my weekend & badass movie

I’ve had a pretty good weekend so far. I went out and saw Star Trek: Nemesis on Friday night with James and Steve & Ben Chapin. That movie was pretty good. It’s like the original Wrath of Kahn, but with more CG and less plot. It goes for like 20 minutes setting up the story, and then they fight and blast the hell out of each other for 2 hours. It was really pretty good. Especially since it only cost $5.50 to see it on opening night. Heh. Went out and saw Equilibrium tonight. Ho-lee-shit. What an amazing movie. All I can say is that it is Farenheit 451 meets 1984, with lots of action, all filmed in the semi-dark, green-blue tinted style of Matrix. I would honestly say that it is the best movie that I have seen this year; so good, in fact, that I’ll probably go see it again. Go see equilibrium. Other than that, I have not done much. I worked and worked and worked some more, and then saw the movies. I didn’t really do much else. Some laundry in there somewhere. mmm, yes, that’s about it. OH! PARTY! New Years! Must send out emails to people inviting them. I am fairly certain that we’re going to get ytc to spin for us, which is really neat. Good week/end so far 🙂 [b][u]**Update **[/u][/b] – 1:08pm – 12/15 – It was exactly four years ago today that I took that fateful step and took Emily out on a date to see the Air Force Band of the Rockies. And ran a stoplight. And hit a cat. And made her walk around a lake when it was 10* outside, and then ran another stoplight. Although it might have looked like a terrible, terrible first date to the casual observer, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And with that, I’m off to see that same band, 4 years later. My how things change to be the same.

2002-12-15 05:00:38 – Reverend
Flop Flop Flop
2002-12-15 13:59:38 – pinky
shouldn’t that be "four years goo, today"? and how the hell do you remember that? wow.
2002-12-15 17:01:52 – t
2002-12-15 18:14:49 – Netheus
Seeing Harry Potter on Wed, LotR on theursday, x-mas party on tuesday…. that means I could go see equilibrium…. Tomorrow!!! wOooo!
2002-12-15 23:54:36 – The Disco Nova
Don’t feel bad, I did much worse to her the first few months we were dating.
2002-12-16 11:18:13 – Xeon aka White Cracker
LoTR – Twin Towers screening tonight! wo0o0o0o provided my parents don’t interfer with my plans tonight heh. This movie is totally awesome.
2002-12-16 15:53:39 – t
Went to a christmas party on saturday, did a holiday gift exchange, got a puzzle of the nyc city scape pre 9/11, and someone wanted it, so i ended up with my gift i brought
2002-12-17 08:50:18 – Netheus
I am going to take my math final. Then I will come home and clean out my van. Then I will go and pick up my little sister from school. She will do her homework here, and then we will go and pick up Amanda, one of the girls I work with. Then I will loop back up to the CC campus and pick up Haley, a 17year old freshman. With Troy, we will then travel to my work where my boss and Troy will proceed to get trached, I’ll eat all the shrimp, and my sister will prove to be the brain I know she is. Ahh, yes, what a busy day for me.
2002-12-17 13:05:15 – Burnz
How do you get trached? I thought I had found every variation on drunk, but that sounds so glamorous…
2002-12-17 13:35:19 – realbighead
living without an internet connection sucks. a lot. So I can’t decide whether to come home Friday or Sunday; the weather’s better on Sunday, but that’s gonna be a whole lotta waiting around. Opinions? oh yeah, and about that post thing so I don’t get off-topiced… wait, moderated boards? haha.
2002-12-17 15:54:50 – The Disco Nova
I think trached is how wiccan hippies get drunk.
2002-12-17 17:51:36 – Netheus
Tached is what happens when your boss and your husband drink together. Tore- be a man, come back on Friday.
2002-12-18 00:52:40 – Burnz
Friday = Tore. Do not arouse the Mattwrath.
2002-12-18 04:45:54 – pinky
Tore, I also vote Friday. Then, I vote 40s! wooo!
2002-12-18 09:16:10 – Netheus
Can I come over for 40’s? Can I get a Fat Tire 40?
2002-12-18 13:13:31 – Burnz
w00t! King Cobra is where it is at! And you’ve gots to puts it in a paper bag and then wear one of those pointless stocking "beanie" caps and sit in the open trunk of your "homie’s" rusted ass Lincoln Continental while you drink it. Am I the only one that thinks that sounds like a pretty good evening?
2002-12-18 18:24:38 – Netheus
Unless it’s freezing cold out.
2002-12-18 19:55:06 – W.C. (I am trying not to sound so much like yt)
LoTR is the GREATEST MOVIE in the entire world!!!! If you wanna go see a good flick and have seen equilibrium already, I recommend this one. It’s a little long (3:15) but it’s worth the CG. There are parts of the movie you [u]can’t[/u] tell CG from the real thing. Sorry randal and tony about that screening. I think there was a conspiracy on the film getting @ the theatre late.
2002-12-19 00:33:17 – t
Two Towers may be great, but I’m more looking forward to seeing gangs of new york, even with the professor of shitty acting herself, leotardo decrapicorn.
2002-12-19 09:10:47 – realbighead
W.C. also stands for water closet, which is funny because mentally I’m trapped in third grade. And I’m coming home tomorrow! woo!!!!!
2002-12-19 16:05:52 – Netheus
WoOoOoO! Tore isn’t a pussy!!!! Yay!!! Two Towers fucking rocked. Going to see it again maybe Christmas day- No one will be there! oooooo
2002-12-20 11:12:40 – WC
DO NOT GO SEE A MOVIE ON XMAS DAY! at least at my theatre that is our busiest day. I went out on a date last night. I had the most fun I have had in a long time. We went and saw 007 and then went bowling afterwards. She pwned me! *w3rd for having fun*
2002-12-20 11:29:43 – Burnz
I am too tired to actually abuse Craig. So just assume I said something glib and vicious to him about going out on a date. Probably something alluding to homosexuality and certainly incorporating the white trash bowling into it.