Long Awaited Update

Sorry for the lag time between posts … I’ve been really, really, really busy. This is just a summary of some of the things that have been happening as of late, and hence, will be pretty long. Settle down for the long haul, cuz it’s right here. I’m just going to go chronologically because that is easiest. This past week, I have spent tons and tons and tons of time getting nice and friendly with FreeBSD so that HPI could setup all the routing and networking for [L=http://www.everlan.net]EverLAN[/L]. That is all fine and dandy, but Wednesday was a bitch. For two reasons. The first off is that there was a shooting in my building. On the third floor of our building, there is a company called Land & Title Company. They had a lady who worked there, who was 20, and who recently broke off an engagement with some guy who was 24. Apparently she had to file a restraining order against her ex-fiance, which he violated three times. The first time, he went and visited her house. The second time, he called her on Wednesday morning, and the third time, he went to her office on the third floor. This third time was not good. He showed up, asked if she was there, and then walked to her office. The floor receptionist phoned that the guy had shown up, and the afforementioned lady started running to not be in her office when the guy showed up. Well, she was stepping out of her office when the guy pulled a .45 and blew her away. In short order he shot himself. I found out about all this because Jack and I were going to lunch and hit the lobby right as the police were entering the building. We got hauled to a back room, quickly questioned, and then escorted out of the building. As we left, we saw a SWAT van with lots of officers donning bulletproof vests and loading M16s. It was very scary, really, but I think the biggest impact on me is that there are people out there who are not safe; that somebody who you know can be driven to a point where no decision making is preceded by thought, that a person can lose every inhibition and do the unthinkable. To all of you anti-gun people: the problem is not the guns. They are just a means to an end. The problem is the derangement of a person. Very, very sad. Following that tragedy, Thursday was very, very busy. I spent most of the day tweakin firewall and routing scripts in an attempt to be ready for the conference. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way our new found BSD box started broadcasting its routes and poisoned the route tables in one of our alpha servers, consequently taking down one of our on-floor T1 customers. This proved to be a real bitch to fix, and I was at work very late fixing that. And it sucked. Friday was a busy day — went over to EverLAN and setup all the networking, which was pretty crazy. We were working with four total networks; not very complex, just very big (compared to what I work with normally). However, we got it all up and working friday night around 7pm, before the majority of people started showing up Saturday morning. Saturday proved to be rather eventful as 300 gamers started plugging in their PCs & monitors … it was pretty warm in the conference room, and power breakers started blowing like mad — once every 4-5 minutes, 60 people would blink off. Unfortunately, our servers went up and down several times, necessitating a reconfig on every occurence. That sucked. It finally settled down around 1pm or so, and things were peachy keen, and rather uneventful. Went home at 2am, then came back on saturday morning @ 8am and spent the day there again. The day was similarly unspectacular on Saturday … so Jack and I decide to call it quits at 11:30pm since everything is stable and go home. Well, about 3 minutes after I leave, I get a phone call saying the network is down. Turns out that the only computer on the network with unrestricted firewall settings decided to turn on KaZaa and utilize the entire connection by itself, leaving nothing for anybody else. I almost bitch slapped that guy, but instead resorted to yelling at him for having it on when it was expressly against the rules, and then yelling at him more for purposely defeating the firewall rules in place (against the acceptable use policy he signed). That was sucky. And then I came home. Which brings me to my next topic. I came home on Sunday morning to find a very, very, very drunk Matt Byrne at my house, a not-sober tony, shawn and melissa curled up asleep on the couch, and a very downtrodden, almost “I’ve been whipped into submission” Emily. It took very little time for me to realize that