and a good weekend

Man, it’s been a good weekend. On friday night, I went up with Tony to his Brother-In-Law’s place [his name is Alan (sp?) and he is the penultimate capitalist … kind of an ass, but very good at what he does] and played poker with a bunch of guys. I actually came out positive by a whopping $0.45. Last time I went [a few months ago] I got reamed like Jenna Jameson and lost like $20. However, as is tried and true, when we played pool for money I started playing miserably. Don’t know what it is up with that … pool + money = bad-pool-playing-me. I had a really good time up there, and look forward to doing it again 🙂

On Saturday, I slept. Then I woke up around 11ish to the sound of my phone ringing and Steve’s cheery voice 😉 Went over to his place, fixed up my rapidly-disentegrating [only the body, mind you] truck and then we went out. We did some stuff. I forgot exactly what we did, but we ended with rounding up Tore and Emily and Ben [Steve’s brother] and going and seeing “Not Another Teen Movie” at the south Tinseltown :: we all got in free because Ben works there, which is hella cool … The north cinemark is a little nicer, sure, but goddamn, it’s a 30 minutes drive and it’s not free. The south Cinemark works just fine for me :: same cardboard popcorn, same soda-laden floors, same magical movie-feeling. Right. Then we went and ate over at Village Inn, and finished off the night over at the perk. [oh, throw in a HPI server crash and going to my office in there] … I was kinda worried that cramming two distinct, separate parts of my life [Tore & Emily and then Steve & Ben] would not go so well, but it seemed like everyone just rolled with it — which made the night a lot better. Even though we whored out Emily’s study time, I think everyone had a good time :: I know I had a really good time with you guys 😀

And now for the completely random stupid shit you expect from this site, which doesn’t include my day-to-day details. Okay, my question :: Why the do I hang onto old stuff? I dont’ know why, but I seem to just cling to old shit so I can reminisce and ‘go-back’. It’s fucking whack. I say this because I’ve noticed it a few times — my search / archive for old stuff. I found the old IBu, I found my old website layouts, and I was going through my e-mail on Friday, and I couldn’t fucking believe I had that much old e-mail. Seriously, after cleaning out and organizing my obscenely large mailbox, I had just over 4,000 messages running around. Some of them are old, and the majority are either A) heart-wrenching, mind-bending painful e-mails to long-lost lovers or they are B) Completely worthless bullshit e-mail that has absolutely no value. And you know what? I keep them hanging around, nicely put into the ‘archive’ folder, never to be read again — until I feel the need to dive back into history.

Update: Oh yea! I forgot to say — “Not Another Teen Movie” is hilarious. It is bust-a-nut, non-stop laughter the whole time. It’s satire and spoofing of the typical teen angst flicks is raunchy and superb at the same time. Gonna go see Vanilla Sky sometime soon, so I’ll have a blurb about that up sometime.

Update: Here’s a nice e-mail that I recieved today —
Click here to get Real Drugs, Real Cheap – TODAY!”
Doesn’t that just inspire you? It sure makes me glad to live in the U.S. today.

Update, **With A Question!: Okay, it just hit me. What if the comments get long, and you have to do a bunch of scrolling to read the comments, then go to the little box and fill it in, and back and forth and back and forth. That would kinda suck. Because of this, should I make the little fill-in form part [the white boxes on the

2001-12-16 13:37:05 – The Disco X
just in case anyone noticed, I’m back from my 10 day trip to san jose
2001-12-16 16:34:56 – rand0m
I was wondering where you’d ran off to … [b]Also[/b]: anybody have booze for The Burnz? It sounds like he’s hurting for some liquid love ::
2001-12-16 17:16:48 – Burnz
I took care of it. When liquor is not available you learn to improvise. I am not longer in control of my faculties, but thank you for the check-up.
2001-12-16 18:02:33 – Laura
Is anyone having a new years thing? do we know? i was thinking about it, but everyone will have to give me money because i’m broke and can’t afford food or booze….i’d rather just go to some party where everything is free to me 🙂 also, there’s a new genre of teen movie thant makes fun of different types of movies, so you went to a teen movie making fun of teen movies…funny that. i’m glad burnz is around to just let me know that there’s someone who’s more than an alcoholic than i am. it makes me happy. randal, i don’t know why you hold on to the past. maybe your life needs to get more exciting, or something, so you can look back and think that that was all good, but now is better, and then you can delete your email.
2001-12-16 19:02:46 – rand0m
I don’t know about a New Year’s thing … I’ll put something up here when I get back from UT on the 27th — I don’t have an empty place to hold a party, unfortunately. [droning voice] Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?[/voice] I am 100% up for a New Year’s Eve party — I’ll chip in bux for liquor, too, so I am a good party guest. Invite me, please. Please. I’m begging now. On the floor. Grovelling. Please?
2001-12-16 21:01:51 – tony
party, december 31st, 9pm 8626 alpine valley drive
2001-12-16 22:23:07 – rand0m
Free alcohol and a floor to sleep on? And hot chicks who want me? Yea … you’re right, that floor-to-sleep-on bit is a stretch.
2001-12-17 01:23:24 – Laura
a) hell yeah! b) can i bring people? c) hot chicks who want me? alright!
2001-12-17 02:44:03 – Laura
so, here is a story…. two months ago someone smeared banana on my door, but it was a thursday night, and i figured that someone was just stupid drunk. on saturday, someone but banana *and* honey on my door. it was after my two finals. it pissed me off. and then, finally, tonight, somone smeared apple on my door. here are some questions i pose: 1) why would someone go to the effort to be mean to me? i know i’m mean sometimes to people, but i seriously am nice to everyone in my dorm. 2) why the fuck are people so immature? in fact, why are people immature enough to waste effort on me? 3) why are people so fucking mean? it’s like a running theme in my life. sorry to vent, but i’m fucking pissed off and feel like shit too. see most of you in a while.
2001-12-17 10:33:59 – rand0m
Sorry hon, mean people are everywhere, and they suck :-/