day before the day

So I’m going to Utah tomorrow morning, and I am dreading it. I spoke to my father, and he is too. You know, I really like my dad. But yea, my sister is going to be there, and I “get to see family” … like it’s some sort of blessed occurence. Fuck that. Family is great for like 3 minutes at a time, 3 times a year, no more.

Okay, so not much else is going on. I spent some time at the perk taking care of stuff last night that needed to be done before I left … umm, oh yea! My fucking laptop battery isn’t going to be here in time for the goddamn motherfucking trip. I called those bitches up and I’m like “where the hell is my battery!?” and they gave me this whole “they were damaged in shipment to us – it will leave for you this afternoon, and get there wednesday”. I’m thinking that’s not gonna fucking cut it. So I told those bitches to give me free shipping, so they did. And they’re sending it to my granmother’s house in Utah. There is no way in hell I’m going there without a laptop. None. So HA! Yet another triumph over The Man. Although I wouldn’t mind being The Man, it sure is nice to kick his ass occasionally. And *don’t* get me started on leg shaving.

Update: I spent the evening with Tore … it is very comforting to know that kickass people still exist. Even though we’ve both changed a bit, he’s still great to hang out with. I’m packing to head off to UT in 3 hours … the dread is physically painful. Oh, and I realized, just now, that when you trim something down, it is not “paired”, but “pared”. Dammit … Oh, btw, I’ll be on AIM and available via e-mail most definitely while I’m gone – nick “rand0m” and … I’ll see what I can do about posting the inane things that happen while I’m there – I’ll be back on the 27th. bye!

2001-12-17 15:40:46 – tony
my recommendation, find some hiking trails and check out of grandma’s house for a good lot of the time
2001-12-17 23:46:00 – realbighead
my recommendation: find a pair of good, sound-insulating headphones and tell your family you’re meditating to mormon spirituals. Play some NIN for full effect, and watch the vidoes if possible (one glimpse of the Perfect Drug video and they won’t ever bother you again).
2001-12-18 00:12:30 – rand0m
Roger that — got my nice, hi-fi headphones right here ready to go. Yup, the ones that made me realize MP3 is not high quality … and I can’t hear a thing when I have them on. ๐Ÿ˜€
2001-12-18 03:24:15 – Burnz
my recommendation: find midgets and juggle them. This will do nothing for your current situation, but tell me about it. Juggling midgets, I am laughing right now.
2001-12-18 11:42:40 – realbighead
I am too, matt. I am too.

and a good weekend

Man, it’s been a good weekend. On friday night, I went up with Tony to his Brother-In-Law’s place [his name is Alan (sp?) and he is the penultimate capitalist … kind of an ass, but very good at what he does] and played poker with a bunch of guys. I actually came out positive by a whopping $0.45. Last time I went [a few months ago] I got reamed like Jenna Jameson and lost like $20. However, as is tried and true, when we played pool for money I started playing miserably. Don’t know what it is up with that … pool + money = bad-pool-playing-me. I had a really good time up there, and look forward to doing it again ๐Ÿ™‚

On Saturday, I slept. Then I woke up around 11ish to the sound of my phone ringing and Steve’s cheery voice ๐Ÿ˜‰ Went over to his place, fixed up my rapidly-disentegrating [only the body, mind you] truck and then we went out. We did some stuff. I forgot exactly what we did, but we ended with rounding up Tore and Emily and Ben [Steve’s brother] and going and seeing “Not Another Teen Movie” at the south Tinseltown :: we all got in free because Ben works there, which is hella cool … The north cinemark is a little nicer, sure, but goddamn, it’s a 30 minutes drive and it’s not free. The south Cinemark works just fine for me :: same cardboard popcorn, same soda-laden floors, same magical movie-feeling. Right. Then we went and ate over at Village Inn, and finished off the night over at the perk. [oh, throw in a HPI server crash and going to my office in there] … I was kinda worried that cramming two distinct, separate parts of my life [Tore & Emily and then Steve & Ben] would not go so well, but it seemed like everyone just rolled with it — which made the night a lot better. Even though we whored out Emily’s study time, I think everyone had a good time :: I know I had a really good time with you guys ๐Ÿ˜€

And now for the completely random stupid shit you expect from this site, which doesn’t include my day-to-day details. Okay, my question :: Why the do I hang onto old stuff? I dont’ know why, but I seem to just cling to old shit so I can reminisce and ‘go-back’. It’s fucking whack. I say this because I’ve noticed it a few times — my search / archive for old stuff. I found the old IBu, I found my old website layouts, and I was going through my e-mail on Friday, and I couldn’t fucking believe I had that much old e-mail. Seriously, after cleaning out and organizing my obscenely large mailbox, I had just over 4,000 messages running around. Some of them are old, and the majority are either A) heart-wrenching, mind-bending painful e-mails to long-lost lovers or they are B) Completely worthless bullshit e-mail that has absolutely no value. And you know what? I keep them hanging around, nicely put into the ‘archive’ folder, never to be read again — until I feel the need to dive back into history.

