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Shit, I got about 4 lines into this post and I realized that I had alread posted info about the beer expo and such. Well shit. I got my first WeberStreet Networks, LLC paycheck today. Man, that was such a rush. Seriously, carrying the sliver of paper that entitled me to lots of moolah was rather thrilling. Let’s hope to god there are a lot more of those coming to me down the road, you know? Honestly though, it’s all been worth it. Even if the big bucks are still a ways off, just knowing that it’s coming soon (Sept 26th, maybe???) is a big upper. Oh, FYI, there is an informercial page at [L=http://www.weberstreet.net/everlan]http://www.weberstreet.net/everlan[/L]. Please let me know what you think of the design & content. And yes, I know that the pictures link does not work. Thanks. (I just realized that I think we’re going to run into an IP crunch. Oof) I had some women withdrawals (sp?) today. I got to thinking, get this, not about Janelle, but about some other fantabulous ladies I know and I felt bad that I totally puss’d out and didn’t attempt anything. That’s a bummer. More inspiration to actually give the meeting girls thing a try? Maybe. I don’t know how much damage my bruised, overworked, tired ego can withstand …. I do hear that chicks totally dig guys who own their own business, though …. 😉 I finished [i]Cryptonomicon[/i] by Neil Stephenson tonight. It’s been a loooong time in finishing, but man, that tome of a book was totally worth it. Honestly one of the best fiction books I’ve ever read – I highly recommend it. In fact, I’m so enchanted by the quality of the writing that I picked up another Stephenson book, [i]Snowcrash[/i] – I’ll let ya’ll know how that one goes. I replaced the starter on my truck yesterday. $54 and about 45 minutes later, which includes trying to rinse that orange pumice lava rock cleaner stuff out of my eyes (the memories bring back the pain! aghhghgsgh!), my truck now starts on the first crank every time. I still need my exhaust to be fixed up. I am once again seriously considering a motorcycle. Maybe as an additional vehicle? I haven’t talked about HPI in a long time, so I will now. HPI is doing super, barring internal personality conflicts. Seriously, it’s pretty fucked up … I start prepping myself for the inevitable “bail on HPI” move, and all of a sudden HPI starts doing well. This throws my long term plans into a blender … I need to think on what I’m going to do long term. The wireless out in Falcon is going really well – we have installs every day of the week, and so far we’ve only hit a few roadstops. Our Co-Location program is going really really well with new, big $ customers coming in a lot more often than they were. Today, I began our migration to a FreeBSD anti-spam gateway setup, as detailed in [L=http://www.hpi.net/whitepapers/]the whitepaper[/L]. I also got to enjoy climbing around on buildings and transitting antennas all over down. As enjoyable as things are, it seems like HPI is rife with indecision and lacks cohesion. I don’t know where this will end up.

2003-09-11 01:45:40 – WC
I thought you hated your store and never wanted to talk about it again. What is this new news!!! BTW you gotta see my neato C# .NET text editor I made. I call it "Your Mom’s Text Editor". Ok, I know I got bored. But what else am I supposed to do all day long – alone – in my room – without any female companionship – NO YOU SICK BASTARD I WILL NOT DO THAT! – At least I Get Signal. AYBABTU
2003-09-11 12:14:02 – Netheus
I am at school, typing from a nasty public computer. Why? My PC is just…. argh…. anyway, whilst visiting this page, the virus scanner thing has registered 7 new virii. all that worm blaster one that took out my computer. argh…..
2003-09-11 12:15:26 – Netheus
oh, and i almost forgot- happy kiss your Constitutional Freedoms goodbye day/ anniversary!!!
2003-09-11 14:29:47 – WC
Neth, WTF are you talking about? [i]"happy kiss your Constitutional Freedoms goodbye day/ anniversary!!!"[/i] ooohk, BTW neth when you go clean your computer make sure you get the latest patches from MS. Blaster II Worm just found its way on the internet.
2003-09-11 20:14:12 – Master Ha-reed
Website looks pretty good Have any plans for other advertising (Independent, and so on)?
2003-09-12 04:08:08 – Siaokh
Pictures. We demand pictures of your swanky new store. It might not be finished, but pictures of the in-progress build up would be even cooler. You know what’s overrated… Floppy drives on computers. These littel USB Keychain-thumbdrive things. They are the bestest. 99% of computers have USB these days, and as long as the proper permissions are set up, these little flash drives can be used soooo much easier than 1.44meg floppy disks. (it’s 5am… bite me). My suggestion is to not have floppy drives on computers any more, and just use these. It’s like $30 for a 128meg drive. Sneaker-net never saw it coming! look, i even took a fancy [L=http://henge.org/~snack/usbkeys.jpg]picture[/L] of it. Congrats on bringing everything together! -Tim
2003-09-12 09:13:37 – rand0m
Well, we sort of botched the whole picture thing. We should have taken a bunch of pictures of the store while it looked like shit.but we didn’t. I did go take 27 pictures last night, though — the walls, the bathrooms, the server rack, the cabling, the gaming area. Those are going to be developed some time today, and hopefully scanned in shortly thereafter.
2003-09-12 13:39:44 – element
first time rand0m.org poster, w00t! I hear ya on the job front. I’m starting to wonder if working for a small business will ever get you anywhere. I’m about ready to jump ship myself. Snow Crash is pretty sweet. There is something about a ninja-hacker pizza delivery driver that I find distinctively cool….
2003-09-13 21:45:38 – Netheus
That is Snow Crash?!?!?!?! I love that book! I got about 1/3 of the way into it, and then my piece of sh*t bf at the time stole it. Hiro Protagonist and the mafioso pizza delivery…. and living in a storage shed…. mmmmm…..good book…..
2003-09-13 21:51:13 – WC
*Chanting in background* Whats that sound?? It must be the natives calling for store pictures!
2003-09-13 22:27:42 – rand0m
The first set of pictures I took the other day didn’t come out because I didn’t know that you *HAVE* to use the flash when using a disposable camera. So … I took another set of pictures and have them developed, sitting here on the table, waiting to be scanned. They’ll be ready to go tomorrow, promise.
2003-09-14 00:31:51 – Siaokh
ROFL. Omg dude, you totally rock. I didnt even notice it untill i was looking through your everlan website (well i knew it, but this just reinforces the fact). The phone number. Who did you have to sleep with to get that? Way funny. For all of you who havent seen it yet. 719/667-1337 – Direct Too funny. My main reason for this post is why are you using the old logo for Ubisoft? their new logo is much… more…. hypnotic *drool*. -Tim
2003-09-14 09:53:22 – WC
USE TEH NEW LOGOzZZz. I agree that new Ubi Logo is very hypnotizing. And I agree, your phone number is hawt! … and you were complaining about sex the other day.
2003-09-14 17:56:26 – tony
Got an error looking at the pics: PHP Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ECHO in c:sitesweberstreet.neteverlangallery.php on line 50 http://www.weberstreet.net/everlan/gallery.php?gid=1&picnum=7 On another note, I want to make a website that when you visit it, it pop ups an alert that says "This doesn’t exist", then either sends you back one page to your previous page, or just closes the window. Why? It would be a much better way to tell people they got a 404 at your site. Especially if they are trying to hack your site.
2003-09-14 18:35:29 – rand0m
hmmm, looks like it’s working okay … must have hit it while I was working on the code.