Store Pictures and more crazy girls

I took a bunch of pictures of the store, feel free to take a look and ask me any questions: [L=]EverLAN Gaming Centers Pre-Opening Photos[/L] I was talking to Janina the other day, who is [b]W[/b]hitney (who formerly was dating [b]M[/b]ichael)’s roommate. She tells me that she’s engaged and happy and yada yada yada. She then proceeds to tell me that she’s really sad that I never asked her out or showed a lot of interest. I did have interest, still do … just that she’d been seeing this Travis guy, and I wasn’t about to compete, but honestly, I should I have grown a pair and asked her out. I told her that although I’m male, I’m not blind and that she should have dropped a few more clues that *she* was interested. She agreed to this, and then it seemed like we both agreed that we should have gone out together. And then I added (mentally) that she shouldn’t be engaged. Went out and got lit up on Friday night and paid for it on Saturday. I also went and got a haircut on Saturday, and gave my number to this nice girl Leah … I seriously doubt she’ll call me to go out and get a beer, but hey, I can hope. I figure that if I blanket the city’s population of women with my number, at least one or two will call me. [b]Update – Quote of the night[/b]: (overheard at Tony’s Bar) – “In every relationship there is a bull and a cow. I am the bull and you are the cow. Now show me your udders.”

2003-09-14 23:34:17 – fourdegrees
So as for the not-making-a-move-on-a-girl-that-had-potential-to-respond-favorably thing…were you not paying attention to the advice your dad gave you that night, oh so long ago? get a pair, you ninny. 😉 (I love you, Randal.)
2003-09-15 00:31:13 – keener2u
pairs cost money…
2003-09-16 15:10:49 – Formerly known as chester
I know what you mean, dude. My first true love is currently married to some soccer playing jock/prick. Whatever. Amsterdam is beautiful, btw.
2003-09-16 21:42:17 – Zaxx
That’s what you gotta do man, get out and blanket the area with your info. You’ll get the right ones interested. Speaking of chic’s, who is the chic on the BMW in her skimpy outfits? If there are any videos on this earth of her, I need to know. E-mail address is above! You have a pretty cool site, take care. -Zaxx