Update: Oh yea! I forgot to say — “Not Another Teen Movie” is hilarious. It is bust-a-nut, non-stop laughter the whole time. It’s satire and spoofing of the typical teen angst flicks is raunchy and superb at the same time. Gonna go see Vanilla Sky sometime soon, so I’ll have a blurb about that up sometime.

Update: Here’s a nice e-mail that I recieved today —
Click here to get Real Drugs, Real Cheap – TODAY!”
Doesn’t that just inspire you? It sure makes me glad to live in the U.S. today.

Update, **With A Question!: Okay, it just hit me. What if the comments get long, and you have to do a bunch of scrolling to read the comments, then go to the little box and fill it in, and back and forth and back and forth. That would kinda suck. Because of this, should I make the little fill-in form part [the white boxes on the

2001-12-16 13:37:05 – The Disco X
just in case anyone noticed, I’m back from my 10 day trip to san jose
2001-12-16 16:34:56 – rand0m
I was wondering where you’d ran off to … [b]Also[/b]: anybody have booze for The Burnz? It sounds like he’s hurting for some liquid love ::
2001-12-16 17:16:48 – Burnz
I took care of it. When liquor is not available you learn to improvise. I am not longer in control of my faculties, but thank you for the check-up.
2001-12-16 18:02:33 – Laura
Is anyone having a new years thing? do we know? i was thinking about it, but everyone will have to give me money because i’m broke and can’t afford food or booze….i’d rather just go to some party where everything is free to me ๐Ÿ™‚ also, there’s a new genre of teen movie thant makes fun of different types of movies, so you went to a teen movie making fun of teen movies…funny that. i’m glad burnz is around to just let me know that there’s someone who’s more than an alcoholic than i am. it makes me happy. randal, i don’t know why you hold on to the past. maybe your life needs to get more exciting, or something, so you can look back and think that that was all good, but now is better, and then you can delete your email.
2001-12-16 19:02:46 – rand0m
I don’t know about a New Year’s thing … I’ll put something up here when I get back from UT on the 27th — I don’t have an empty place to hold a party, unfortunately. [droning voice] Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?[/voice] I am 100% up for a New Year’s Eve party — I’ll chip in bux for liquor, too, so I am a good party guest. Invite me, please. Please. I’m begging now. On the floor. Grovelling. Please?
2001-12-16 21:01:51 – tony
party, december 31st, 9pm 8626 alpine valley drive
2001-12-16 22:23:07 – rand0m
Free alcohol and a floor to sleep on? And hot chicks who want me? Yea … you’re right, that floor-to-sleep-on bit is a stretch.
2001-12-17 01:23:24 – Laura
a) hell yeah! b) can i bring people? c) hot chicks who want me? alright!
2001-12-17 02:44:03 – Laura
so, here is a story…. two months ago someone smeared banana on my door, but it was a thursday night, and i figured that someone was just stupid drunk. on saturday, someone but banana *and* honey on my door. it was after my two finals. it pissed me off. and then, finally, tonight, somone smeared apple on my door. here are some questions i pose: 1) why would someone go to the effort to be mean to me? i know i’m mean sometimes to people, but i seriously am nice to everyone in my dorm. 2) why the fuck are people so immature? in fact, why are people immature enough to waste effort on me? 3) why are people so fucking mean? it’s like a running theme in my life. sorry to vent, but i’m fucking pissed off and feel like shit too. see most of you in a while.
2001-12-17 10:33:59 – rand0m
Sorry hon, mean people are everywhere, and they suck :-/

more of the usual blah

And the past few days have been pretty typical. I work way too much, then I do something none-work related, I go home, I pass out for not-enough-hours, I wake up, and do it again. Sounds pretty lifeless, huh? You’re right, it is. It’s starting to wear … not much, mind you — I love my job — but it is starting to wear. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there isn’t much to do, and more importantly, not many people to do it with. There’s poker tomorrow night with Tony up in Woodland Park, though, which is a very nice change from the norm.

I woke up the other morning to a sound I haven’t heard in years — not figuratively, I really do mean years — the sound of my parents fighting. It was extremely unsettling, and the whole day was kind of in a funk … they were fighting about how much they irritate each other when they are around each other so much, and how my dad needs to get a job and how he’s trying like hell [he is] and how she “should try to get a motherfucking job!” I wouldn’t be surprised if she does get a job, just to do something other than hang around the house and … … do whatever she does all day. That was a weird day.

