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Okay, so some things to post about. Shit, I don’t know. How about recent news. James has a girlfriend, her name is Rebecah (sp?) and she is nice. I’ve been out to Hooters twice recently for lunch on Sundays. Paulie, Matt and I used to do it every single Sunday before he left for Iraq. But Paulie’s back, so I guess we’re going to do it again. It’s pretty fun. Linkification: [L=]Anonymous online confessions page[/L] – good read? [L=]Two photos of a guy getting hit by a car[/L] [L=]Hilarious Nutrigrain commercial[/L] I finished reading “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. It is a really really really really good book. I very strongly recommend it to everybody, especially if you’re into history or into little factoids about the history of words and such. It has a very powerful, very much debated premise that the Catholic Church inspired the demise of Paganism, and with it the celebration of femininity and it’s association with Godliness. I simply cannot say how good it was. The first night I started it, I was up until 6am reading. Can’t put it down, can’t say enough good things about the thought, the research and the idealogy that went into the book. Jared has a writeup on [L=]his website[/L] about what Objectivism is and is not. He decries his own writing saying that it’s not precise enough, and while I agree to some extent, it’s pretty well done. Not so much on the acadamian level, but more on the “this feels like what it’s supposed to be”. Go read it, so you can of course lambast him like all the other groupthinkers will. GG. I had a whole bunch of other crap to post, I might put it up soon. I just don’t ever feel like updating. I know, I’m gay.

2004-05-04 23:42:52 – Netheus
That is hilarious! "Lots of babies!! Arrr!!!"
2004-05-05 00:46:55 – WC
That nutrigrain commercial is older than dirt. But still very funny. Especially when you think the guy ate some "special brownies" at work, and when the camera zooms in _that_ is why it hits him he’s high as a mofo. Some of those confessions suck. Some are very long winded. And some .. are . . . wierd. Thanks randal for making me waste 2 hours reading that stupid site. 🙂
2004-05-05 02:14:50 – Master Ha-reed
Reading that confessions site only reaffirms my belief that 90% of the people on the Internet are fucking quacks.
2004-05-05 03:52:49 – Netheus
All people are vulnerable. Exposing that vulnerability can sometimes make you stronger, or give you confidence, that whole what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Do you have the balls to expose your weakness to even yourself?
2004-05-07 03:03:42 – WC
I’ll be in the springs tomarrow. Maybe we can get something to eat? Any takers? Call me. 720-308-6703 🙂
2004-05-07 10:04:04 – Netheus
It’s my birthday tomorrow!