movie and it’s working!

Are we going to go see Final Fantasy tonight? I heard some rumors about it from the big tall guy, but am unsure of if they have any real worth … also, man, I was *super* drunk last night. Hahahahhaa. Also, I need to mow the goddamn lawn still. Just thinking about that makes me go “ungh”. Also, this post signifies that the PHP based version of this website actually does work; it even allows me to use ‘ and ” and ? and &. It’s pretty nice =) props to my mad programming skills.

2001-07-17 15:46:20 – Laura
I suggest sleeping tonight, Randal. In fact, that is what I’m going to do…hehe.
2001-07-18 10:31:49 – bastard
#!/usr/bin/perl print "Learn perl, it bettern";
2001-07-18 11:28:57 – rand0m
< ?php for(i=0,i++,i<10){ if ($tony="loser"){ echo "php owns perl – shut yer trap"; } else { echo "php owns the web"; } } ?>
2001-07-18 17:33:14 – realbighead
yuo = faget ahhhahahahahA!!1!!11!!!!!
2001-07-18 20:51:37 – Ha-reed
< ? echo ‘enable short tags and be even more special’; ? > and dont get assignment and equality operators mixed up
2001-07-18 20:54:35 – Ha-reed
<? echo ‘use short tags and be even more special’; ?> bah… stupid commenting thing doesnt register just typing in code… enable magic cookies randal
2001-07-18 21:36:04 – Burnz
Please, all of you, just stop right now. Go out and get as far away from your damn computers as you can they are ruining your minds! Buy New Bounce Pads, less static and less money!
2001-07-19 00:23:08 – The Disco Nova
Tonight on Fox "When Geeks Attack"
2001-07-19 02:03:59 – Announcer
Popular figure, Burnz, was found dead today hung from COAX cable and scrawled with Java script warnings to anyone else who would cross the new and brutal faction of pale, withdrawn, tech heads. The current home base of the group is believed to be in the basement of Milton Resferson’s mother. More updates on the hour. Many women will miss Burnz.
2001-07-19 11:13:15 – bastard
This just in… The organization called N.A.M.S.L.A, North American Man Sheep Love Association, today issued a statement: Baaa Baaa We mizz burnz Baaa, and the sheep loving he gave Baaa Baaa!
2001-07-19 14:56:57 – Ha-reed
its actually magic quotes not magic cookies… can be enabled in your php.ini file in addition to magic quotes, which automatically addslashes and stripslashes when posting and receiving info to a database, you can use the function htmlspecialchars to encode characters automatically
2001-07-19 14:57:44 – The Disco Nova
On World News Tonight: Geek Wars Tonight we take a look inside the scary world of geeks, and their battles with each other. With their taunts of "loser and faget" they build up rage that often explodes into internet wars over who is "phat or l33t". Pathetic? Scary? Wimpy? Decide for yourself tonight.
2001-07-19 15:57:49 – Laura
not to make your stupid nerd fighting look ridiculous, but i just won two more tickets to the area:one festival and two backstage meet and greet passes…hahaha. hahaha. wow! i’m too excited.
2001-07-19 16:49:43 – The Disco Nova
Laura! wanna be my new best friend? A Ticket sure would make up for the fact THAT YOU STILL HAVEN’T CALLED ME! but I’m not bitter
2001-07-19 17:10:27 – bastard
Area:One…. Hmmmmmm…. How much would you sell me one of the tickets for?
2001-07-19 17:10:55 – bastard
How did you win the tickets btw?
2001-07-19 17:16:17 – rand0m
Jared, I know how php works, I also know how ASP works. ASP, which is what you are no doubt looking at, sucks horrible cock. PHP, on the other hand, makes everything look right. Take a look right <a href=’′ class=home>here</a> — a site in PHP. This page [ASP] does not work right. That one does. $.02
2001-07-19 17:54:26 – Burnz
/me throws computer out window and runs into forest muttering about "goddamn technophiles".
2001-07-19 17:58:02 – bastard
Ahhhhh, looking at the PHP site layout makes my eyes burn like in tanning booth without the special goggles.
2001-07-20 01:22:47 – Laura
I will be selling my tickets for more than they are going at, or i might give them to two of my friends who are poor and musicless. You people work fucking tech jobs, you have money, you should have gotten your own damn tickets. or at least, that seems to be the logical solution. and no, james, i haven’t called you. i worked 11 hours today and i don’t specifically have time to waste. no offense to you, of course.
2001-07-20 15:10:47 – Ha-reed
Ahhh, i thought that "this post signifies that the PHP based version of this website actually does work" meant that u were running php on this version of the site