Party In Progress

Party currently in progress — come over! 423 N. Weber — free beer, and free shots! 287.4741 if you need to. Update in the mornin 😀 [b]Update – 4:43pm – 11/17/02[/b] — Okay, so the party was not as awesome as it could have been. We had like 14 people show up, because we had a *TON* of people cop out. Which fucking sucks. But we did have a DJ from Denver come down and spin it up, and he was really good. Niftily enough, he recorded his set onto an mp3 player thing (20GB hd), and will upload it as soon as he gets a chance, which is pretty neat 🙂 All in all, the worst party we’ve ever thrown. Few people showed up, and a couple people were huge cocks. :-/ :-/ :-/ … Because of this, probably gonna start planning for a fucking HUGE New Years Eve party.

2002-11-17 01:36:41 – pinky
party currently in progress in pants…update in the mornin. and, first post
2002-11-17 03:15:55 – Siaokh
2002-11-17 19:21:20 – White Cracker
Wow, that sounded like it sucked. I do hope Ian and Ben threw down some good music however. Sounds like at least that part was good. If it is any comfort to you all, I had a shitty weekend. Harry Potter 2 came out and if I by now if another god damn little brat or their jackass parents ask me another stupid question like "where are the bathrooms" when they are standing in FRONT OF THEM! or something else Iraq will be the least of the US’ problem. Anyway other than that I am having a blast working @ the Promenade 24 again. Sweet honeys and lots of them! w00t.
2002-11-17 19:22:38 – White Cracker
That post was for rand0m 😀
2002-11-18 00:13:04 – garfunkalow
well.. yeah… the mp3 might not really exist.. it seems someone hit/bumped the pause button (*cough* nazi *cough*) and so i don’t know how much of the set was recorded… oh yeah and craig… if you read this… you should come down and visit once in a while.. 🙂
2002-11-18 00:30:44 – Netheus
I thought Mike and his house were throwing a new years party, and charging admission like at the Haloween party…. and besides.. the New Year was ON Haloween…
2002-11-18 21:11:27 – pinky
gee, new years party sans admission where i can drink even if i’m not 21, or party where i can’t drink and have to pay to not drink. that’s gonna be a hard decision.
2002-11-18 22:56:17 – Netheus
That’s a good point Laura. I am glad that you are here to remind me that I am POOR! I think we should start planning on where to go for a communal 21st birthday party, around you guyses birthday. (i.e., Randal and Laura) I want to go to a liquor store, and then back somewhere where I can be comfortable. Like Randals house.
2002-11-19 01:04:13 – pinky
21st birthday…so far off. i’ll probably hit the bars in boulder, although, maybe i’d rather hit the bars in colorado springs. bars, though, cause people will buy me drinks cause it’s my birthday. it’s too far away, though.