These headlines are a waste of time. I am not clever.

I have determined that the headlines above are an utter waste of time and effort, simply because I cannot aptly describe this post before I write it, and it invariably does not do the post justice, and as such, is usually a haphazardly attempt at being clever, witty or apathetic, none of which I am good at. Did I mention I bought a new waterbed mattress? It is amazing. I sleep like a baby. No, seriously, it really is that good. I should take a picture of it so you can see how majestic it really is. I even bought new sheets for it. So take that! Unh! I went to the Beer Expo on Sunday with Keen and Tony. It was a lot of beer, and it was all oh-so-tasty. I realized that when it comes to alcohol, I can slam down the hard stuff with the best of them, but when it comes to guzzling down pint after pint of the sudsy stuff I cannot hold my liquor at all. There are new photos of the [L=]End of Summer 2k3 party[/L]. Also, the original post is updated to reflect the new pictures, as is the birthday post. So I was talking to Corey today and he mentions that some day I will find the right girl and I think that “man, she would make a good mom / wife / whatever-long-term-thing”. That sort of freaked me out because what if I have already found her, but it will not work out? What if my love life is already condemned and I do not even know it? “Holy Shit!” I thought, and then I realized that I am only 21. So Huzzah! Maybe there is still hope. On the same vein, though, I made him realize that it is super-duper to have a nice cuddly female around to help be an emotional crutch for us emotion-bearing-but-denying it manly-men … I think his kids are his make-my-day tool, whereas mine (and most youngins) is just girls in general. I wonder if girls like having a manly man around to make them feel good, and if so, why the hell are they not battering down my door in an attempt to have manly affection showered upon them? The universe will never know. *ha* This post brought to you by the complete lack of contractions. [b]Update[/b] – I totally forgot to mention that Manny is no longer with us. After attending a short party, Keen, Tony and I all took Manny over to his place and dropped him off and said goodbye. He is being reassigned to Boston with a month long vacation to Amsterdam. Cheers to Manny for being neato – I hope we get to see you again sometime 😀

2003-09-08 17:55:44 – pinky
I suppose it would be a problem if women felt good about themselves already and didn’t need a man around to make them feel good ::gasp:: but then what would we need you for? hehe.
2003-09-08 23:28:08 – Master Ha-reed
Here’s a question: why does Disco look like he’s a) drunk off his ass or b) going to rape someone in every single party picture that he’s in?
2003-09-09 01:14:26 – The Disco Nova
a) I usually am. b) You can’t rape the willing. It actually started about a couple of years ago. I forget how. But now whenever I see a camera, I grab the nearest head and pull it towards my crotch. On a side note damn, I’m fat. I hope this tumbling/trampoline class I’m taking at Art Sports makes me lose some weight.
2003-09-09 15:59:46 – Siaokh
Chicks on trampolines > Nova on a trampoline Pictures of those parties bring back so many memories of just randomly crashing parties around the CC campus and the shenanigans that would ensue. *sigh* Looks good Randal! Hey… what’s up with the store? -tim
2003-09-09 23:41:33 – tony
Next saturday at 10am, all tickets for all colorado avalanches games go on sale, from 23$ to 204$. [L=] click here [/L] Some games of interest, Dallas, 11-15, New Jersey, 11-30, Philadelphia, 12-27. I’m seriously considering plunking down 100$ for a prime seat at the New Jersey game!