For fuck’s sake

When was the last time that you got to sit on your porch at 6:30am, drink a delicious cup of hot cocoa and post on your website? Never, you say, because you don’t have any hot cocoa? Well, sucks to be you then, huh? Okay, so a couple things have been eating me as of late, so I’m going to type about them because I have to keep my fingers moving or they will freeze off in this nice, crisp, frigid air. The first thing is that I have no content, and that you should stop reading right now and click on that little blue comment link below. I know you want to, so get to it already. The other thing that’s on my mind is that I hate inconsistency. I mean, for the past few months, my life has been simply spectacular. I really can’t find anything to fault, besides our bathroom door lock thing, which has magically decided to not work anymore. Back to the point, I’d like to say, with firm assurance, that I am now a consistent person. Yea, I get pissy occasionally — not everyone can have wonderful days all the time — but for the most part, I am good ol’ reliable, fun, big-loud-mouthed me. And that is perhaps the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. Ran into Janelle, Ice Queen, yesterday at Boulder Street. There I am at 9:30am, well outside of seeing-her time boundaries, pooring milk into my coffee, and Ari goes by and says hi … resisting the urge to knock his punk ass down, I gave a gracious hello in reply. Not 5 seconds later, while pouring in my undersized amount of sugar, Janelle comes up. We get to the idle chit chat, with me asking a question and her giving her typical one word, completely non-interactive replies. We come to an impass, and she tells me that she thinks that I’m being “distant.” The plethora of horrible, scourging things that ripped through my mind cannot fit on this page, but I didn’t say anything … just kind of looked at her with a “who the fuck are you to talk about being distant!?” look. Anyhow, not another word was said, and she left. Now, tell me this — how can someone like Janelle, who has *defined* indifference and cold-shouldering over the past 5 months, get the nerve to call what I’m doing (emotional self-preservation) “being distant.” What a fat crock of shit. And that’s where that whole consistency thing comes up … what kind of crackhead pulls this routine? I have also realized that when it comes to women, I am bitchy. No, that’s not accurate … rather, when it comes to women, I am so mind bogglingly cynical, jaded and so destined to not get fucked over that it leaves very, very little room for any sort of interpretation besides what I believe. Now, this doesn’t differ from real life all that much, but it’s enough to piss me off on a regular basis. Why are you all chicks so goddamn fickle, always changing everything you say and do for an inexplicable reasons? Goddamn, use your fucking ovaries and do something more productive than just keeping them warm. Like say, stand up for something and stick to it. And not change how you react to particular people just because it will allow you to win some kind of bullshit, non-existant argument. For fuck’s sake, come on. In other news, a co-worker sent me a wildly inappropriate for the workplace picture last night, and I just about died because it’s so true and so funny. As soon as I get my little picture linky page thing working [which will be today], I’ll link it. And while I’m at it, I think I’ll turn the webcam on when I get into work — being a voyeur and all, this sort of thing excites me. w0o! Update – 12:31p – Okay, so I got my image thingy to work … this here is a hilariously true picture, but it has nudity, alcohol, violence and general crudeness in it. If you are female or sensitive to nakedness, do not click here. Also, has an article about the mini-series-ization of a book series called “Chronicles of Amber” … I mention this, because one of the main characters in the series is a gentleman named Random – and that right there, folks, is where my alias of ‘rand0m’ came from. Take a read and maybe learn something 🙂 Update #2 – 4:22p – Looking at the traffic, I have concluded two things. First off, I am very cute, because tons of people have been watching the webcam, and secondly, someone in Santa Fe really likes the pic linked above 😉