more of the usual blah

And the past few days have been pretty typical. I work way too much, then I do something none-work related, I go home, I pass out for not-enough-hours, I wake up, and do it again. Sounds pretty lifeless, huh? You’re right, it is. It’s starting to wear … not much, mind you — I love my job — but it is starting to wear. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there isn’t much to do, and more importantly, not many people to do it with. There’s poker tomorrow night with Tony up in Woodland Park, though, which is a very nice change from the norm.

I woke up the other morning to a sound I haven’t heard in years — not figuratively, I really do mean years — the sound of my parents fighting. It was extremely unsettling, and the whole day was kind of in a funk … they were fighting about how much they irritate each other when they are around each other so much, and how my dad needs to get a job and how he’s trying like hell [he is] and how she “should try to get a motherfucking job!” I wouldn’t be surprised if she does get a job, just to do something other than hang around the house and … … do whatever she does all day. That was a weird day.

On the work side, there’s now a large chance that the tasty, large, scrumptious contract that I’ve been busting my ass on will fall through. The Administration here does not like the initial contract, and, as the first draft is so hardcore, has little inclination to do business with the guy. sOo, Jack and I have been writing contract-legalese for days straight, and it doesn’t seem up to par. I have a bad feeling about it … I want the contract pretty badly, just to have something under my belt other than being a sysadmin — the vast sums of money wouldn’t hurt either 😉

On that note … I don’t know what the case is with the ticket thing. Jared pointed me to getting a public defender — it’d save me a load of money, definitely, but at what cost? What kind of representation can I expect from a PD? I don’t know how the whole thing is going to turn out, so I just keep it out of my mind. Oh, I haven’t told anybody here at work about it yet … I don’t know how to bring it up :: “Hey, Guys, I need $1,000 so I can pay my lawyer fees so I can go to jail for 5 days and not be profitable, and consequently, lose my license and quite possibly not come to work for a few days after that! Isn’t that awesome!?” I don’t think it would fly. Any ideas / suggestions besides “shoot yourself” and “just shutup and die already” ?

Update: Okay, I realized this today — listening to music on the computer using hi-fi headphones is painful … mp3s just don’t have that high level of quality … pops, cracks, skips — just sucky — and something I have to live with if I want to save my meager laptop hd space :-/

2001-12-13 19:56:08 – tony
nothing like hearing your parents fighting to motivate you to move the ‘fuck’ out and get your own ‘motherfucking’ place… no offense but reading that reminds me of my parents fighting, and oddly, it’s hilarious remembering that shit… ahh, just look at the dysfunction i will be looking forward to when i have a family of my own… of course, by then, i’ll be going to catholic church like every single day, going to potlucks with all my friends from AA, and all in all, being a total fucking loser
2001-12-14 03:22:40 – Laura
fuck, i’m so fuckig wasted…i just tjrew up 4 times…i can’t sleep…ggrrrr.
2001-12-14 16:20:49 – Laura
I apologize for my drunken comments, let’s just forget this ever happened 🙂
2001-12-15 05:21:53 – Burnz
As a proud member of the "Broke but still have to go in front of a judge with representation" party I say stick with the public defender. You have to keep in mind that it is still a traffic violation. They drag you in, offer you a deal (usually) and you take it or they ream you NYPD Plunger-style. They don’t have time to take traffic violations seriously so what "badass" lawyer you are paying out the ass for will alter your sentence very very little. Looking clean and being polite will change the ruling far more than who your lawyer is in this case. There aren’t loopholes, there isn’t a lot of bullshit. You are a dime a dozen, they milk you for revenue. This is the nature of the beast of traffic court.
2001-12-15 09:48:44 – Laura
yay for 7:30 am finals on a saturday! i love school! plllhhh….also, yes, mp3s suck. buy CDs. but keep downloading mp3s because you have to piss off someone, and it’s better to make those rich fucks at the nice record companys mad, then other people, who i can’t think of.
2001-12-16 04:36:14 – Burnz
Laura, Matt NEEDS to get fucked up Sunday. You holding? Name your price, 3.2 beer just doesn’t really do it for me and I am out of the regular stuff.