good times

I sure didn’t do a whole lot at work, just tons of CFML / SQL debugging. I have realized that I really, really dislike going through other people’s shoddy POS work and trying to fix it. It just highlights other people’s incompetence, and of course, my own greatness in everything I do. Still, quite annoying.

Okay, so I spent a ton of time with Tore last night. Man, that was great. That guy is just so damned cool. We even talked about four square … you know, from elementary school. We also spent too much goddamn time on finding these three words: Amicability, Ambivilence, and Animosity. Sure, that’s lame as shit, but but my vocab is quite a bit bigger now. [tells you something about where it was before ;-)] So yea, had a really good time with Tore last night.

Got a call from Jan @ Gateway yesterday. She tells me that there is no longer going to be a night training class; for the first three weeks, there is only one class from 7am until 4pm. So, I had to tell Jef about it and say “not gonna be here for 3 weeks” … that was kind of rough to do because, in genereal, I really like my job. The worst part about it is that I lose the 8% shift differential :: it’s $12.50/hr for all of training, none of that nifty continuing-pay-of-$13.50/hr. I haven’t accepted this whole thing yet. My complete arrogance almost made me want to tell Jan to fuck off, but I didn’t say that — I think I’ll think about it some more this morning and then let her know that I’ll still do it [just about no matter what]. that’s the breaks, eh?

kickass today!

2001-07-31 15:06:49 – bastard
just for the record: my mechanic Leonard Vahsholtz in woodland park is the best mechanic in the colorado springs area!
2001-07-31 16:28:58 – ps2_owner
Anybody want to buy my playstation 2?
2001-07-31 16:43:23 – ryan’s steakhouse
<A HREF="">you know that scene from trainspotting, the one where he swims…</A>
2001-07-31 16:45:05 – laura
yeah, i might want your playstation 2, but i’m sure you want more than i’m willing to pay…so, you’re screwed.
2001-07-31 18:23:01 – The Disco Nova
Laura, why didnt you just say so? I’ll give ya my PS2 for a good screw.
2001-07-31 18:48:41 – rand0m
hahahahahaa, always the classless reply — kickass! 🙂
2001-07-31 19:03:52 – ps2_owner
a good screw for a ps2… you are sorely mistaken… hell, i know this girl "lauren" down on 8th street that will give at least 4 or 5 ~good screws for a sega dreamcast!
2001-07-31 19:28:47 – Laura
lmao. yes, i too have heard about this ‘lauren,’ and i heard it was several screws for an original nintendo. ah well. anyway, i don’t want to sleep with anyone for a playstation…sorry. and randal, you spelled general wrong…genereal? is that some type of VD? yeah
2001-07-31 20:07:32 – The Disco Nova
Unless she has read a sex for dummies book, lauren wouldn’t know how to give a good screw
2001-07-31 23:57:14 – rand0m
you know disco, you’re one of the most brutally sexist people i know. and man, it’s always good to have someone to look up to [j/k] 😉
2001-08-01 00:00:49 – The Disco Nova
How the hell did you get home so fast? I’m not really sexist. I dislike all weak, whining, and/or annoying people, just that alot of them happen to be women
2001-08-01 02:30:56 – bastard
i got more booty, i got more booty ahhhhhhhh, what a night
2001-08-01 11:11:21 – xeon
? … with who? how much did you pay?
2001-08-01 11:11:58 – xeon
do you still have your ps2 after the booty call?