Movie and smooovness

So I went out with Steve Chapin and his brothers and saw the newest James Bond flick, [i]Die Another Day[/i]. It was so chock full of corny, pun-ridden one liners that I had a hell of a time. I really enjoy stupid jokes and double entendres and such … hehe, it was a good time, barring them putting up with my Pork Chop Story and Steve not throwing his mojo down on the security chick. While we were there, we started talking about some pickup lines, and I decided I’d find some of my old ones and think up a couple new ones and put them down here: Baby, if you were x squared, I want to be one-third x cubed — the area underneath your curves. Baby, you’re like a can of pringles — once you pop, you can’t stop. Baby, your eyes are like the ocean — and I’m lost at sea. Baby, I’m after some treasure — mind if I look around your chest? Baby, you’ve been a bad girl — now go to my room! (heh) What’s a sexy woman like you doing in a dirty mind like mine? Baby, you must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy! *Points at crotch* Come here often? (hehehe) And one that actually sorta works — “So what haven’t you been told tonight?” I’m such a retard. hahahaha. That’s all I have to say for now. Besides that I don’t have anything to do tonight besides more laundry. *hrmm*

2002-11-23 17:40:49 – Netheus
Want me to come over, movies in hand? I think I will anyway here in a few. yay me!
2002-11-23 17:41:40 – Neth
My favorite- Nice boots. Wanna fuck?
2002-11-24 05:40:22 – Reverend
it’s nice shoes…get it straight .. …and dont give me that psuedo-goth crap
2002-11-24 09:48:36 – realbighead
I’m with rev… boots are ghey.
2002-11-24 12:01:24 – rand0m
I’m sad to see that nobody has anything to say about my oh-so-witty pickup lines. *sniffle* But we did get Rev to comment, and that’s good news 😀
2002-11-24 15:23:08 – Netheus
Oh randal, your one-liners are the BEST! I’m suprised you don’t get more dates with them! Wow, I am sooooo impressed! You are so witty and intelligent! (that better?)
2002-11-24 15:24:26 – Netheus
Right, so on Friday, after thanksgiving, I and a few other people are planning on going over to Randals with some of our rand0m leftovers and watch Lord of the Rings. Anybody else wanna come?
2002-11-25 01:46:34 – CaptnSpectacular
Actually, that math one is the funniest pickup line i have ever heard. Heres a dumb one: Hey baby, the word of the day is ‘legs’ What do you say we go back to my place and spread the word.
2002-11-25 10:41:57 – pinky
those pants are very becoming on you. If i were on you, i’d be coming too…lol
2002-11-25 21:54:32 – Netheus
Richard Skorman is looking for someone to do his campaign web site. Needs to be prfessional and secure. Will pay. Need good references. Please get a hold of me for more info.
2002-11-26 00:55:22 – pinky
you should do it randal, ricard skorman is the shit! and i do’t even vote in colo spgs naymore
2002-11-26 07:04:36 – rand0m
Having a chat w/ Skorman and Jim Null (who’s running for mayor) hopefully this morning, probably this afternoon. Heh. The weird thing is that I already made Councilman Null’s website — [L=][/L], which is where Skorman got the idea for a online donation and online volunteer form. zoobay.
2002-11-26 09:58:09 – tony
do you have any italian in you? would you like some?