Guess Who’s Back In Town

Okay, so new things going on. The first and foremost will be Drama. WOO DRAMA MOFO! Mike Lee swung by the store wednesday (05/19) the other day and brought with him …. Matt Byrne! I was overjoyed to see him in his already-drunk-off-his-ass glory *cough*. I had heard that he was off the drunkard bandwagon, was going to school, you know, cleaning up his life. Well, that’s not the case. They show up and we’re chilling and whatever, and Matt is fucking crazy. Crazy Drunk. And Crazy. Eventually he tires out and goes out to pass out in his car. Mike and I are chilling, doing nothing and *ring_ring* my cell phone rings. It’s Matt’s mom. Now, if Matt is in town, he is going to hang out with one of three people. 1. Emily. HAHAHA. No. 2. Mike Lee. Sure, but he is the most unreachable fellow in CoSprgs. 3. Me. And she has my cell #. So she calls me looking for him. I hand Mike the phone and say handle it, as I was doing something else? So the first thing she asks him is if Matt has been drinking … Mike stalls and says that he thinks he’s upstairs playing computer games (this is all going down at the store). He gets out to Matt’s car and tries to rouse him from his stupor to no avail. So he tells Matt’s mom that he’s “taking a shit”. She immediately goes crazy, asking “what’s going on!?” And he says “he’s taking a shit, he’ll call you back in a few.” Reasonable for covering a buddy, right? Right. So Mike and I shoot the shit for like 30 mins, and go outside to burn one and Matt’s car is gone! Driven by a heinously drunk Matt! Woo good times! We have a good laugh, and continue on with our conversation. I have turned my cell phone off by now to avoid Matt’s mom. At about 11:15pm, we’re closing, and turn my cell on to get my messages. Of course she called: “Okay this is xxxx xxxxxx, I would like to have your address. If you don’t call me back in the next 5 minutes with your address, then I will call the police and I will have them lookup your address by this phone number. I will have the police meet me over there, and I am going to take everything that is mine, which is Matthews cellphone, Matthews car keys, Matthews car, mm, there’s another set of keys that he has in his jacket, his credit (bzzt)” and it cuts off for some unknown reason. Man, that’s a super message to receive. So I call her back. At 11:15pm, which I’m hoping she’ll really appreciate. “Hi xxxx xxxxxx, this is Randal Kohutek. I am calling to let you know that you should never call me again. I do not appreciate being threatened, nor do I appreciate being threatened to be visited by the police. I have no affiliation with Matt, and only saw him because he stumbled into my store drunk off his ass. If you would like to call me about this, please save your breath and don’t.” And that is that. He must have had a second set of keys, as I have his first set right here. Surprisingly enough, I have not heard from either of them. I find it quite amazing that he enters town and there is _instant_ drama. Guh.

2004-05-24 22:26:06 – fourdegrees
da-yum. look at all the fun i miss out on living up here…
2004-05-24 22:32:36 – Netheus
Well, he’s not in jail, so he must have made it home okay, or… somewhere… or he used not his real name.. Jesus Christ man.
2004-06-01 14:45:43 – Dice
I like that story.