Weird things, weird dreams

Okay, so I was at the store the other night and Shawn and his g/f Emily showed up with Paulie. We hung out and chatted, ’twas a good time … Shawn’s such a cool/laid back guy. I had a good time just chillin. So they leave, and I’m getting ready to close. So I’m standing outside burning one, and this drunk-off-her-ass girl starts coming down Nevada. Now, this is brightly-lit Nevada, so I see her coming from at least a block away. As she lists perilously from side to side, I notice that she has no shoes on. Not even typical-CC style flesh-colored flipflops that are impossible to see. I really mean no shoes. So she kinda staggered by and neither of us said anything. It was very odd. Okay, so the other day I had this whacked out dream. I for some reason was in a school, sitting in a hallway against the wall in a desk. Oddly enough, I had a pistol and an M16. Why, I do not know. So this kid comes out of the classroom across the hallway, followed by scary-looking SWAT clad police. So they’re doing there thing and I’m just sitting there. And then they finished with him, and I just got up to leave, totally not realizing that I had two weapons at my desk. So I get up and start to walk out, and the police yell ‘hey, stop right there!” as they have no doubt seen the M16. So then I was like “OK” … and then they came running up, and then I woke up, totally wondering why I wasn’t in prison. I can’t explain how freaked out I was. Crazy. As told by James, I was asleep on the couch the other night, and he came into the room and turned on the light and said “oh, you’re in here” and I apparently replied with “I’m not asleep, freebsd install … ds3 … ” and then went back to sleep. I find this discomforting. Less BSD, More Normal. kthx. [b]Update – 05/18 @ 2:18p[/b] LOL, I saw this quote while randomly browsing: [i]I am 22 years old. It’s kinda scary to realize I’m an adult now. It’s even scarier to realize all the other adults are as clueless as me.[/i] …. wow, I feel the same way :-/ Lauren emailed me and asked to take down the Why Lauren’s A Bitch article. It was written by Laura, so I asked what she thought. Unfortunately, I have not heard from her. I would post the email but I lost if. Damn. I think she’s worried about what people think since she is getting out of the military soon (holy shit, it’s been 4 years !?) Regardless, it involves ideas like “it’s childish” and “[lauren’s] parents agree that it’s immature”. The Real News is this: that is okay! I’m ‘mature’ for 18+ hours a day! Why not be immature on a worthless website! wooo! Fuck you ! And your parents too !

2004-05-17 17:13:09 – WC
*whaa* I’ve done that. ^^ falling asleep and then having someone discover you and telling them some crazy geeky shitz. 🙂
2004-05-17 17:38:56 – The Disco Nova
Thank you for proviiding proof to my claims of Randallls geekdom.
2004-05-18 13:50:02 – WC
yah ph3ar, so his nutz are HUUUUUUUUUUGE!
2004-05-18 22:44:16 – Netheus
right… i just finished reading the Divinci Code. On the surface, a nice fast paced story, the writing in and of itself is terrible, but the story is good. Directly below the surface, this book stinks of Boyd Rice, Tracy Twyman, the Church of Satan, and how all three of them have recently split company. Normally, I would sit back, keep this to myself, and not be called paranoid, but the author brought up the story of Dagobert. For as much as he 101’d the audience through most of the book, he left out some of the more interesting secrets concerning the grail and the merovingians. But he left that story in. Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice (members of the church of Satan) A) Are co-editors of an underground magazine called Dagobert’s revenge. B) It is named so because Rice believes that he is a descendant of the merovingian line, and claims that he can prove at least that. He took the story of Dagobert to heart particularly because of the grusome dispatch of his eye. C) Twyman and Rice split camp not too long ago, probably about the time that this book hit number one. However, Correlation is not causation. The public reason had something to do with Tracy wanting to make a living off the Grail story. D) Twyman lives in Phoenix. E) Boyd Rice lives in Denver F) Rice is a pompous ass. The direct line of reasoning is the exact same as stated by Rice all over the place. I have a tape recording of him saying it sitting in front of me. Neither of these two can write very well. i have a few other ideas, but they will make me sound really paranoid, and you’ll be coming to take me away.
2004-05-18 22:59:28 – The Disco Nova
I just wanna say that most people in the Church of Satan are not true Satanists. They are members of a cult of personality.
2004-05-18 23:01:48 – The Disco Nova
As far as Lauren goes…. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. We can invite her to one of our parties and see if she can refrain from turning it into a soap opera.
2004-05-19 00:35:02 – Master Ha-reed
So is the Satanic Bible not Satanist, or is it rather that LaVey’s followers have perverted Satanism into something else? Are there any other "Satanist" groups that are Satanist? What about the Setians? They sound like they’re more full of shit than the CoS.
2004-05-19 02:44:03 – The Disco Nova
LaVey would cringe at what the CoS has become. They have gone mainstream, softened some of LaVeys ideal, and worst of all, they practically worship LaVey.
2004-05-19 14:05:06 – WC
*deep throaty voice* Bow down to me my servants. I am the true _one_. Do what I say and I will grant you eternal prosperity and happiness. Wow I kinda felt like I was a leader of a religious movement there for a second. Sorry about that.
2004-05-19 18:21:52 – Netheus
There is this one idiot 300+lbs fat ass that is now saying that Satanists shouldn’t blaspheme anymore. He kinda lost the point. No, you have Mansonite-style "I just wanna be bad" morons, and then you have real Satanists, but they don’t advertise.
2004-05-20 13:54:18 – WC
Do you believe in Satan? He Believes in You!
2004-05-20 21:08:51 – Siaokh
WC … the new David Koresh! … or not *Punch* -Tim
2004-05-21 10:28:44 – Netheus and then click on "Emily get out of the way" Powell was being interviewed on Meet the press. His press aid wanted to cut off the interview "because of time limits," and abruptly cut off the interview, right as Tim Russert was about to ask a fairly important question. Powell tells the aid to let him finish. The British spin on it, as well as NBC’s, is that the press aid didn’t like the question that was about to be asked. I’m not sure if that was it, I think she was just being a little b1tch. this is the best link for the video, it shows all of the b1tch fight that occurred. NBC is only showing the later half of the video.
2004-05-21 12:26:21 – Master Ha-reed
Hopefully the bitch got fired for that. Poor Colin Powell, one of the most beloved and respected (and deservedly so) figures in American politics ending his career like this. He should have fought the soldier instinct and resigned long ago.
2004-05-21 20:04:13 – Netheus
Are you kidding? He’s the only one that is going to get out of this with the fewest scratches. His son, on the other hand, needs to jump into a lake of feces.
2004-05-21 20:56:30 – Master Ha-reed
His credibility’s shit though. Powell could have won the Presidency before joining the Bush admin. Now Democrats don’t trust him, and he’s too dovish for Republicans.
2004-05-23 10:58:05 – jordan
so, i’ve been out of town for awhile, and i need some clarification on something: why do we hate lauren? just wondering.
2004-05-23 22:28:03 – Netheus
(with Jordan. No one ever explained this one to me, from my understanding, it was the abundant pushiness of cleavage.) So Jordan, are you in South America yet? How is it?
2004-05-23 22:42:50 – Netheus
As far as Powell goes, he is black, and as much as I could give a flying rats a$$, our grandparents, the racists, are the only people who vote. Like 50%-60% of seniors vote, while about 20-30% of people 18-45 vote. He would have never made it. I do agree with you that he has lost virtually all of his credibillity, but I also don’t think that he agreed with anything that has come out of Bush’s mouth. He is also the first person in the W administration to even suggest that they were wrong.