Yay tore’s back in town

Yay! Tore is back in town. We went out on the town and had some alchohol. ANd then we playe dpool. And then we drank some more! And then we went to tonys’ and hgad som emore alcohol, me a jaegera bomb an dhim … som ehard alcohol, as he is a total alcohdol snob and think sthat scotch is the bst! Good Times. WE saw MIke LEee too, but he was playin gpinball and did not hav emuch time fo rchiatchat. So we left. Yay fo ralchool. I am the lightesteswewgiht around: 3 beers and a shot of yager an dI’m feeling pretty good. Time for bwed! [b]Update[/b] – Yay, I’m not hungover! That was a nice and pleasant surprise this morning. Must have been the 4 huge glasses of water I drank. Okay, so last night at 3:10am, I’m laying there in bed, tossing and turning and this white early-90s acura integra pulls up and parks in our parking lot, next to James car. I was like WTF MOFO !? I mean, wow, it’s 3am, wtf are they doing. So this dude gets out, and then this hot-as-fuck chick gets out. Like WOW hot. So then they proceed through our back gate (!!?!?!!?) and try all the doors on the church. Yep. The backdoor, the sidedoor, blah blah. And then they get in their car, make a lot of racket, and leave. wtf, mate?

2004-05-26 18:18:03 – Netheus
you got it at the end there…. mating….
2004-05-26 18:29:00 – The Disco Nova
That is what I said, I thing they were looking for a place to get it on.
2004-05-26 19:07:22 – Netheus
nothin’ like defiling the house of god!
2004-05-26 19:19:57 – Netheus
speaking of defiling the house of God, [L=http://www.pythonline.com/plugs/idle/FCCSong.mp3]here is what eric idle has to say about the FCC and the current administration.[/L] It goes straight to the song, so wait for it.