web.dev deal

Well, first off, I big woohoo! Things were going south on the web.dev deal, but Jack, a co-hort here at hpi, called up the customer and set everything straight :: it looks like everything is on track, and the draconian development schedule has been eased. score!

In other news, here is a funny picture of me. Don’t ask me why it’s funny, it just is. And if you don’t think it is, there is obviously something very, very wrong with you. BEER GOOD. And, another quick update — the court date for me to lose my license has been moved to January 9th :: they saw that 12/29/01 is a saturday and moved it. I don’t know if that is good or bad.

I was going to post something else, but I forgot what it was. hrmm … if it comes to me, I’ll update.

Update: In speaking with a bunch of people via KaZaa & Limewire, I have found that my spanish skills have deteriorated. Might as well put those in the bucket along with history, math and science [doh].

2001-12-04 12:19:42 – The Disco X
Disco > Rand0m
2001-12-04 12:23:45 – realbighead
dude, randal, there’s a hobbit sneaking up on you there… smack him in the head with the bottle.
2001-12-04 12:57:15 – rand0m
Disco Gayness > rand0m gayness … wha … ? there are no hobbits here :: tony’s not scheduled till 6. 😉
2001-12-04 13:16:17 – The Disco X
"Little" Disco > "Little" Rand0m
2001-12-04 14:58:30 – tony
speaking of hobbits, i just advance ordered me 2 tickets for the 10:15 showing at carefree circle of lord of the rings, december 19th, 4.50 a piece doing online credit… order, order now call gecko, dump the stock, now now now!!! (allusion to wall street)
2001-12-04 23:09:24 – Laura
hrmm…that picture is like the poster for why not to breed 🙂 (goes back to last post) also, knowing me, if i were speaking of friends, would the majority be male or female? i don’t think tore wants play from boys. also, the two girls going with us are gay, so, that leave me, the one straight girl…and no! i don’t know how many people, tore, prolly more than your room can hold, but they’re all cool. also, i have the flu, feel free to send money, or nice things 🙂
2001-12-05 00:15:49 – tony
any of you all read burnz’s website, at, burnz.ipfox.com… well, i just figured out something… if you look at the post from friday about abandoned children, and you then look at his latest post about a single mother and his interest for you, you could perhaps draw some conclusions… as in, he wants to eliminate this young mother’s baby, so that he can imagine having his way with her, without having the baby crawl in like some automoton crying momma, momma… but, i wouldn’t draw those conclusions, cuz, that would be like, gay or something…
2001-12-05 10:24:37 – Siaokh
All randal cares about is his futuristic Space drink. 🙂
2001-12-05 12:10:57 – rand0m
not true, not true! I care about other things … … … [agitated fiddling] … … so yea!
2001-12-06 03:42:57 – Laura
a) i’m bored with my life, will someone please let me know of their own life, so i can live vicariously through them. b)some drunk guy was walking around the halls naked tonight. it ends up i know him. he’s cute too. c) boy advice? you people are all male. uh, i like some guy. we’re pretty good friends, but i’m apprehensive, and don’t like to fuck shit up…hrmmm…i know it’s annoying but i suck at getting boys for more than a night or so. d) who’s the craziest person we knew from back in the day? someone here wanted to know, and i can’t think of anyone. maybe it was me..haha
2001-12-06 05:32:45 – Burnz
Do I count as back in the day people? I didn’t know you kids until later really, but if it is any consolation I never liked any of you. And you can live vicariously through me if you want however I don’t know why anyone’s life would be sad enough that they could get gratification hearing daily masturbatory updates. Time, place, porn used, frequency, lube. But hell, it is there if you are really jonesin’. MTV sucks, pink and gwen stephani have nice abs but still need to be dangled in an inverted manner until either they get a wee bit more blood to the mind or whatever lower body fat they have slides into their ta-tas (never used that term…don’t think I like it)….I just noticed my old site linked to on here… huh.