On the work side, there’s now a large chance that the tasty, large, scrumptious contract that I’ve been busting my ass on will fall through. The Administration here does not like the initial contract, and, as the first draft is so hardcore, has little inclination to do business with the guy. sOo, Jack and I have been writing contract-legalese for days straight, and it doesn’t seem up to par. I have a bad feeling about it … I want the contract pretty badly, just to have something under my belt other than being a sysadmin — the vast sums of money wouldn’t hurt either ๐Ÿ˜‰

On that note … I don’t know what the case is with the ticket thing. Jared pointed me to getting a public defender — it’d save me a load of money, definitely, but at what cost? What kind of representation can I expect from a PD? I don’t know how the whole thing is going to turn out, so I just keep it out of my mind. Oh, I haven’t told anybody here at work about it yet … I don’t know how to bring it up :: “Hey, Guys, I need $1,000 so I can pay my lawyer fees so I can go to jail for 5 days and not be profitable, and consequently, lose my license and quite possibly not come to work for a few days after that! Isn’t that awesome!?” I don’t think it would fly. Any ideas / suggestions besides “shoot yourself” and “just shutup and die already” ?

Update: Okay, I realized this today — listening to music on the computer using hi-fi headphones is painful … mp3s just don’t have that high level of quality … pops, cracks, skips — just sucky — and something I have to live with if I want to save my meager laptop hd space :-/

2001-12-13 19:56:08 – tony
nothing like hearing your parents fighting to motivate you to move the ‘fuck’ out and get your own ‘motherfucking’ place… no offense but reading that reminds me of my parents fighting, and oddly, it’s hilarious remembering that shit… ahh, just look at the dysfunction i will be looking forward to when i have a family of my own… of course, by then, i’ll be going to catholic church like every single day, going to potlucks with all my friends from AA, and all in all, being a total fucking loser
2001-12-14 03:22:40 – Laura
fuck, i’m so fuckig wasted…i just tjrew up 4 times…i can’t sleep…ggrrrr.
2001-12-14 16:20:49 – Laura
I apologize for my drunken comments, let’s just forget this ever happened ๐Ÿ™‚
2001-12-15 05:21:53 – Burnz
As a proud member of the "Broke but still have to go in front of a judge with representation" party I say stick with the public defender. You have to keep in mind that it is still a traffic violation. They drag you in, offer you a deal (usually) and you take it or they ream you NYPD Plunger-style. They don’t have time to take traffic violations seriously so what "badass" lawyer you are paying out the ass for will alter your sentence very very little. Looking clean and being polite will change the ruling far more than who your lawyer is in this case. There aren’t loopholes, there isn’t a lot of bullshit. You are a dime a dozen, they milk you for revenue. This is the nature of the beast of traffic court.
2001-12-15 09:48:44 – Laura
yay for 7:30 am finals on a saturday! i love school! plllhhh….also, yes, mp3s suck. buy CDs. but keep downloading mp3s because you have to piss off someone, and it’s better to make those rich fucks at the nice record companys mad, then other people, who i can’t think of.
2001-12-16 04:36:14 – Burnz
Laura, Matt NEEDS to get fucked up Sunday. You holding? Name your price, 3.2 beer just doesn’t really do it for me and I am out of the regular stuff. and wow

Okay, so yesterday Jack and I had a 2 hour conference call with Red Tag Office Supplies about the web site development proposal. It went pretty well :: we hashed out a ton of details and figured most things out, and at the end recieved a draft contract from them for our services. Unfortunately, that contract is shitty, and has lots of stipulations that just suck, like the following:

– no links to the client’s site for any reason, including portfolio
– intellectual property right restrictions [extremely harsh]
– obscene amounts of documentation required
– annotated source code [wtf!?]
– inability to hire 3rd party contractors without written consent
– 6 months of unlimited website support and maintenance [!!!]

It’s just obscene amounts of bullshit. I must admit, though, that the lawyer for Red Tag really knows how to cover their shit. Here’s a preview of what the site will probably look like :: here’s my quicky layout as well. The graphic’s designer’s layout looks better, imo, but mine is cleaner and easier to work with. sOo, I’m spending the morning revising that contract [again].

Other than that, I was supposed to get a book on ASP, but it didn’t happen :: spent last night at the Perk revising that 14 page monstrosity of a contract … In other news, I bought a new laptop battery — I just might get more than 10 minutes out of this baby yet!

Update: There is an absolutely priceless article on The Onion. Out of this world funny ๐Ÿ˜€

