No Laptop, Intellectual Masturbation

I have no HPI laptop anymore, it is being shipped somewhere after I formatted it the other night. It is very difficult being a network/systems admin sans PC. I’m going to mention Jared’s website again. I went back and started reading through the comments on the previously linked article and man, those people have _WAY_ too much time on their hands. What happened to writing concise arguments? This is writing, not talking — if it’s going to be written, it should be as clear and as brief as possible. Please note, however, that this is a post/rant, not an argument, and that I am henceforth not bound by such rules. Additionally, I am not a 19-20 year old college student that prizes their super-human brain power, has nothing to do and enjoys masturbating their own ego with prolific posts on a website about a nearly-nondebatable topic. Yes, I just insulted all of them. Good Game, me. Why non-debatable? To me objectivism is a philosophy of life. Generally, people like it or they don’t. If they don’t they are usually ignorant schmucks, but there are a few that aren’t total fucking idiots who actually understand the concepts, yet choose otherwise. Props.Going with that, it’s like trying to persuade a tree to uproot and move over to that sunny spot because I want to water behind the tulips — it isn’t going to happen. Sure, you can debate the merits of it, but it usually boils down to “am I a crybaby who would be afraid of a world where people would be required to produce or not?”. Amazingly, it seems like most people are terrified of having to make results. Of having to do. Of having to lead. So that’s my rant. No comments, please. I had some other stuff to post, but that was at the front of my mind, so I might update again when inspiration hits me.

2004-05-07 18:40:23 – The Disco Nova
In other news, Randalll needs sex. Please ladies, put an American flag over his head and do it for your country
2004-05-07 18:50:47 – rand0m
You’re the one who just went on a nice little picnic, and the one who wants new spiffy matching furniture. Domesticated what?
2004-05-07 18:56:22 – rand0m
OMFG I just watched this fat bitch attempt to parallel park six (6)!!! times before giving up and going around the corner. Reverse, turn, BOOM, hits the curb. Pulls out into traffic. Repeat 3x. Tap car in front of her. Repeat previous exercise 3x. Get frustrated at own horrible parking abilities. Pull around corner. Gah, go back to chewing yer cud.
2004-05-07 22:46:59 – Netheus
I thought James was your pet domestic, lunch in a paper bag and whatnot.
2004-05-07 23:39:31 – rand0m
Well, he was, and then he inexplicably stopped. And now he’s being domestic for her. I feel neglected.
2004-05-11 03:01:43 – WC
Can’t you still steal quickies at lunch time?
2004-05-11 14:07:03 – Netheus
it’s my second anniversary!!! yay!!
2004-05-12 02:19:39 – WC
hmm does anyone have an idea on how this was made? I’ve been starring at it for awhile and the best thing I can come up with is there is a daemon that generates this pic on the fly based on the webserver logs? [L=]Dynamic Pic[/L]
2004-05-12 11:00:35 – rand0m
99% sure that the .jpg is actually a .php, and they’re using stock images (the little guy and the box) and the GD library to insert some text into the box at specific positions … and then outputting the whole thing as image/jpg.
2004-05-13 01:52:00 – Netheus
[L=]Bananna Phone[/L]