idle sunday musings

Yup, another Sunday, right on it’s way out. I slept until noon today. Oddly enough, that was only 7 hours of sleep. My sleep schedule is way out of whack; I have to be at work tomorrow morning at 8:30am for a 9am con-call :: I’m not looking forward to being thrust out of my normal rhythm, but I am looking forward to finally getting a signed contract.

So I’m poking around my computer today, and I’m wondering why the hell I have only 13GB of hd space free. I find a whole lot of duplicate files and such, which I cleared out, but then I found the culprit — yup, the innocuous looking Recycle Bin. That bastard has whored out just over 10GB of my hard drive for it’s own use. I don’t even know what I’ve put in there, but I can tell you, I don’t know what to do with it. Why not delete it, you say? Because there are certain things in there that I’ll probably need in a while, but don’t want to store permanently. So they end up in The Bin. Having all that stored there has saved my bacon a couple times … if only it didn’t take up so much HD 😉

Right, so I’m talking to some people about getting a place downtown, and it hit me that I don’t know much about the whole moving out thing. First tip off: the realization that I would need a bed. These places don’t come furnished. Duh. And another thing :: they cost a lot of money. I mean, not *a lot* of money, just a good chunk of the paycheck. I think moving downtown, and not to some other state, is definitely the way to go :: just have to find the people to do it with now. On that note, if you’re looking [or even if you’re not, (cough*matt*cough)] for a place that is right downtown, let me know.

On a final note, this week’s MP3OTW was generously uploaded by Master Ha-Reed — props!

2001-12-10 03:08:11 – tony
that song kittens is good as for a movie, everyone should see "human traffic" — aRRange the PANTS ALPHAbetiCALLY, By SIZE, by COLOR, … (corporate nazi scene, very funny) — uhhh yeah, likesay, i’m a bus-biz-business entrepenuer from south london yeah… uhm what color is your hair… (the tawain scene, very funny) I could use about 400$ to fix me computer so I don’t have to use other people’s machines, and start programming again sadly, i can only do about 4-5 pull-ups right now, even sadder, this is an improvement from the 2 i was doing, when i started exercising i want the kentucky-girl to visit me for certain reasons which need no explaining, and also, i need a local kitten top on my list of new year’s resolutions, find a new year’s party or throw one, where I can get absolutely shit faced out of my skull drunk, which will be especially rewarding after the torments of the finals i have been studying for oh yeah, and after tuesday, the day of my last final, i will be going to breckinridge like, every single day, or, every other day, so just let me know, if you wanna go
2001-12-10 04:05:30 – Laura
breck? yeah, i’m so there. remind me to bring my board down. also, i must say that underworld sucks…i just really didn’t dig it at all. ah well, to each their own. also, the movie you should definitley see is requiem for a dream. even if you could care less about the drugs, it’s pure beauty.
2001-12-10 10:09:02 – Siaokh
underworld sucks?!! Are you insane woman?? With such hits as BornSlippy and Rez/Cowgirl…. how can you NOT like them. *sigh* -Tim