2001-12-11 13:43:55 – tony
Do you like to help corporations with market research, internet usage tracking or other shite? Do you like fouling up your computer with cookies, cache information, and other useless crap? Because, if you don’t, might I suggest investigating this product found at RamSurf The article found here explains it all, namely, redirecting internet cache, cookies, and crap to a ram location, which is then immediately squashed should you reboot, or power down: The Register Personally, I access my bank and credit card accounts through the web, and storing access information on my computer is not something I want.
2001-12-11 13:44:53 – tony
here are the links: Article = Ramsurf =
2001-12-11 14:07:53 – rand0m
Sorry, too late. I already have all your Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, names, addresses and telephone numbers … oh … and your unborn first child, too. Yup, he’s mine. If you would kindly sign this 36 page contract, I’d be glad to give the little shit back.
2001-12-11 15:19:21 – Burnz
I’ll go you one better. You sign this three line contract and I will send you some tabasco and / or barbeque sauce and you eat the little shit. He’s too much like his crack whore mama to be any good to me. And inability to link for portfolio purposes is bullshit. "Yes, I have experience in site design, including _____ which I might add I did time restricted, underbudgeted, and with one arm caught in a vice. _____ will certainly give me an invaluble reference. So please take a look at ____ and let me know if you want me to help you like I did ____." I wouldn’t sign that anyway but with a large, capitalized "FUCK YOU". You don’t work for no credit do you? If you do, here is a dollar show me your birth canal you bitch.
2001-12-11 16:50:24 – rand0m
Yup, that’s the gist right there … note the whole "revising the contract" — it’s slow going, let me tell you. Blech. We’re tempted to tell the guy that we’ll charge him $7,000, and we own the code. That way he can take all of his little cry-baby antics and ram them up his ass. [irritation]
2001-12-11 17:50:48 – Siaokh
Along with any backdoors that you write in to change the prices of certian items that you’d like to purchase for insanely cheap. -tim
2001-12-12 00:46:32 – john holmes motherfucker
2001-12-12 13:20:05 – The Guessing Machine
Well I can only guess that is Craig or Drunk Tony…. who else talks in that stupid shit writing?
2001-12-12 14:24:50 – The Edumicated Guessing Machine
Considering Craig has no finals to take, I’d imagine it is Tony.

idle sunday musings

Yup, another Sunday, right on it’s way out. I slept until noon today. Oddly enough, that was only 7 hours of sleep. My sleep schedule is way out of whack; I have to be at work tomorrow morning at 8:30am for a 9am con-call :: I’m not looking forward to being thrust out of my normal rhythm, but I am looking forward to finally getting a signed contract.

So I’m poking around my computer today, and I’m wondering why the hell I have only 13GB of hd space free. I find a whole lot of duplicate files and such, which I cleared out, but then I found the culprit — yup, the innocuous looking Recycle Bin. That bastard has whored out just over 10GB of my hard drive for it’s own use. I don’t even know what I’ve put in there, but I can tell you, I don’t know what to do with it. Why not delete it, you say? Because there are certain things in there that I’ll probably need in a while, but don’t want to store permanently. So they end up in The Bin. Having all that stored there has saved my bacon a couple times … if only it didn’t take up so much HD ๐Ÿ˜‰

Right, so I’m talking to some people about getting a place downtown, and it hit me that I don’t know much about the whole moving out thing. First tip off: the realization that I would need a bed. These places don’t come furnished. Duh. And another thing :: they cost a lot of money. I mean, not *a lot* of money, just a good chunk of the paycheck. I think moving downtown, and not to some other state, is definitely the way to go :: just have to find the people to do it with now. On that note, if you’re looking [or even if you’re not, (cough*matt*cough)] for a place that is right downtown, let me know.

On a final note, this week’s MP3OTW was generously uploaded by Master Ha-Reed — props!

2001-12-10 03:08:11 – tony
that song kittens is good as for a movie, everyone should see "human traffic" — aRRange the PANTS ALPHAbetiCALLY, By SIZE, by COLOR, … (corporate nazi scene, very funny) — uhhh yeah, likesay, i’m a bus-biz-business entrepenuer from south london yeah… uhm what color is your hair… (the tawain scene, very funny) I could use about 400$ to fix me computer so I don’t have to use other people’s machines, and start programming again sadly, i can only do about 4-5 pull-ups right now, even sadder, this is an improvement from the 2 i was doing, when i started exercising i want the kentucky-girl to visit me for certain reasons which need no explaining, and also, i need a local kitten top on my list of new year’s resolutions, find a new year’s party or throw one, where I can get absolutely shit faced out of my skull drunk, which will be especially rewarding after the torments of the finals i have been studying for oh yeah, and after tuesday, the day of my last final, i will be going to breckinridge like, every single day, or, every other day, so just let me know, if you wanna go
2001-12-10 04:05:30 – Laura
breck? yeah, i’m so there. remind me to bring my board down. also, i must say that underworld sucks…i just really didn’t dig it at all. ah well, to each their own. also, the movie you should definitley see is requiem for a dream. even if you could care less about the drugs, it’s pure beauty.
2001-12-10 10:09:02 – Siaokh
underworld sucks?!! Are you insane woman?? With such hits as BornSlippy and Rez/Cowgirl…. how can you NOT like them. *sigh* -Tim

Movie, request and startling things

Went out and saw Ocean’s Eleven with Jared and Tony, and I have to say that it’s a good movie. Go see it, it’s worth your $6.50. Hell, invite me along and I’ll see it again ๐Ÿ˜‰ Went and got coffee afterwards, and saw a bunch of phs peepz … see paragraph 3 for this part. Then chilled downtown for a while before Tony got cold and everyone left. It was a good night.

