not much going on … reasons?

update: Seeing Final Fantasy @ 9:55 at the carefree and powers cinemark — call me for more details!

Okay, so I’ve noticed a major lack of happenings. Like there is not much going on … I don’t know why this is, so I thought I’d generate a list of why people do not do things together:

— things are happening, people just exclude me [possible]
— everyone has died … [not real likely]
— everyone is working too much … [possible, semi-likely]
— nobody cares enough to get together [very possible]

So, out of that list, it looks like either I have degenerated into a contact-less pile of goo, or nobody is doing anything simply because nobody wants to call anybody else or get together or anything. Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to go with #1. [sigh].

Things at work have been really rough — 10 hour days of moving over websites, fixing code, debugging e-mail, re-designing and implementing the network. It’s been busy, but really fun. Updated my journal today for the first time in about 3 weeks … didn’t realize I had so much to say. Just under 2 pages of 10 pt arial — wow!

Quote of the day:
rand0m: serious, them bitches need to be cool ;-]

2001-07-24 00:40:05 – Burnz
Well I move on the 12th of AUgust, I am going up to Longmont for 1 or two weeks starting this Saturday, so you all should give me a little shindig for going away cuz I won’t have time after this week.
2001-07-24 01:03:14 – Laura
so, i do things. but tonight, i saw ian rataczk…errr…jerk…i mean…carmichael with a group of people. and i said "oh hey, it’s ian ratazzz…carmichael. hey!" and he looked at me and turned back around and kept walking so i proceeded to say, verbatim "fine, go fuck yourself, asshole" so that everyone heard me. it was fun. i also bought the new nsync CD at midnight. it was happiness.
2001-07-24 01:46:40 – rand0m
I’m glad your life is peaches and cream … good job on the Ian thing … punching him would have been a better idea — years of pent-up dislike finally coming free … [hehe]
2001-07-24 08:03:54 – Xeon
You can come over to the pad anytime you want… so what is keeping you?.. get a move ON!
2001-07-24 08:20:31 – nell
now that i’m a little more slept, i wouldn’t mind doing things w/ people. 🙂 i close every night this week (except friday) so that kinda sux, but no one decides what to do ’til 10 generally anyway. lemme know.
2001-07-24 09:23:32 – bastard
let us all chip in to do something for burnz
2001-07-24 10:36:41 – Laura
Yeah, my life is peaches and cream, i suppose, but I make it that way. Besides, you say that like it’s a bad thing. I actually almost ran after Ian and beat the ever living hell out of him, but i refrained.
2001-07-24 13:11:37 – The Disco Nova
well randall, I still wanna go see final fantasy, give me a call tonight if ya wanna go with
2001-07-24 14:23:28 – rand0m
that would kick ass — definitely gonna see it tonight, then 🙂