It’s that special Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving!

[b]***UPDATE***[/b] — There is a get together at my place later tonight (Nov 29), don’t know exactly when probably after 5 or so. We plan on watching LotR:Super Extended God Version (thanks Christine!) and hanging out. Feel free to bring some of your Thanksgiving leftovers so we can chow! If you have questions, email me at rand0m @ or 287.4741. Looking forward to seeing ya’ll here!

2002-11-28 13:29:50 – The Disco Nova
So when are we coming over?
2002-11-28 17:02:40 – Siaokh
WTF… what’s up with the font/fontsize?
2002-11-29 14:43:33 – Netheus
k… meeting up at Randys at 6ish tonite. Bring leftovers!
2002-11-29 20:04:11 – t
2002-11-30 01:28:37 – CaptnSpectacular
why you watch lotr crap? An extra hour…of what? More fucking walking? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would have loved that movie, if i liked movies about walking, but thats just not my thing….
2002-12-01 14:32:55 – Netheus
right…. if you think that Lotr was about walking, I think you need to watch Fando y Lis. The entire fucking movie is about a guy pushing his parapalegic girlfriend around the desert in a wheel barrow. And it’s in Black and White. And spanish with bad english subtitles. In lotr, they have the sword fighting, a few one liners, real characters, special effects, and drama. It remained mostly true to the book, and the director tried his best to put on film what was described in the book. In other words, you are a fucking retard. Go and watch you 007 film with the tits, the guns and explosions, crappy story line, and awful script, when there is a script, and they aren’t fucking, or blowing something up. gratuitous boobs do not a movie make.
2002-12-01 15:07:28 – rand0m
whoa whoa whoa — are you telling me that one liners and boobs do not make a good movie?
2002-12-01 18:26:06 – tony
hmm, sounds like fellini’s dolce vita
2002-12-01 18:49:28 – Netheus
At least Fellini had sex…. lots and lots and lots of sex… In Roma, he also used historical points to illustrate the thinking behind the typical Roman citizen in the 20th century. Remarkable film. But I also came to another conclusion- All films are about going somewhere. There is travel of some variety used in most movies. As a matter of fact, the only one that i can think of that doesn’t is that sleep movie from Warhol. Or any of his other drone movies. So there, if you don’t like movies involving going to somewhere, action or no, then you don’t like movies at all.
2002-12-01 20:07:50 – White Cracker
<rant> OK, so I took the parents to the airport a few days ago (Thanksgiving morning). My parents locked the room with the only internet access in the house meaning I have to re-build my old box and get some free internet somewhere. (They also locked their room where I imagine the key to the computer room is) I have been working all day long and I come home to an empty house. Gina (gf from HS) recently told me news about her that I really didn’t want to hear. I am realizing feeling cannot be suppresed in a lot of situations. SUCK == 7,000 bitching customers each day (yes I see that many each day). … Ohh yeah and seeing *tons* of hot girls all of them with chode boyfriends. Having friends that are either off to college or working when you are off leaving you alone and bored at nights. Parents watching over your shoulder (and having help from the neighbors) from 7 states away. WALKING A DAMN DOG @ 7:30 AM & AGAIN @ NIGHT. </rant> I think that is about it. So yeah other than that everything is peaching having an empty house and parents out of town. If any of you wanna come to Denver or just cheer me up, give me a phone call. 303-480-0887. I think I am going to go try some 17 year old peppermint shcnopps I found in my parents house. I hope everyone had a delicious Turkey day! 😉 ~Craig
2002-12-01 20:10:01 – White Cracker
**last comment and internet access courtesy of nice neighbors**
2002-12-02 00:01:51 – realbighead
2002-12-02 02:06:18 – Siaokh
2002-12-02 02:38:16 – tony
pirate = redneck of the sea (commie zac)
2002-12-02 09:41:23 – Burnz
Pirates are the original hardcore badasses. No further discussion needed.
2002-12-02 11:24:02 – Netheus
But there is ass fucking on the high seas when women are few and far between. Thusly, Ninjas are bad ass. But no one can top the power of the Jedi. So there.
2002-12-02 12:56:17 – White Cracker
I am a Jedi Master. *waves hand* You will post a reply
2002-12-02 13:35:47 – pinky
since when was who you fucked a matter of how bad ass you are? PIRATES! WOOO!
2002-12-03 07:17:13 – The Disco Nova
This ones for you T Bar
2002-12-03 12:31:07 – Netheus
No, it’s not WHO you fucked, it’s WHERE you fuck/ get fucked.
2002-12-03 14:19:29 – Master Ha-reed
Disco: that’s why you get a pussy comfortable bike seat, and decent suspension
2002-12-04 00:42:11 – White Cracker
Anyone wanna donate a monitor to a good cause?
2002-12-04 10:18:29 – pinky
I’ll donate my huge cock to the good cause of craig’s ass. Sometimes, I think Bryce posted, and then, I realize it’s just Craig, and I cry the tears of a thousand women. hehe
2002-12-04 22:36:03 – White Cracker
I feel loved
2002-12-04 23:43:39 – The Disco Nova
*Zips up his fly* You should
2002-12-06 09:42:01 – Girlie
‘aight, been a while, but im still here. barely. internet access is something i am lacking at the moment. just thought i would say hi. oh yeah, and – call me! im bored!