Sweet Update-age

So I slept like trash last night because I keep thinking. I hate thinking about things so much, but I think I’m going to be doomed with it for life. [sigh] … on to the news.

My grandfather with Alzeheimer’s has moved into the house with my parents and I; his name is walt, and he is completely off his rocker. I don’t know how this will impact things, but for right now it feels a little uncomfortable. Gotta deal.

Went out with Craig and Janelle last night [and eventually tony] — we ate at Old Chicago, then just hung around downtown. It was fun, minus some image/ego/self-confidence bashing that happened. I missed Survivor II, but I had a good time regardless.

Met up with Tony, and we walked around, and then we met up with Annie, and then Janelle headed home. Tony, Craig, Annie and I walked around, and then we, minus Annie, went to Tony’s place and watched Fight Club. What a movie. I slept.

Story: I’m laying there on Tony’s floor watching the movie intently, and I hear this loud snoring, and I think ‘man, we should move him so that he doesn’t choke or something.’ Next thing I know, Tony and Craig are laughing uproariously at me, because it was me who was snoring, even though I was really awake. I’ve never snored while awake before; I think they are lying just to make me feel stupid. Heh, about stupidness … we’re walking and Janelle says ‘hey, that’s Dorothy’ so I whip around and say ‘Hi Dorothy’ to this girl who walked past … she says hi back, but then I realized that her name isn’t dorothy; she had the role of dorothy in wizard of oz not too long ago. I felt like a complete retard, but it was fun.

That was my day yesterday, mostly. I got Office XP, burned it, installed it, fixed the broken 2nd disc .bin and .cue files, burned that, installed it, and hey, it works. It’s pretty nice. Not ground breaking though. As for the site, the contact page is now up and working, and I put up the about rand0m page. My webcam will go up as soon as I get a usb card for my box.

I have no plans for tonight … anyone?

just when you think

you got them all, something else comes up. I spent 10 minutes on saturday night going through my bed. but what did I find last night upon laying down shirtless? Two words:

bread crumbs

yes, you know about that. they are irritating as hell. I was up for at least another 1/2 hour getting them out. heh.

already 1:18am?

I really should get to sleep before 1am every night. I would say that it’s starting to take a toll on me, but it’s not. hrmm …

I think I might put up the rest of the pages —> they are mostly non-working links; as soon as I get my webcam to work, I’ll have it up. The other pages will probably go up, assuming I have a spare 30 minutes today [very likely].

Went to a Rocky Mountain Windows Technology Users Group with tony and craig tonight — it was good, and the pizza was tasty. It convinced me to not buy Microsofts ISA server [grin].

That’s all … have a nice evening/morning/whatever until the next time I post something wildly exciting.

and some more news

Man, today is a nice day. I was all ready to go to work, but that didn’t happen as planned. The weather distracted me, and I drove around for at least 1/2 hour, just cruising. It was cool. Came in to work around 10:15, and Jef says ‘hey, two messages for ya.’ … and that’s it … I was like ‘wow, what a job.’ … so far today, I have made 4 phone calls, and answered 3. Extremely demanding. I’m thinking I might start working on learning PHP, and ditch asp/vb.

I called Dr.Marten’s [shoe company] and talked to this nice girl named Sarah — told her my plight, and she’s sending me a catalogue, a form, and a shoe box so I can send my stuff back. I pick from the catalogue, and they send me a new pair of shoes. WOO!

There was something else I told myself I was going to post about this morning, but I don’t remember. I seriously considered writing them down so that I could post them, and almost did — must not have been that important.

Xeon’s page’s most recent post reminds me of what I used to be [still kinda am] quite a bit. Control-freak-made-of-gerber-carpet. Now that I think about it, I think I’m the hottest thing in the world, even though I know that’s only 73% true. Oh well, at least I have something to aim for.

On another note, GrooveMan sent me an e-mail! Long time no see man! I’m registered for RamCon, but I don’t know if I’m high enough up on the list to get in — I’ll start talking to Agent Orage / the other guy to see if they’ll let me, and my now-stomping servar in. I am seriously considering attending that gig in Alamosa w/ Xeon & Rev & someone else … I need to get into game form, though.

2001-04-18 14:57:29 – Burnz
Hey fairy, you almost got love from me today, but I realized I forgot your damn e-mail, not to mention the contact link on your site goes fucking nowhere, nice design. Still typing with your feet I see….now that was warm I thought. Gimme your e-mail.

realization time

Man, today was again filled with realizations … I’m thinking this is a lifelong process. Anywho, went to work, it was … okay … hung out downtown. Went to Jose Muldoon’s for Karaoke night … came home. Here are the realizations, in no particular order:

  • there must be a guide for HPI customers — ‘how to fuck up your dial-up networking settings! for good!’
  • tragically, I cling to my ingrained morals
  • gnutella [the spread] is damn good
  • xeon, despite his intentions, should not fib, or should at least get more convincing at it.
  • i am not the amazing god of singing I thought I was. in fact, i suck.
  • Jean LaValley hangs out with people who act 28.
  • John Nielsen, from GWL, is a dick.

that should just about do it for now. Oh, btw, SuperDave, I’ll have those folders for you to take to denver sometime soon. rock on, rock hard.


