wild trip to boulder, bryce case, exploits & tools

So last night Keen and I went to Denver and Boulder to buy software. Not just any software, but Battlefield 1942, the bestest game by Electronic Arts. It’s normally $44.95 a pop, but CompUSA was selling them for $19.99 … when you’re buying 25 copies, that adds up really fast. So instead of waiting around and buying them at the high price, we decided to buy them at the low price. The local CompUSA only had 4 copies … after talking to the manager there, David Pierce (props!), we pointed us to the Aurora/Denver store, and then to the Boulder store. So we drove up to the Aurora store, which is right off of 225 & Alameda and bought 12 copies there … which isn’t enough. We left there at 8:15pm and made a mad dash to Boulder to get them there … showed up at like 3 minutes till closing — all the employees knew who we were and that we were coming 😉 … we purchased our final 9 copies there, ate some good food at Siamese Plate To Go, picked up some beer and then headed home, with a short stop to Paris on the Platte in Denver, which, I might add, is a very awesome coffee shop / cybercafe place. I wish we had something like it here. I spoke with Mr. Case at length today on AIM. Talk about being quite the pimped out MOFO. He get props on Too Short’s latest CD, went to Vegas and met Aria Giovanni, drives a Benz, has a mad job at MCI … just wow. He has pics to back it all up too. I think he is one of the most successful people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. There is a new openssh exploit out there running around and it affects everything currently out there, including all OSs(open/freebsd, all linuxes, *all of them*). The patch is like 4 lines … [L=http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/src/crypto/openssh/buffer.c.diff?r1=]Here is the diff[/L] between the old and new buffer.c … just replace, recompile and install. Also, nmap 3.45 is out today and it’s freaking awesome. Get it at [L=http://www.insecure.org/nmap]http://www.insecure.org/nmap[/L] Quick Update – just realized that my [L]ink parser was broken so I fixed it … you can use & and ? without fear now.

2003-09-16 19:03:25 – WC
Hey Randal! I think I may have a solution to your ATI problem you have with your video cards. When the 9900 gets released (for those of you not in the know, the 9900 should ship with HL2) hopefully soon after ATI will add it to their [L=http://ati.com/buy/traderebate/tradeup.html]Trade-In[/L] program. Check that out. My Grandfather passed away yesterday morning. It was sad. I saw him die in his death bed. Suck. Hey you should have called me last night. I would have hung out with you. I needed cheering up. 🙂 But no one else calls when their in Denver… Tony’s Pizza sounds good.
2003-09-17 00:54:12 – Mr Mountains
Its unanimous, Battlefield is the best video game out there right now. I never play computer games, but that one is enjoyable to say the least. Almost makes you wish you were in WWII!
2003-09-17 10:36:17 – WC
OK I tried twice to post this yesterday. Have you seen the new Apple 15" [L=http://www.apple.com/powerbook/index15.html"]Powerbook[/L]? I think that is very [b]H[/b]awt. It just makes me all wet with that backlite keyboard. Not only that but the keyboard and screen auto-adjust their luminosity the ambient light in the room. OMG! BTW whois Bryce Case?
2003-09-17 15:17:15 – Mr Mountains
What I know about Bryce is limited. He went to Palmer and wore very baggy jeans and listened to some sort of hip hop (a hip hop looking fellow). I understand that he was the shit with computers, but wound up getting busted by the FBI for hacking or something like that. Haven’t heard about him or seen him in a while, not that I saw him in high school much, or was even on a "hello" basis with him. He was just some guy, why do you ask?
2003-09-18 08:02:45 – Siaokh
Craig… you are fired as a link poster. You can’t have double quotes in the href= field… it just doesnt work. I dont know HOW you broke it, but you most certianly did. Randal, that’s badass how you’re pimping out CompUSSR for their game bits. It sucks that they couldn’t cut you a deal for purchasing 25 copies of their software. I certianly hope along with this game (and all it’s updates … *gah*) you’re going to install the desert combat mod *drool*. It’s very VERY fun. You might also want to consider making some joysticks avalible for renting if people are playing this game. The helicopter is almost impossible to fly without a decent joystick (rudder control). Or if people bring in their own joysticks. *shrug*. I really wish i could be out there for your grand opening. It should be off the HOOK *woot*. -Tim *punch*
2003-09-19 13:29:09 – tony
As a gift to Randal and his store, I’m buying an 8-gallon keg of beer for one of his grand-opening parties. Cheers.
2003-09-24 03:59:10 – tony
Lesson learned tonight? Before you are about to test out new group policy settings that may affect the entire domain (hint, includes domain controllers and domain administrators), do not say the following before applying new group policy: "What’s the worst thing that could happen"
2003-09-25 00:37:57 – Siaokh
Murphy Strikes Again! *punch* -Tim
2003-09-25 01:40:36 – tony
at the cafe got the beer in place, mass transit beer lesson for the night, beer and computer monitor, they do not mix, not now, not tomorrow, not never
2003-09-25 08:58:27 – GrooveMan
Oh Yeah, Tomorrows the big day. Lets Get It On!!
2003-09-25 12:17:00 – The Disco Nova
I would like to point out Randall spilled the first beer, killing a monitor, soaking Everman, and opening the door for all of us to say "You spilled the first one"
2003-09-25 17:43:24 – rand0m
lol, true, true
2003-09-27 03:20:53 – Nick
I’m drunk. Randal is passed the fuck out on the love seat. The A chick won’t tell me how to spell her name. There was something about a fight. I’m going to bed. Goodnight mother fuckers.
2003-10-01 11:26:22 – WC
*tink* *watches pieces fall to the floor* wo00o! I broke the ice! Now hopefully people will be unfrozen from their boring lives and start chatting again. And maybe people, we can get the infamous rand0m to post wtf is going on in his life. I really miss reading a fresh post a whole 15 days ago. Anyway I know his store is open and that he [u]is[/i] alive. Hooray! BTW the new Radeon 9800 XT is out if anyone cares. The world’s fastest and most advanced video card (for right now). BTW if you buy one you get a free game of Half Life 2. (You better since the card is $500 bucks) ~Peace until the next posting.
2003-10-01 11:27:50 – rand0m
No I’m not! I’ll be stone dead in a minute!
2003-10-01 11:52:01 – WC
I hate your underling thing. Jesus. *sigh* I am going back to bed.
2003-10-01 23:23:19 – Netheus
Yay!!!! My computer works again (knock on wood)!!!