Request time: I need a few things from the many, many people who read my site so often [cough]. First off, I’d like a nice, shiney new top banner. Busy is bad in this case, sleek and cool is very good. Help? Secondly, I would like people to submit articles. Anything. Any old peice of rubbish is perfectly fine — send it to me, and if it doesn’t suck, it will go up. And, to top of those two, a few miscellaneous things that have been bugging me: my name has 1 ‘L’, I am not a religion-practicing person of any sort, no, I can’t help with your dial-up situation, no, latency isn’t part of service level agreements, no, your website will be slow as shit because of all the crap you want, yes, I’m a terrible law-breaking driver and I’m losing my license, and finally, yes, a bigger paycheck would kick ass. Ahh, much better.

Last but not least, I found a couple things out. I am not Randal. I am Janelle’s ex-boyfriend. What a shitty label. How does one escape such a thing? Oh that’s right, as long as I’m me, and somebody knows us both, that’s the instant connotation. That sucks ass, I tell you. Please talk to me, not her ex-boyfriend, okay? kthnxbye. I really like 8 pt tahoma … it’s a tasty font. Also, TheFascistRag has a good update — although I almost want to be one of the people he hates, minus the whole soul-destroying thing.

Update: I found this hilarious flash animation running around on the net, and thought I’d share it :: check the diplomacy goodness. Also, having 21″ of monitor loving is amazing.

2001-12-08 04:10:07 – Laura
i think the real question here is: "who doesn’t want to be known as janelle’s ex-boyfriend?" also, if tore visited the old IBU posts, it is greatness. i am laughing. i think i have glass in my leg. two weeks til semester is over! i’m so fucked. love you
2001-12-08 05:24:52 – Burnz
Hey, guy with the site or whatever. Do you still talk to Janelle? I mean she had one hell of an ass. Put in a good word for me woud you? It would really be helping a brother out. Oh, and let me know if she gave all the jewelry you bought for her back. I ain’t an indian giver or nuthin’ but I don’t spend 8.50 on Wal-Mart earring so some bitch can just pocket them after she mashes and/or blends my heart with a hand potato smasher / a mixer set to "pussy whip" / or a blender with adjustable speeds including "puree" "thrash" and "utterly mangle until it is unrecognizable as a man". Any tips you have for the bedroom would be appreciated as well, I am sure you could guarantee me the big O with a few pointers and some colored graphs. You’re a pal there Riddle or whatever you’re name is. And this whole web thing is cute.
2001-12-08 10:39:08 – realbighead
yes, I have visited the old IBU posts… they are dumb, yet funny. I was a weird fuck back in the day. one week till semester is over! I so rock.
2001-12-08 12:57:42 – rand0m
Hahahaaha, you guys are a trip. Glass? From the riot? Burnz … first off, I hope your kidding, but here goes … no, not much. Yes, she did. no, I won’t, brother. No, she didnt: they were [i]gifts[/i] … [clutches chest, falls to the ground groaning]. No bedroom tips either :: I am fairly sure that I failed miserably there. And thanks, I like the web thing ๐Ÿ˜› Tore, I wuv you. Despite your inane bullshit on the IBu, which is long past, I still like ya ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh yea … does anybody have any idea what the first incarnation of the IBu looked like? I can’t find it :-/
2001-12-08 14:56:50 – Burnz
Of course I am fucking kidding. Good god brother.
2001-12-08 17:17:22 – Master Ha-reed
And yet another reason why anything bearing the name Microsoft is inherently bloated and therefore crappy…

memory lane

I’ve been on a weird tangent recently, trying to dig up all the old stuff that used to be my webpage. Well, here is one of the original layouts: I think it looks pretty sharp. Reading through the source code makes my heart bleed [partially because of all the <-- comments --> ] … I was talking to Matt about it, and it boiled down to this:

TheFascistRag: you know, no offence, but your subject matter doesn’t variate a helluva lot
rand0m:: yea, i know.
rand0m:: girls
rand0m:: shitty life
rand0m:: truck
rand0m:: job
TheFascistRag: family
rand0m:: oh yea, shitty family in there too
TheFascistRag: you being “evil” “devil incarnate”
TheFascistRag: just funny that you could have cut a couple of these posts and they would have almost matched some from a couple of weeks ago
TheFascistRag: you are stagnating!!
rand0m:: HAAHAHHAA
TheFascistRag: your life is going nowhere!!
TheFascistRag: you are evil!!

Pretty scary that he’s right … I haven’t really gone anywhere, or changed much. I’m still me … yup, I went through my phases, but deep down, I’m still me. I would hope that’s a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚ The not-so-hot part is the fact that I am in a rut. That’s pretty disappointing, to be honest. I hope things change soon. Wait. I mean, I hope things change for the better, soon.

On another note, there is a version of my website that is previous to the one that it linked above. I completely forgot what it looks like, so if you could oblige with a sample drawing or something, it’ll help. I just might start pulling things off of tape here @ hpi to see if we maybe have it, but I’m doubting it. That basically means that all the news posts and everything prior to 06/21/2000 are toasty. Yes, sad news indeed. However, if you want to reminisce about high school bullshit again, try out this: 10/11/99 IBu Topica List. Craziness. deal

Well, first off, I big woohoo! Things were going south on the deal, but Jack, a co-hort here at hpi, called up the customer and set everything straight :: it looks like everything is on track, and the draconian development schedule has been eased. score!

