Work, Nick, Photos, Other?

Work has been nuts. I don’t like it when things are really busy and such. I’ve been doing like 10 hours days forever, and then there’s the store thing, too. Oof. Just feeling stressed out. Nick Bailey, a friend from junior high (7-8 years ago?) came in to HPI and colocated his server today. We sat and chatted for an hour or so. It was good to catch up. I actually have a whole lot to say about that, but I do not feel like typing that in. In other news, Tony has not been the talkative sort around the house. In fact, he has been totally anti-conversation — very unusual for him. It might have something to do with the labor day weekend race he attended, at which he (apparently) broke his rear bicycle rim. Nevertheless, he came through like a trooper and scanned in a shitload of photos: [L=]End Of Summer 2k3[/L] [L=]21st BDay Pics[/L] My truck’s starter stopped working rather unexpectedly while I was running an errand. I had to call Keen and get him to bring me a hammer. This is a bad sign. I bought a new bed. It’s a Hibernation Series Premium 90% waveless mattress. It is so amazingly comfortable. Everybody should definitely take time out of their schedule to come lay on it.

2003-09-03 23:30:56 – Nick
It’d be 7 years and 2 months. I remember you always being faster, but I was more accurate. 😉
2003-09-04 00:09:00 – The Disco Nova
*insert sexual innuendo here*
2003-09-04 10:23:29 – rand0m
2003-09-04 11:48:40 – WC
😛 That is how I will always remember Randal as well. Him being faster than me.
2003-09-04 13:09:25 – rand0m
Sorry guys, I can’t help that I’m a three-pump-chump. Maybe if I got some counseling or something …
2003-09-04 21:09:38 – Master Ha-reed
STOP PREMATURE EJACULATION! ACHIEVE MULTIPLE ORGASMS! askl;jdskl;jfds’lkj [L=javascript:alert(‘Moron’)]CLICK HERE![/L]
2003-09-04 21:11:24 – Master Ha-reed
Motherfuckin link thingy doesnt let me put insulting alerts god damn it mother fucker
2003-09-04 21:34:04 – The Disco Nova
So my girlfriend tells me I’m suffering from premature ejaculation. I said "Well, I wouldn’t say I was suffering…"
2003-09-04 22:32:33 – TDQuiksilver
Those crazy drunks 😉
2003-09-05 12:13:39 – Netheus
what do they call it when a girl has a premature orgasm? What about ten in a row?
2003-09-05 15:46:23 – rand0m
Men call it "thank you god!"
2003-09-06 10:02:59 – WC
or "DAMN! YOU GO!"
2003-09-06 11:57:42 – tHE dISCOB BOA
2003-09-06 15:53:46 – fourdegrees
Why does that bit about the hammer just not sound right?