I very much dislike Matt when he is trashed. The easiest way to describe him is menacing. Tony does the same thing when he gets really trashed. Matt is much more menacing when he goes that route, though, simply because he is very big and could probably kick my ass. Thankfully, Emily decided to go home pretty quickly after I showed up, because I was in no mood for Matt’s shit and would have probably blown a fuse (remember, < 6 hours of sleep and > 16 hours of work) if he had gotten all up in my grill. I was very irritated with him the other weekend, and as much as it pains me to do it here instead of face to face, I wanted to beat his ass when I found he was completely bad mouthing me while he was over at my house drinking my alcohol. Goddamn cocknocker. So, around Matt, I will not speak of anything which may make him decide that I ramble on too much about a particular thing, like say work, or school, or other people simply because it gives him ammo. And honestly, I would rather have nothing than a negative. Went back to EverLAN at 8am this morning, and everything was up and stable. That’s basically how it was all day. We had a couple bandwidth shortages here and there, but some reweighting of dynamic bandwidth allocation queues solved those very quickly. As far as I know, most of the people were pleased that the net access was there and that it worked, although most complained that it was fast not enough, which I can fully understand. Cramming 350 people on to a wireless T1 is not good times. But it went well. The bad part is that no other HPI people ever showed up. No marketroids, no sellers, no other techs, nobody else showed up, and that really, really pissed me off. Their going to get hell tomorrow morning. The best part is that it is over, and I think that people have a generally good impression of HPI. And that is my post. Somewhere in there I spent an evening at the Perk and got all depressed about things and blah blah blah, but that is all because I suck and have a very low opinion of myself, blah blah blah. But that was my week, and it was good. I have another long, long week ahead of me, filled with meetings with the mayor and a post-op about EverLAN. And that is that. zoobay. [b]Update[/b] – due to technical difficulties, this is post 343. Tough. [b]Update – 10:55p 11/4/02[/b] – Thought I’d post some hilarious links: [L=http://pichosting.pcthike.com/brutuskend/menwomen]http://pichosting.pcthike.com/brutuskend/menwomen[/L] [L=http://www.ebaumsworld.com/media/pooch.mov]http://www.ebaumsworld.com/media/pooch.mov[/L] Oh, I turned on the webcam too. Click the above right for a pic of my shitty beard!

2002-11-04 02:20:14 – Tony
If I had more dough I would have bankrolled old randal getting a 21" monitor, but only had enough money to get one for myself. 180$. Nokia 445Xpro. Recommend everyone get one. It’s like getting your first real massage. You’ll never go back to just accepting shoulder rubs. NOW don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to blow air up someone’s ass or compliment someone just because, but I have to say I’ve seen Randal mature about 400% since moving into the house. There, end of compliment. Other than that, my short list of things looking forward to are: School semester over. Snowboarding. Everyone, including Randal, should ski or snowboard this season. Carving down a ski slope at 50 mph on pure powder and catching air on snow bumps one of the best rushes in the world. Aside from running away from the cops.
2002-11-04 10:23:07 – Burnz
What the hell did I say that was bad mouthing? And Matt agrees that he needs to keep his goddamn head out of the fucking everclear, it doesn’t agree with him. Apologies all around for my idioticly drunken shenanigans. But I don’t recall any negative commentary going on.
2002-11-04 10:23:58 – Burnz
I should also mention I have no recollection of falling asleep on the bathroom floor. So my cogniscent powers are severely lacking.
2002-11-04 13:27:05 – White Cracker
Hey all, I had a fun time this Halloween. Sorry Randal that things didn’t go so hot afterwards but you lived through them and you should be thankful for that. Tony if you still have the hookups on another 21" monitor I think I may be able to round up some dough for that. Gimmie a call here in Denver. You guys have my number. Well I gotta get off to a job fair in South Denver. Hope to see you soon. ~ Craig
2002-11-04 13:42:41 – The Disco Nova
I had the very same problem up until recently Burnz. If your an asshole every time you get plastered, you just gotta watch what you drink whilst around friends.
