oh, so you think you’re hot shit?

So you think that you’re hot shit, huh? God’s gift to the world, the best of the best, the man of men? Well I got news for you buddy, you ain’t shit. You’re just another little motherfucker who doesn’t know that the world’s got it in for you. Oh, deny it all you want big boy, but once you’re all grown up you’ll realize that it’s all a huge stinking shitfest, and that the only thing you can do is try to be happy with it, because there isn’t anything else. Yea, that’s right, I’m talking to you. Goddamn ninnay’s running around, always running away however they’re going to do it. Oh, the world’s got it out for me, I’m going to run home and cry; oh, I stubbed my toe, I’m going to go sulk for a week. Grow a goddamn spine you little putrid sack of mildew stain and put your shit on the line and get something done. ** The preceeding is courtesy of me being extremely irritated as well as having not been laid in 1+ months. Fuck you ** Now that that is out of the way, I can say with assurance that I hate match.com. Oh, you think it’s nice because of all the pretty happy smiling faces you see there. Until you realize that they all want to be friends! HA! What do I have to offer as a friend? That’s right, not much. Maybe unrelenting cynicism and a huge, oddly-shaped mouth. And that’s on a good day. The rest of the time I’m just another drone, driving down my rut in life, praying that working and schooling and fretting and drowning is going to eventually pay off. So I look on that horrid website, and all I think is “damn, I have no chance.” Deep inside I feel that is true, but I know in my head that it is not. And so I’m torn. And it sucks. I just might grow some balls. But I’ll probably put that off — right alongside losing weight, getting a better job, going to a better school, moving to portland, buying a mustang … *frustration* I really don’t have much to say besides that general outburst … besides that I think that some people run home to their mommy and daddy, while others run to Jose, Jim and Jack. Both are pathetic, but they aren’t too different. Man up.

2002-11-20 23:36:35 – tony
2002-11-21 10:06:46 – White Cracker
Damn. I haven’t been laid almost as long as that. I hope my head doesn’t implode. On that note you should see the fine honey manager @ the theatre that wants muh nutz. Cutie. But I must resist the temptation. Must resist.
2002-11-21 15:45:29 – Netheus
well Randal, you could always play for the other team, then you can have as much promiscuous, anonymous, casual sex as you’d like. 😉 Yes people suck who put their problems on other people, or drown their sorrows in a sea of fire water, but they exist nonetheless, and we can only try to encourage them to deal with the awful pain of reality for themselves. If they don’t, you get people like my mom. Can’t deal with anything. She gets her pay check and blows it on cigarettes, pseudo-ephedrine pills, coca-cola, and candy. Mean while she’s homeless and doesn’t own a vehicle that runs. Fuck. Don’t be that shit man. Don’t be the pussy who runs to their children to beg for food and shelter.
2002-11-22 04:45:33 – Reverend
Dont forget about the Captain, and his cheap little brother Admiral Nelson 😉
2002-11-22 17:04:56 – pinky
wow. common misconception: gay men have more promiscuous, random sex than anyone else. other misconception: gay men would sleep with randal…hehe ah, the admiral. maybe that will be my night.
2002-11-22 17:27:10 – rand0m
stfu 😉
2002-11-22 19:24:12 – Netheus
No, I’m just saying that if randal were "parking in the rear," he would be a whore. That’s all.
2002-11-23 14:04:18 – The Disco Nova
Let’s go do something tonigh Randall.
2002-11-23 14:30:51 – tony
yo siaokh, am in addisson tonight, just at mi cocina at the galleria give me a call on my cell, would like to check out the sights if ossble tonight where did all this new constructions come from??