In other news, here is a funny picture of me. Don’t ask me why it’s funny, it just is. And if you don’t think it is, there is obviously something very, very wrong with you. BEER GOOD. And, another quick update — the court date for me to lose my license has been moved to January 9th :: they saw that 12/29/01 is a saturday and moved it. I don’t know if that is good or bad.

I was going to post something else, but I forgot what it was. hrmm … if it comes to me, I’ll update.

Update: In speaking with a bunch of people via KaZaa & Limewire, I have found that my spanish skills have deteriorated. Might as well put those in the bucket along with history, math and science [doh].

2001-12-04 12:19:42 – The Disco X
Disco > Rand0m
2001-12-04 12:23:45 – realbighead
dude, randal, there’s a hobbit sneaking up on you there… smack him in the head with the bottle.
2001-12-04 12:57:15 – rand0m
Disco Gayness > rand0m gayness … wha … ? there are no hobbits here :: tony’s not scheduled till 6. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2001-12-04 13:16:17 – The Disco X
"Little" Disco > "Little" Rand0m
2001-12-04 14:58:30 – tony
speaking of hobbits, i just advance ordered me 2 tickets for the 10:15 showing at carefree circle of lord of the rings, december 19th, 4.50 a piece doing online credit… order, order now call gecko, dump the stock, now now now!!! (allusion to wall street)
2001-12-04 23:09:24 – Laura
hrmm…that picture is like the poster for why not to breed ๐Ÿ™‚ (goes back to last post) also, knowing me, if i were speaking of friends, would the majority be male or female? i don’t think tore wants play from boys. also, the two girls going with us are gay, so, that leave me, the one straight girl…and no! i don’t know how many people, tore, prolly more than your room can hold, but they’re all cool. also, i have the flu, feel free to send money, or nice things ๐Ÿ™‚
2001-12-05 00:15:49 – tony
any of you all read burnz’s website, at,… well, i just figured out something… if you look at the post from friday about abandoned children, and you then look at his latest post about a single mother and his interest for you, you could perhaps draw some conclusions… as in, he wants to eliminate this young mother’s baby, so that he can imagine having his way with her, without having the baby crawl in like some automoton crying momma, momma… but, i wouldn’t draw those conclusions, cuz, that would be like, gay or something…
2001-12-05 10:24:37 – Siaokh
All randal cares about is his futuristic Space drink. ๐Ÿ™‚
2001-12-05 12:10:57 – rand0m
not true, not true! I care about other things … … … [agitated fiddling] … … so yea!
2001-12-06 03:42:57 – Laura
a) i’m bored with my life, will someone please let me know of their own life, so i can live vicariously through them. b)some drunk guy was walking around the halls naked tonight. it ends up i know him. he’s cute too. c) boy advice? you people are all male. uh, i like some guy. we’re pretty good friends, but i’m apprehensive, and don’t like to fuck shit up…hrmmm…i know it’s annoying but i suck at getting boys for more than a night or so. d) who’s the craziest person we knew from back in the day? someone here wanted to know, and i can’t think of anyone. maybe it was me..haha
2001-12-06 05:32:45 – Burnz
Do I count as back in the day people? I didn’t know you kids until later really, but if it is any consolation I never liked any of you. And you can live vicariously through me if you want however I don’t know why anyone’s life would be sad enough that they could get gratification hearing daily masturbatory updates. Time, place, porn used, frequency, lube. But hell, it is there if you are really jonesin’. MTV sucks, pink and gwen stephani have nice abs but still need to be dangled in an inverted manner until either they get a wee bit more blood to the mind or whatever lower body fat they have slides into their ta-tas (never used that term…don’t think I like it)….I just noticed my old site linked to on here… huh.

weekend and some [deep] thoughts

I had a pretty good weekend. Plans on friday night fell through so I did absolutely nothing. [sarcasm] That was super-great. [/sarcasm]. Saturday, however, was much better. I went out with Steve and Dave to the mall, bought Wolfenstein [sweet game, w0o!], and then went back to his place and watched a couple videos, one of which was an “In Depth Documentary” called “”. Most people would scoff at the movie, and think that it sucked, but I enjoyed it — it was a very good introspect on the life of the e-entrepeneur. Today wasn’t as good. Oh, and I got a copy of G.Orwell’s 1984, so I’m reading that [finished Rand’s Atlas Shrugged a while ago]. Oh yea, one more thing … CU Boulder won the Big 12 conference. Go CU ๐Ÿ™‚ Woke up at god-awful 8:15am to go to church. Apparently there are people staying at my house [The Lawsons] … I don’t know for how long. Anywho, church, then food, and then another church thing at 6. I really don’t like church. Too much in one day makes me want to get violent. And now on to the three or four good things, instead of this rubbish …

The first of these things is something inspired by Janelle. Now, as we all know, I go out of my way to avoid talking about her, but this was pretty Thought Provoking. This summarizes her thinking: in this moment, why give a fuck about other people, and how your action might affect them? Well, you know, she’s got a point. Everything you do *always* affects other people, no matter how much you may not want it to. I abhore to use it, but it’s like a social responsibility, the whole looking at how you effect others thing. I hate that, too :: how can I be a selfish, pro-me-only person bent only on my own gratification when I always have to be aware of everybody else? Not a simple question to answer, and not one that I am conscious of — what I *am* conscious, of however, is what is keeping me in shangrala, and what is not.

