a movie and interesting things … kind of

so yesterday and today were very non-eventful. it has been great. woke up yesterday from laura’s party to the sound of her dad getting ready for the day … i’ll tell you, 6:30 am is *early*. ditched out around 10:30, came home, had a relaxing day of doing nothing. woke up this morning about 9, did the same all day, quite nice. haven’t done any coding, haven’t really done anything. it’s been great.

talked to my sister, marla, on the phone today. she is in new york. we talked about how our flights into utah are 20 minutes apart; pretty nifty, i’d say. she met up with my parents when they were there. she said she was very uncomfortable and that my mom came off as very scrutinizing and demeaning. when marla asked how I was doing, my mother promptly replied ‘not too well; he’s throwing his life away just like you.’ to which my sister not only took great offense but also felt was rather out of line. now, i take that part with a pinch of salt, but it is not uncharacteristic of my mom. consequently, the trip to utah is quite uncertain — the thought of cashing the plane ticket in is quite appealing. so it the thought of moving out. soon. combine that with a bunch of other horseshit going on, and all I can say is — i wish i led a happy life.

watched Antitrust tonight … man, what a good movie. I seriously recommend it to everyone — yup, all 2 of those people who read this thing. Don’t know why, but I took a severe disliking to my website today. can’t follow why. On another note, janelle is back in town and had a trip that consisted of good days and bad nights. i’d post it, but i won’t**. go see antitrust.

**explanation: this is not out of arrogance, nor is it out of animosity, nor is it out of general apathy, nor is it anything else but the desire to not wrinkle feathers — re-read my post and decided to make that clear. don’t ask me why; i’m tired.

2001-07-23 09:02:52 – Xeon
hey you should come over and check out our l33t air-conditioning! wo0t
2001-07-23 09:26:49 – rand0m
or I could just sit in my nice and cool office drinking free lemonade. tough call.
2001-07-23 10:44:39 – bastard
Lauara is a big fat wanker for not inviting tony to her party…. <Tony Make Frown Face>. And on that note, what a weekend, boy I tell you what. DJ Rap and Misstress Barbara, purrrrr. Got the autograph from Rap. Drank vodka and red bull, woot. Lynette is hooking me up with free tickets to the rodeo. I have to start packing soon. Anyone want a coffee table, birdcage for free? Anyone want to buy a PS2 (not the IBM one)?
2001-07-23 11:30:42 – Laura
it wasn’t really a party. it was a get together. don’t flatter yourself. it sucked anyway.