An Update! OMG!

** PARTAY ALERT ** The weberhouse is throwing down for a balls out party on New Years Eve! We are looking to gear up around 9 or 10pm, and party until the cows come home. Everybody should come. Got questions? 719.287.4741 or I’ll be pimping it here often, so watch out 😉 Other news is *looks at list* … I like money. And getting it through consulting is awful nice. And fast. 2x consulting jobs = no more college debt + an almost paid off (huge balance) credit card. w3rd. Moving on … I need to get a woman? I don’t think there are any questions about this, so I’ll just go to item C. Item C is that I think I’m going to license actually start doing my own business. And that’s pretty neat. I had something happen like a week ago that was important, and I forgot what it was. OH. Thanksgiving. Mine was good, Went to my ‘rents house and ate and ate and ate, and brought home leftovers, only find a *TON* of leftovers here at the house. We chomped on that stuff for like a week. It was nice. I hope that everybody is having a great holiday season so far. And I’m told that one of my roommates has some SGI stuff (old) that needs some luvin — either from you, or from the trashcan. Lemme know and I’ll hook you up. OH, should the New Years Eve Party be a straight up get-shitty party or a themed one? A formal? An 80s bounce? Pimps n Hoes? Gimme yer input 🙂 [b]**[u]UPDATE!!~![/u] – 3:56p -[/b] Okay, so last Sunday Paulie and I went out to Hooters for lunch (just like today — do I smell a tradition?) and had a good time. In the course of the meal, we decided to ask the waitress, Laura, what she thought about our upcoming party – particularly when we should throw it (remember the party poll?) She emphatically said that she would throw it new years. Anyway, I mentioned that I was twenty in there, and she said “wow, no way you’re twenty. I thought you were 35; I wasn’t going to even think about carding you if you ordered a beer or something.” To which I loudly responded (unintentionally) FUCK YOU! She kinda went white, and I felt bad, but we made up and got to talking. She just turned 21, is half asian, a college student, hella smart, witty and very hot. So, that night, I went home and shaved my beard off, because 35 is just not right. I took it off, and I look like I’m in my mid-twenties, which is better than 35. And I have a hotty that I’m lookin out for at Hooters. Heh. [b]**UPDATE #2**[/b] – FSCK! I left my crimpers at the Signs By Tomorrow in Denver. Goddamnit. Now I have to drive up there and get them. FSCK FSCK FSCK.

2002-12-08 12:16:53 – White Cracker
First Post! Yah that is right, I camped it out complete with the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Ohh tony, whatcho got?
2002-12-08 12:22:21 – Siaokh
he’s got HOES! …. In different area codes… Punch. -Tim
2002-12-08 17:48:02 – The Disco Nova
Don’t worry Randall, that doesn’t come close to some of the things I have unintentionally said to women. Let’s go see Nemesis this Friday Bee-yotch.
2002-12-08 17:53:05 – The Disco Nova
Oh, and I’ll make Jello Shots again. As long as this is a Randall party and not a Tony sausauge fest.
2002-12-08 18:36:12 – Siaokh
Speaking of movies, I [B]STRONGLY[/B] suggest you all take in a new movie called equilibrium. It kicks tons of ass. [L=] Equilibrium Trailer[/L] Punch w/ full auto desert eagle. -Tim
2002-12-08 20:20:00 – Tony
We’ll be looking for a dj to play at the party. If you all know any one good, let us know.
2002-12-08 21:56:28 – pinky
you’re getting a DJ? why? and yes, james usually says "i’m a huge asshole" inadvertedly. we give you more credit than that 🙂
2002-12-08 23:05:04 – Master Ha-reed
WTF? Someone wants to see a Star Trek movie?? And on the subject of Equilibrium, why the hell does a movie that looks this cool have no advertising?
2002-12-09 06:22:28 – rand0m
2002-12-10 01:35:51 – Tony
Sometimes in a blue moon, a good movie comes out. Sure you haven’t seen it yet, but you can tell, it’s different, you might like it. Well if so, go see the movie immediately. I liked the reviews for rules of attraction a couple of weeks ago. Only 1 theater in town was showing it. I was broke and waited a week and it was gone. This is a movie I’ll never download on divx, mainly because once I see it, that should be enough. And besides, the movies you DO want to see on divx, they’re never around! Like "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf". Great movie with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Or most of the other classics. Sure, if you want to see crap on divx, the latest popular movie, it’s out there, on divx. With being broke and all, and divx being the viable alternative it is, it’s clearly dominant to 4$ at blockbuster, but it’s not a real solution. Ehh, disappointment. My top 5 movies for the year, even those that haven’t been out yet: LotR: Two Towers Lilo and Stitch Alright that was gonna be 5, but I can’t think of any others. Help me out here folks…
2002-12-10 10:12:37 – The Disco Nova
Laura, when I call you a bitch, I’m not inadvertantly saying "I’m an asshole", I’m saying you’re a bitch. But I still love you.
2002-12-10 13:36:37 – pinky
i still love you too, asshole.
2002-12-10 21:33:21 – Netheus
My electronics are exploding. I just picked up a monitor for $6 at the Arc. If it blows up in the next few days, my landlord will owe us for our tv, 2 monitors, a blender, a toaster, about 10 light bulbs, and 3 box fans. Oh, sweet internet, how I have missed thee!
2002-12-10 23:11:54 – tony
the liver is evil and must be punished
2002-12-11 00:53:49 – Burnz
No Dj, Dj bad, Dj bring Burnz pain. My feelings on Dj’s are like my feeling about women: I don’t like them, I don’t need them, and I do not have the time to bury another one. This is my vote assuming I am coming which is looking more and more up in the air. Although if James makes a special Jello shot box for me, then I might just have to swing by…
2002-12-11 02:03:41 – pinky
no drunk burnz? no porch-violence? fuck that!
2002-12-11 22:04:44 – [SOB]GrooveMan
Man thanks for the suggestion, Equilibrium kicked Major Ass. Screw Star Trek go see this movie 😉
2002-12-11 22:08:00 – [SOB]GrooveMan
hehe check it out…
2002-12-11 22:38:43 – Netheus
Troy is a DJ….. But I don’t think you would get his set…. The last time he DJed a party, he was in drag and the only people who enjoyed his work were the 10-15 homies who did their rappin’ thing and dancing on the floor thing in front of the tables. Everyone else thought that he was playing snoop dogg. Yo. Funny how things work out…
2002-12-12 17:14:21 – THE REAL ONE AND ONLY YTCRACKER
2002-12-12 20:12:13 – pinky
yay! bryce! hehehehe.
2002-12-13 11:40:18 – THE REAL WHITE CRACKER
2002-12-13 11:42:55 – The White Cracker
…god i feel stupid now… Twin Towers comes out next week!
2002-12-13 20:32:33 – Netheus
Crackah needs to spin at the party, because a> only way to get him to a party b> only way to hear him spin live without having to drive far away c> he kicks ass! d> Jolene is really fucking cool, and so she should come and hang too e> Bryce kicks ass f> I want to hear him spin all live and in person and stuff
2002-12-15 01:17:36 – tony
Right! So we, being myself, randal, shawn, matt, and james just got back from watching the movie, equilibrium, which is a bad-ass movie, to say the least. Fortunately, we had the distinction of being in a non-crowded theater and thus being able to enjoy the movie, in which all that is glory and awesome was present. The movie fucking rocked.