Okay, here’s #2. What the hell is up with super-flirty girls? Man, you know, they sure are nice and everything, and they smell good, and you just want to grab onto them and man, it’s really great to have a girl like you even if she’s a complete airhead, but * Come On *. I think they think it’s some kind of sick game to see how ensnared they can get a guy. Case in point … I meet this girl today, and she’s really nice, but she’s dumb. [Note to self: that’s the first sign of doom. run away!] Sure, she was all nice, and kept doing all the typical girl-style “I like you signals” … like lots of eye contact, smiling, touching, brushing against, the whole shabang. But, of course, she’s just a super-flirt, and it all went nowhere. [irritation here].

Okay, and now to the tough parts. Sorry to be long winded, just a bit of things to say. The main crux of some stress right now is the whole web development thing. There’s a guy who wants an e.commerce site, and is ready and willing to pay $9,000 straight up for it. Problem, though, is that he keeps redoing front end designs, keeps scrutinizing the contract, keeps stalling. That’s what it seems like to me, at least. The main problem is that he wants it functional by 01/01/02. There’s a couple problems here … first off, there is almost no way to get a site up and running from scratch in less than a month. Especially when it’s December, and everyone is travelling for holidays [or in jail (gulp)]. I’m a pretty amazing guy, granted, but I just don’t think it can be done unless there is A) a lot more money, B) more people working on it or C) it is not from scratch. I’m really in a bind, because it’s almost to the point where the contract *can’t* get fulfilled on my side, mostly due to his delaying. But, both HPI and I need the money. I have big, big fines coming my way

