda Motorcycle dealer and signed all the paperwork for a CBR600 … hopefully I’ll get to ride my new bike home at the end of the week ๐Ÿ˜€ :-D. Umm … oh yea, went out with Laura & Michael Espinoza for some Old Chicago, which was cool — especially when Michael and I got our freak on. Then went home and chilled, until the ex rang me up for a quicky, which turned out to be a lot more bed-rockin then a normal quicky … got home pretty late, and slept like a baby ๐Ÿ˜€ Went to my parents’ place Sunday morning to help move stuff in [from Utah], which was tiring, but it was nice to see my parents. Was invited over to Steve’s place [see above] for Easter Dinner, which rocked, because I ate and ate and ate. That was cool until I left, which is where I, like a dumbass, ran my truck off the road and blew out my left side tires on a fence. :-/ Called up the rents and got home okay, then ate some more dinner (at rents’ place) and then went home. I seriously can’t believe the crap that comes out of some people’s mouths. For instance “if the media doesn’t cover it, it didn’t happen.” What kind of bullshit is that? Also, the whole ‘men should always make the first move’ thing … such shit – what happened to all this equality? Buy my fucking meal for a change, okay? Sheesh, some people. And I apologize to everyone for being an undereducated slob. I admit it, I [again], know absolutely nothing, be it simple math, how to have sex, or even how to stand upright. I am especially obtuse when it comes to women. But Matt Does. So ask him. Or, conversely, if you just want to get laid, because that’s all a sub-10 pumpkin can hope for, ask me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, I just spilled rootbeer all over my laptop. Goddamn motherfucking peice of goddamn non-soda resistant shit. Grr. Oh, FirstMatt went out on a date [oOoOooh] with a chicita he met on Unfortunately, no tang. Moved a mattress around for another housemate, while simultaneously planning my next wild sexcapade (which I am told will be on Tuesday) on said mattress … I’m sure Shawn won’t mind ๐Ÿ˜‰ Update – 2:20p – Just got a ring from mom, and Marla is coming out from New York to begin a new life as an entertainer … apparently she’s staying at the rents’ house (ugh) for 2 weeks prior … that should be fun for her [muhHAhaha]. Sucker. Headlines Of Note: Nvidia Buys AMD Linus Retires from Kernel Dev Google’s New PigeonRank System Wins Big Blizzard Adds Vicious New ‘Pandaren’ Race to WarCraft III

2002-04-01 16:32:39 – Da Mastah Ha-reed
Sheesh Randal, try to get URL’s right The real Nvidia Buys AMD link:
2002-04-01 16:37:38 – rand0m
what the hell kind of crack are you smoking boy?
2002-04-01 18:41:58 – keener2u
Yeah…I hate it when I talk to a tv all night long…bleh…I wanna….
2002-04-01 18:47:31 – keener2u
freaking a that just cut off my little html thingie….*starts singing* I wanna …the ….but the….won’t … me … me
2002-04-01 22:41:49 – bastard
fuck bitches bitches fuck fuck insert where appropriate to alleviate stress and acid reflux
2002-04-02 03:19:35 – Burnz
The ex as in *THE EX*? I thought she was under the supervision of that kyke….kike….I am not sure, someone help me out I hate to get my slurs wrong. What would my Aryan nation brothers say about that? Heavens.
2002-04-02 07:39:37 – Marla “the leather bag buying sister”
What the fuck? I am in noooooo way heading out to sorry-ass CO. Where does that whack-job (mother) get this shit from? And be it known that I would rather commit painful suicide then live with my parents again. Rand0m needs to fill me in ASAP. And congrats on the raise, the bike, and the flat tires,,,,smooth move. Makes me wonder how quick you’d kill yourself on a bike, if you can’t drive a truck. But hey with a face like yours… could only help. Just joking, at least your getting some ass. M
2002-04-02 09:15:59 – rand0m
Wow, it’s almost like you people missed the fact that yesterday was April Fool’s Day … ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-04-02 10:13:56 – Netheus
yeah, like anyone is going to call up Randal and petition for sex…. What really should have given it away is the whole "35% of the company," which although he deserves, would never get. And if Nvidia bought AMD, is my warranty still good on my K-7?
2002-04-02 12:32:04 – rand0m
First off, fuck you … I may not be the most super-hot guy in the world, but believe me, I’m not celibate. And no, short blonde women have been removed from warranty support.
2002-04-02 15:09:18 – Burnz
Oh lord. No offense there slick, but this post proves how little it is about your content and how much it is about commenting. Reading over the post it is ridiculous, but all I could think when I first read it was "blue comment link, fight, blue comment link, fight." I promise to try harder to pay attention. It helps that I am getting slower as I get older.
2002-04-03 07:24:11 – bastard
I’m gonna do a first here, because, I’m gonna actually post something relevant to the original post. Souvenirs and postcards will be sold outside the coliseum after the show! First, about women making the first move, I know a few guys that feel that a woman making the first move is aggresive. Now, I like that in a woman, because to me that means independence, free spirit, in other words, I don’t have some hug-a-bear hanging on to me all the time. Someone who has their own life. Unfortunately, some aggresive women are also psycho, so, that’s the risk you take I guess. Personally, I like to make the first move, I think it shows character, it leads. Talking about "it doesn’t happen if the media doesn’t cover it", I saw an awesome video over at the lindy commune entitled "Testify – Rage Against the Machine". An excellent video, and I believe Matt would agree. He watched it too. The two are relevant, because the video depicts how easy it is to manipulate based on subject matter. And what I mean there is that, if you see a topic, like "two different people acting as one", and then a video goes on to show two different people saying Exactly the same thing, then it proves the point. And somehow out of all the facts related to the subject, by showing only that which is relevant, we then know that there point is true. If you’re confused by these statements, just watch the frickin video. Also, on how to stand up straight, have not a worry because it is very simple: stand perpindicular (sic) to the gravitational surface of your current planet. ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-04-03 13:39:06 – pinky
speaking of raging against the machine, or whatever, you all should come protest the ICC on may 6-8 in denver. although, i know you won’t, but maybe tore if he’s home, or christina. ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-04-03 18:51:47 – Netheus
What is ICC? I am slow witht the acronyms, yo. And as for news, go to They go through Newspapers througout the world and get the best stories. And if you wanna get a good laugh, and have web radio, go listen to they rock.
2002-04-04 00:50:55 – Keener2u
[bastard quote]First, about women making the first move, I know a few guys that feel that a woman making the first move is aggresive. Now, I like that in a woman, because to me that means independence, free spirit, in other words, I don’t have some hug-a-bear hanging on to me all the time.[/bastard quote] Amen dude plus don’t forget that means that we don’t have to pay the 25 dollars on
2002-04-04 01:39:06 – realbighead
Issue with that is that there are a lot of aggressive guys out there too, esp. on a retarded campus like this, which means that women making the first move don’t exist. And hobbit women of the same sort are even less likely; sorry, tony, that’s just the way the ball bounces. Not to say that I don’t agree… just that it’s turning into a pipe dream rapidly… plus, "aggressive" behavior towards a relationship would tend to indicate a lack of independence; if they’re that independent, why are they trying so hard to get into a relationship? Then again, maybe it’s just paranoia setting in. Too much DDR can do that to a man.