movie and something i’ve noticed

Okay, so I was supposed to meet up with a friend last night and do something, but that fell through. So, I decided I’d call up another friend, but he’d been drinking and didn’t want to drive anywhere … with that, I decided to go see Planet of the Apes anyways — all by my lonesome. Now, you have to realize that it’s not every day that a person goes and sees a movie alone; in fact, this was the first time for me. And I have to tell you, it was really quite nice. I didn’t have anyone else’s schedule to abide by, no annoying quips by people invited along, you know, blah blah. Anywho, the movie was actually quite good. The end of it is quite surprising, very twisty. The makeup was simple incredible, and the acting was, barring that ghetto female monkey, pretty good too. I give it … 🙂 🙂 🙂 / 4 …

And today is sunday … I have done absolutely nothing besides drink beer and eat pizza. And not just any pizza; this was amazing pizza, for a couple reasons: First off, it’s loaded with meat. Secondly, it’s Dominoes deep dish, which is hella good. Thirdly, it took 12, yes twelve minutes from order time to show up at my door. I almost didn’t believe it. But hey, here it is … so beer and pizza, and a boring as hell sunday. I took a walk, but that didn’t help much. I kinda feel like writing php or something, but I am already disgruntled with the new layout What’s odd is that I only get the drive to write code when I go over to Tore’s house. Don’t know why … it’s almost impossible for me to do it at home or at work … man, don’t know why.

On the docket for this week: get up and running on our servers; this involves a lot of CFML and SQL bug tracking, as we’re porting it from another provider [who sucks] … also need to tell everyone at work that I start at Gateway on the 13th and that I’ll be cutting my hours. I’ll also try to not piss off the female population of the world — something I’ve found out that i’m wicked good at. With that, I say comment away and good night.

2001-07-30 12:10:46 – The Disco Nova
Anyone alive out there?
2001-07-30 13:36:16 – rand0m
I am … barely … [gasp] … face it; no one reads my site. I used to suck. things’ll change soon. <img src=’images/faces/happyface.gif’>
2001-07-30 13:40:51 – Laura
does anyone know where i can get one GA Tool ticket for regular price? my friend wants to come with me now too. and randal used to suck, but now he rocks? is that an overnight transformation? yeah 😛
2001-07-30 13:45:58 – bastard
Who … likes, to party? We like, we like to party! I think I speak for those that joined me saturday night when I say that, outdoor parties are the shiznit-double-whammy-dopest gatherings!
2001-07-30 15:09:57 – rand0m
indeed, I do rock now. I used to suck, admittedly, but now? now I kick ass. glad to hear the ‘party’ went well tony =)
2001-07-30 15:16:39 – bastard
oh yeah, and akira rules
2001-07-30 16:48:38 – The Disco Nova
Laura, call me ASAP. Randall you too.
2001-07-30 17:49:35 – rand0m
dude, it’s one L
2001-07-30 20:36:06 – The Disco Nova
too late, yall missed it
2001-07-31 06:36:42 – Xeon
Hey that outdoor party Saturday was awsome!!! Randal, are you ever going to remember the razor boomslang? I’ve emailed you lots of times.. and then there is aim… [sigh] Hope you remember. BTW in 2ish weeks anyone interested in outdoor party again? If not that then what about <a href="" taget=_blank>SkyLab7</a>?