2001-12-02 23:08:52 – Burnz
Can’t help you with anything but the sweater question. You have a kinda thick neck, sweaters look good on a guy like that. So that is the biggest solution you seem to need. Oh and you like to be warm because you live in frostbite Colorado.
2001-12-03 00:05:05 – Laura
GO BUFFS! Fight CU down the field, CU must win Fight, fight for victory, CU knows no defeat So roll up a mighty score, never give in Shoulder to shoulder we will fight, fight, fight fight fight! To answer Master Ha-Reed’s question from the previous post…of course i fucking rioted? it was fucking great. better than sex. tear gas in your eyes, running with thousands of other people down the main street. amazing. We fucking rock…my god! I’ll tell you my whole story sometime (it’s too long to type). Three light poles went down, a car was almost flipped, there were cops with shields everywhere, people got hit in the face with rubber bullets, there were at least 20 canisters of tear gas fired. we had so much fucking fun. i wish you all could have been here. after the riot, i went and got fabulously drunk.
2001-12-03 15:35:47 – cosmosmoon
Answers: Girls do not suck, we are goddesses. You are a retard because that is the most popular and easiest way to be these days. You have shitty life-sized problems because how else can your life story be turned into a made for TV special? Sweaters are warm and fuzzy. Muscle is heavier than fat. And, you’re a lazy bum.
2001-12-03 15:41:16 – Laura
Amen to that, my sista! And, Randal, gorls don’t suck. If you really believed that, you would be gay. You’re a retard? i had no idea. You bring your problems on yourself. Most people would run from them, though, so at least you’re dealing with them…hehe.
2001-12-03 16:01:35 – rand0m
sometiiiimes I feel I’ve got to [uh uh] run away, i’ve got to [uh uh] get away … ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I didn’t say all girls suck. Just the leading-on type ones. They really suck. Yes, I do bring them on me, cuz I’m a goddamn retard. And I like sweaters. yummm, sweaters. And I’m not lazy. I’m a very motivated young man, aspiring to greatness [cough].
2001-12-03 16:37:01 – anthony_j_anzelmo
Hey, sounds like you’ve got quite the predicament. Since the holidays are usually stressful when staying at relatives, might i suggest this: take your laptop with you to utah, along with you cell phone… work your ass off on the contract along with the help of someone that knows ASP and SQL, (I know I’d work for some extra cash), and that way, you’re so busy working, you don’t notice any other stress, and at the end of the month, you’ve got mad cash to pay off all your bills, and the problems to go along with it. As far as the contract goes, just be up front with the guy, say, yeah, I can do it in a month, but at 160 hours, full time, that’s gonna be more than 3 large! That will tell you if he is serious about the contract! Make sure you get at least half down payment, in cash or check.
2001-12-03 16:49:51 – rand0m
yea, I plan on taking my laptop with me … only problem is that it’s not powerful enough to be a complete solution :: can’t run IIS & SQL on it with any sort of performance. I’d like to break up the project so that it’s able to be worked on by multiple people, but it just can’t happen – the whole thing is so interrelated, it would be impossible to code it and make everything work together. As for payment, assuming that it goes right, it’s 1/3 up front, 1/3 half way, and 1/3 on completion. Assuming that the whole thing actually goes through, and he stops delaying and signs the damn contract. I could *really really really* use $2k.
2001-12-03 16:55:34 – Master Ha-reed
in this moment, why give a fuck about other people, and how your action might affect them? that question seems to be ‘Thought Provoking’ IMHO because humans are naturally social animals, and thus have to deal with the pitfalls of benefits of being social seriously, if you could be someone who could do that (not caring about others) 24/7, w/o regard to anyone else, in a fuck the rest of the world – sort of way, you would transcend humanity – becoming more like a robot and a god than any human and therefore, the rest of us pitiful little humans have to deal with things such as conscience and the need for acceptance, the need to feel loved, etc. etc. blah blah blah and we try to make a balance between having a sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and independence, and being loved and accepted and all the rest
2001-12-03 16:58:07 – Siaokh
[Bat Signal] RANDAL GET ON AIM! [/Bat Signal]
2001-12-03 16:58:52 – Master Ha-reed
hmm… it appears that either randal is using the htmlspecialchars function be4 displaying this text… or a string replace function to get rid of tags… cuz when i put in [rant] and [/rant] w/ normal tags (i.e. "")… they dissappear…. grrrr
2001-12-03 18:11:45 – rand0m
well, this is borderline theoligical, but you can easily transcend that whole human emotion thing by clamping down on emotion, and only allowing one’s own personal joy be the the only thing of any worth. $.02. Oh, and I’m not using htmlspecialchars, I’m using striptags() which kills everything inside < and > … it’s like that so you whores can’t destroy my comments section. However, a list of alternate [] tags will be up sometime.
2001-12-03 21:03:42 – The Disco X
NOTICE: Use of the word "Retard" to describe my friends will result in my losing all respect for you. This is your only warning. Thank You for your cooperation
2001-12-03 22:35:43 – Laura
fuck it. Just get crunked.
2001-12-04 00:14:51 – realbighead
go the Stoic route. Just don’t care about anything which isn’t in your sphere of choice. Since it’s not your choice anyways, there’s no point in worrying about it. This actually does tend to narrow down your list significantly, although you do become a fatalistic bastard in doing so and stand a good chance of simply going altogether apathetic. It’s got upsides, it’s got downsides, it’s just like every other philosophy ever. Although, like everything else, the benefits simply won’t show unless you are truly core about it. That’s my nickel, since my thought is obviously more valuable than all you $.02 wenches.
2001-12-04 01:56:14 – Laura
hrmm…girl scout cookies, cheez shit and crackers, mountain dew…the good shit….indeed. tore, tore, tore. my friends and i may be road-trippin to santa fe at some point in the near future…i would like to see you. also, stay with you because we’re poor. will it work? who knows.
2001-12-04 03:28:25 – Burnz
Ha-Reed- Whoa there buddy. A little more thinking than was really required. I didn’t know we had degraded to the level of coffee-shop analysis on the State of the Human Condition and other nonsense. Tore- Same basic thing except with the insertion of the phrase "Motherfucker". rand0m- escape into chemicals or sex or work or some other addiction. Feeding a fix = much easier than real living. Try steroids, then you can lose weight and gain muscle mass while you in turn become nothing but a walking gland that is cut in an oh so foxy way. That is right, one paragraph, I don’t need to follow the parameters of this "English" bullshit that is so popular with the kids.
2001-12-04 08:30:53 – realbighead
I figured randal’s smack habit meant that he already tried that method… I was pulling at strings to figure out another way to fix him. Motherfucker. How many friends, Laura? and when?
2001-12-04 08:43:14 – The Disco X
Randall is such a troll ๐Ÿ™‚ Tore, I say you make Laura put out in order to stay with you. If you are going to have annoying women near you, you might as well get something out of it.
2001-12-04 10:25:58 – rand0m
I’m a troll!? wtf? Oh, and the steroids route is cost prohibitive — I’ve already looked into it, and I just can’t afford it. Meth, however, is looking like a better and better option. As for escaping … I do that with work [see next post]. I’m with Disco on the putting out part. Especially if they’re all hottt college chicks. ๐Ÿ˜€
2001-12-04 17:08:42 – Master Ha-reed
Burnz, I dont know exactly what you mean by ‘coffee-shop analysis’ – granted that isnt going to win any philosophy prizes nor is my $.02 worth close to anything when it comes to a question that has been dealt with by a great deal many more people that r way smarter than i am. Regardless, I think there is a valid point there – do you know anyone who could truly act in such a only I matter non-social world their entire life?