Movie, request and startling things

Went out and saw Ocean’s Eleven with Jared and Tony, and I have to say that it’s a good movie. Go see it, it’s worth your $6.50. Hell, invite me along and I’ll see it again 😉 Went and got coffee afterwards, and saw a bunch of phs peepz … see paragraph 3 for this part. Then chilled downtown for a while before Tony got cold and everyone left. It was a good night.

Request time: I need a few things from the many, many people who read my site so often [cough]. First off, I’d like a nice, shiney new top banner. Busy is bad in this case, sleek and cool is very good. Help? Secondly, I would like people to submit articles. Anything. Any old peice of rubbish is perfectly fine — send it to me, and if it doesn’t suck, it will go up. And, to top of those two, a few miscellaneous things that have been bugging me: my name has 1 ‘L’, I am not a religion-practicing person of any sort, no, I can’t help with your dial-up situation, no, latency isn’t part of service level agreements, no, your website will be slow as shit because of all the crap you want, yes, I’m a terrible law-breaking driver and I’m losing my license, and finally, yes, a bigger paycheck would kick ass. Ahh, much better.

Last but not least, I found a couple things out. I am not Randal. I am Janelle’s ex-boyfriend. What a shitty label. How does one escape such a thing? Oh that’s right, as long as I’m me, and somebody knows us both, that’s the instant connotation. That sucks ass, I tell you. Please talk to me, not her ex-boyfriend, okay? kthnxbye. I really like 8 pt tahoma … it’s a tasty font. Also, TheFascistRag has a good update — although I almost want to be one of the people he hates, minus the whole soul-destroying thing.

Update: I found this hilarious flash animation running around on the net, and thought I’d share it :: check the diplomacy goodness. Also, having 21″ of monitor loving is amazing.

2001-12-08 04:10:07 – Laura
i think the real question here is: "who doesn’t want to be known as janelle’s ex-boyfriend?" also, if tore visited the old IBU posts, it is greatness. i am laughing. i think i have glass in my leg. two weeks til semester is over! i’m so fucked. love you
2001-12-08 05:24:52 – Burnz
Hey, guy with the site or whatever. Do you still talk to Janelle? I mean she had one hell of an ass. Put in a good word for me woud you? It would really be helping a brother out. Oh, and let me know if she gave all the jewelry you bought for her back. I ain’t an indian giver or nuthin’ but I don’t spend 8.50 on Wal-Mart earring so some bitch can just pocket them after she mashes and/or blends my heart with a hand potato smasher / a mixer set to "pussy whip" / or a blender with adjustable speeds including "puree" "thrash" and "utterly mangle until it is unrecognizable as a man". Any tips you have for the bedroom would be appreciated as well, I am sure you could guarantee me the big O with a few pointers and some colored graphs. You’re a pal there Riddle or whatever you’re name is. And this whole web thing is cute.
2001-12-08 10:39:08 – realbighead
yes, I have visited the old IBU posts… they are dumb, yet funny. I was a weird fuck back in the day. one week till semester is over! I so rock.
2001-12-08 12:57:42 – rand0m
Hahahaaha, you guys are a trip. Glass? From the riot? Burnz … first off, I hope your kidding, but here goes … no, not much. Yes, she did. no, I won’t, brother. No, she didnt: they were [i]gifts[/i] … [clutches chest, falls to the ground groaning]. No bedroom tips either :: I am fairly sure that I failed miserably there. And thanks, I like the web thing 😛 Tore, I wuv you. Despite your inane bullshit on the IBu, which is long past, I still like ya 😉 Oh yea … does anybody have any idea what the first incarnation of the IBu looked like? I can’t find it :-/
2001-12-08 14:56:50 – Burnz
Of course I am fucking kidding. Good god brother.
2001-12-08 17:17:22 – Master Ha-reed
And yet another reason why anything bearing the name Microsoft is inherently bloated and therefore crappy…