Another durnken post

Okay, so we’re all pretty trashed again. And it started with Laura and Tore coming over. Or tore. WE met at Chipotel, which is ahlle aoood burritos. THey’re big. ANd then we went to PIkes PEkr where we met up with TOre, and it was fun, because keen and t plays monopoly, and TOny brought up these shitty auction sutff and I was like ?WTF!? ANd then we came over here. ANd then we played monopooly again, and TOny whipped us with his bgrutal economica know how. It was pretty sad. and then we went over to the liquo store with Laura (woo!) and it was good. It was called J’s liquor. ANd it was open at like 12:02 AM. WHich is neat, because they’re supposed to close at 12>:000AM. SO then KEEN bought a lot of alcohol, which was co0l (and hten I started typing with only one eye open because I can see better :-D) and then we came back to the house and got trashed. Mudslides and such, it’s fun. TOre left. OH! Paulise was in there somewhere. HI PAULIE! ANd then Tore left, and Laura drank some, but she decided to drink then go home, which takes her out of the “serious durnkard” fun that is currently happening. SO she posted on her site form my computer. [L=]Http://[/L] hope I typed that right, can’t tell. And now we’re all trashed. And PlayboyTV is not near as ood as I thought it would be; all so fake and such, what with huge 34DDD breasts on 110LBS girls, it’s hilarious. The real thing i sso much beteter. WE had nuggest, adn Laura ( who is not toto drunk) showed us the majetsty of RED AND WHITE. (stilll tping with only one eye eopen, tough to foucs)( .. It is ranch sauce and ketchup, becausew e are out o fbarbecue sauce. Red and white is good, even keen thinks so! It makes me wonder if people even read my drunken rambling, or just skim for coherent parts. LOL. That’sf unny, hahhaha …. I’d imagine th latter. [b]Update – 5:19am[/b] — so it’s pretty ealry in the morning, and I can proudly relate to you this handful of things: 1. I hope to god I’m not that annoying when trashed. 2. Laura is nice 😀 3. I whipped tony at NHL2k2 4. I drank a lot of water (like 24 oz) before going to sleep (trying to avoid hangover) and 5. I turned off the lights & and sound and stuff for keen, who is asleep on the couch. I’m such a nice guy… and not so drunk to not keep track of the important things. hehe. *sigh*

2002-12-28 04:56:08 – pinky
2002-12-28 12:42:53 – Netheus
Nice blog, Laura… I will mark it and read it more often 😉 Can I come over and hang out tonite, Randal?
2002-12-28 13:16:59 – t
we got drunk last night, it was a good buzz drunk, and the people at the house were a good mix, definitely the key to a nice time
2002-12-28 23:22:54 – t
sometimes, people take for granted how what they think is normal, looks really stupid to someone else hmmm, example, gangs of new york
2002-12-29 00:13:16 – WC
Went and saw Catch Me If You Can with Rachael (not to be confused with rachel – colo. springs) last night. REALLY GOOD MOVIE. The movie had a good story line, and keep me entertained. Combined with witty one-liners and some good screenplay made this movie an excellent flick. I give it a 9 and recommend this one a date movie.
2002-12-30 12:44:11 – Netheus
right, so time to start looking back at the year. And I thought we would be at war by now.
2002-12-30 16:29:22 – WC
2002-12-30 17:55:55 – t
Look WC, stop your annoying banter. I can not allow competing annoyances. I am the annoying poster on this site, deal with it! PUNCH!
2002-12-30 23:02:43 – Netheus
No tony, you aren’t. Some of what you post is insightful, developed, and helpful (like movie comments). WC is useless, and like the caps lock button a lot.
2003-01-01 04:00:58 – Neth
great fucking party. Best ever. Crackah kicks ass as a DJ. Best set I have ever heard. GOing to bed now.
2003-01-01 12:47:18 – tony
I agree with christina, awesome party, much thanks to Tore and Randal for the glasses, and much thanks to Matt for the goood alcohol. Very much thanks to yt for the music, really liked the mixed 80’s stuff. Other than that, woke up with a hangover, that is gone now, thanks to Randal’s awesome voodoo.
2003-01-01 15:49:31 – pinky
i must agree, great party 🙂 i’m going to email randal some pics, so he can put them up. also, "laura is nice" heheheh…wooooo!
2003-01-01 16:44:50 – WC
I am going to go kill myself.. my random banter is unwanted. I am glad you guys had a great time last night. I however had to deal with getting threatened of being kicked out of my parents house and all my stuff being put on the front lawn "if you don’t come home now." And randal thought he had it bad with his parents.