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Okay, so yesterday Jack and I had a 2 hour conference call with Red Tag Office Supplies about the web site development proposal. It went pretty well :: we hashed out a ton of details and figured most things out, and at the end recieved a draft contract from them for our services. Unfortunately, that contract is shitty, and has lots of stipulations that just suck, like the following:

– no links to the client’s site for any reason, including portfolio
– intellectual property right restrictions [extremely harsh]
– obscene amounts of documentation required
– annotated source code [wtf!?]
– inability to hire 3rd party contractors without written consent
– 6 months of unlimited website support and maintenance [!!!]

It’s just obscene amounts of bullshit. I must admit, though, that the lawyer for Red Tag really knows how to cover their shit. Here’s a preview of what the site will probably look like :: here’s my quicky layout as well. The graphic’s designer’s layout looks better, imo, but mine is cleaner and easier to work with. sOo, I’m spending the morning revising that contract [again].

Other than that, I was supposed to get a book on ASP, but it didn’t happen :: spent last night at the Perk revising that 14 page monstrosity of a contract … In other news, I bought a new laptop battery — I just might get more than 10 minutes out of this baby yet!

Update: There is an absolutely priceless article on The Onion. Out of this world funny 😀

2001-12-11 13:43:55 – tony
Do you like to help corporations with market research, internet usage tracking or other shite? Do you like fouling up your computer with cookies, cache information, and other useless crap? Because, if you don’t, might I suggest investigating this product found at RamSurf The article found here explains it all, namely, redirecting internet cache, cookies, and crap to a ram location, which is then immediately squashed should you reboot, or power down: The Register Personally, I access my bank and credit card accounts through the web, and storing access information on my computer is not something I want.
2001-12-11 13:44:53 – tony
here are the links: Article = Ramsurf =
2001-12-11 14:07:53 – rand0m
Sorry, too late. I already have all your Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, names, addresses and telephone numbers … oh … and your unborn first child, too. Yup, he’s mine. If you would kindly sign this 36 page contract, I’d be glad to give the little shit back.
2001-12-11 15:19:21 – Burnz
I’ll go you one better. You sign this three line contract and I will send you some tabasco and / or barbeque sauce and you eat the little shit. He’s too much like his crack whore mama to be any good to me. And inability to link for portfolio purposes is bullshit. "Yes, I have experience in site design, including _____ which I might add I did time restricted, underbudgeted, and with one arm caught in a vice. _____ will certainly give me an invaluble reference. So please take a look at ____ and let me know if you want me to help you like I did ____." I wouldn’t sign that anyway but with a large, capitalized "FUCK YOU". You don’t work for no credit do you? If you do, here is a dollar show me your birth canal you bitch.
2001-12-11 16:50:24 – rand0m
Yup, that’s the gist right there … note the whole "revising the contract" — it’s slow going, let me tell you. Blech. We’re tempted to tell the guy that we’ll charge him $7,000, and we own the code. That way he can take all of his little cry-baby antics and ram them up his ass. [irritation]
2001-12-11 17:50:48 – Siaokh
Along with any backdoors that you write in to change the prices of certian items that you’d like to purchase for insanely cheap. -tim
2001-12-12 00:46:32 – john holmes motherfucker
2001-12-12 13:20:05 – The Guessing Machine
Well I can only guess that is Craig or Drunk Tony…. who else talks in that stupid shit writing?
2001-12-12 14:24:50 – The Edumicated Guessing Machine
Considering Craig has no finals to take, I’d imagine it is Tony.