2002-11-04 14:35:48 – Tony
PC Contact in Highlands Ranch
2002-11-04 15:18:09 – rand0m
craig: [L=http://www.contactpc.com]http://www.contactpc.com[/L] James — there is a line between asshole and threatening. Asshole can be tolerated and dealt with and overlooked here and there — being a potentially violent animal is a whole different matter. When you get drunk, you may be an asshole, but you are pretty fun and cheerful. When Matt gets super-drunk, he becomes very on edge and not pleasant in any way — verbally or physically. Thought I’d clarify the difference.
2002-11-04 23:50:25 – pinky
so, on a somewhat related note, you all should go see Bowling for Columbine. it is a movie about guns in america and a damn good one, even if you are a gun nut.
2002-11-05 13:46:03 – The Disco Nova
You should shave, before I hunt you down and slap you silly
2002-11-07 03:18:14 – REAL YTCRACKER
2002-11-07 03:23:01 – pinky
yeah, white cracker…hehe…that’s silly. craig= 😛 also, beer.
2002-11-07 14:31:44 – Siaokh
Craig = Craig the cracker… ’cause he’s small and white… and generaly crackerish. punch. and DAMNIT JAMES… you should have called me.
2002-11-07 15:56:34 – The Disco Nova
We didn’t even get done with convention stuff and start to party until 3am most nights.
2002-11-07 18:51:19 – Mizzybeff
Hey sounds like fun down there in the springs. Sorry I’ve missed it. Well I wont be back for Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, or Summer Break so when and if I get down there we’ll have to party. I’m paying for liquor. 😛 Well as much as I can. And I’ll give ya’ll as much notice as possible.
2002-11-08 01:57:03 – tony
Looks like we’ll be having a little get together next saturday. Theme is Pre Thanksgiving/Pre Holidays/It’s snowing/Last chance to party till finals crunch time. In other words, a useless excuse to get drunk. James, think you can whip us up a batch of jello shots? You’ve brought them to 3 parties and I still haven’t tried one yet. I’ll be providing a keg.
2002-11-08 13:15:49 – Burnz
Dammit tony bro, when are you going to learn to make sure people have plenty of notice before a party and not just toss a comment on the site. It don’t work man.
2002-11-08 14:34:46 – The Disco Nova
I’m 24 today. I feel old.
2002-11-08 16:34:14 – tony
24? What the fuck? I’ll be 23 in February, that isn’t old. 113 is old. Guess if you come over you can drink 24 beers or we can give you 24 punches. I’ll start now… PUNCH!
2002-11-08 17:21:15 – Mizzybeff
I’ll be there if not personally in spirit. Happy Birthday Disco! 😛
2002-11-08 23:14:13 – Mizzzybeff
God I’m so fucked up this is so great. I swear thisd is so rgreat! oh my god I have not been this fucked since lick july., i miss ya’ll so much. sorry ‘m really gone.
2002-11-09 01:32:50 – The Disco Nova
Who is this mizzybeth? And thanx. As for Jello Shots…..I have now taken to flavor coding my shots, Orange is strong, Cherry is kinda strong, and Grape is weak. So yes. I’ll whip up a couple hundred.
2002-11-09 08:53:07 – tony
James, wow, you’re taking it to an art, or is it science?
2002-11-09 11:10:01 – Master Ha-reed
Linuxkitty.com is dead! Long live Linuxkitty.com!
2002-11-09 14:05:00 – White Cracker
Damnit, I didn’t mean any disrespect mr. ytcracker. I thought you might have taken offence to the nick, but it was one that was bestowed upon me and I didn’t choose it. :-/ Ohh well. Life in Denver here is ok I guess. I got my $1500 medical bill reduced to $215. Hooray! I love free money from Uncle Sam. My neighbor got cable and since I am a cheap bastard I think I am going to talk him into a wireless bridge between his house and mine. *snicker* Well gotta go. People to Do, and Places to See.
2002-11-09 20:39:00 – Mizzybeff
I’m hurt disco you don’t remember me. Well I’m not quite sure you’ve ever heard my online name. I’m Elizabeth, you know short, really curly hair you had a thing with picking me up and Mandy yelled at you. 😛