Man, today was a pretty odd day. Went to work and did mostly nothing for a change. It was really nice. I downloaded lots of mp3s. That’s about it.

Right before leaving work, I saw that my dr. marten’s shoes are coming apart. My left shoe’s sole is coming off, and all the threads are coming out. I am going to the store tomorrow to bitch and maybe get a new pair. grr.

On another note, apparently there is yet another crisis in Utah; my parents are leaving tomorrow morning @ 4am to go there. They plan on being back on wednesday night. So, if you are female, and want to shag, the address is 72…

That about does it for me. I didn’t get to do the laundry I wanted done. Dammit.

2001-04-17 16:45:07 – SuperDave
Work. I assume that you didn’t take the job in Denver as a result of you still being at ‘work’ today? Let me know. Email me or something.
2001-04-18 00:56:07 – randal’s penis
randal, shagging, hahaha. riiiight. i’m sorry you’re so hard up. maybe you should play counter strike. 😛


Man, today was a long day. I cleaned the house and all that today, then went out all night with tony & craig. It’s 3am, and I am really really really tired — it feels good. I think I’ll sleep like a rock.

I realized something today also … I do *not* voice everything I’m thinking here. not even close … there are a lot of things always on my mind, and quite a few of them are private .. I don’t post much of anything that is personal at all, which kind of sucks, because then I have almost no outlet to vent or relax. I will think about that a litle more … ‘night.

2001-04-15 22:11:29 – Laura
i didn’t get to see you this weekend. that genuinely <sp?> sucks. ah well. i’m telling you, you need to come up here sometime (before finals). let me tell you. it was fun staring at the new hole in matt’s nose for a lot of the night…no. you didn’t call me back <grrr.>
2001-04-16 13:20:55 – Bastard
I am still hung over, but mostly hung.

and a party time

Man, wild-ass party last night. It was insane. We all had a good time. Man, it was crazy. The house is all clean and everything, too =]

On another note, I now have SCSI! The great gods of computing landed me with an Adaptec 2940+ scsi controller a couple scsi hds … including some barracuda 10,000rpm bad boys! They sound like jet turbines. It’s cool as hell.

I was going to post something else, but I completely forgot what it was … maybe you can help me remember by commenting =]

2001-04-15 02:58:56 – xeon
You forgot to put that I got blessed via good friends with a new 500 mhz proc and a 14.3 gig HD


rand0m stealthily slips around the corner, looking for any signs of life in the house … the stillness is ear splitting … the bedrooms? empty. the bathrooms? empty. the kitchen? empty. the stairs creak wearily as our hero glides downstairs. laundry room? nothing. family room? nothing. he looks out the window and realizes that the owner’s car is gone … that means the people are gone for the weekend.


[cue disco ball] It’s a paaaaarty! The cats are away, the mice will play! call me for the hook-up! there or square!

2001-04-13 14:10:24 – Todd (AKA GZ Donner)
I like the site Randy.. looks NIEECE! i wish i cna party…… =(
2001-04-13 15:18:42 – YOUR PIMP!
So we pimpin’ things ‘night eh??? K I will be expecting to be picked up by Janelle around 7pm

The Ride

I had what may very well be the longest elevator ride in my life. Start out on floor one, going to eleven. Three people get on the elevator with me. They are all going to different floors. On each and every floor, 2-11, at least 1 person gets on. On floor 7, the elevator had over 12 people in it. So yea, we’re slowly working our way up, we hit floor 9, 2 people get on, and then we’re heading *down* … not up to 11, but down to 6 again. wtf!!?? I rode that elevator for at least 10 minutes. It was the weirdest thing.

On another note, elevators are just a funny place. It’s almost as bad as the men’s bathroom; no one says *anything*. Everyone either stares at the keys, or at the blinking numbers, or at their shoes. But no one turns their head, no one talks, everyone just stands there, all domicile and defensive. I, on the other hand, look around. Some people are happy. Most people are indifferent. A significant portion are unhappy [they are at work, remember?]. It’s so odd to stand there and just look around and not be afraid of the people standing in the elevator. Makes me wonder if there is the music is mind-controlling and I am oblivious to it for the simple reason that i have lost my mind. Haven’t found it yet. If you happen across it, please let me know.

My truck has not exploded in almost 2 months. I am a happy man. I will go through it this weekend and make sure everything is nice and tight. More about yesterday in a little bit, I’m going on top of the holly sugar building to look at our antennaes.

2001-04-13 10:18:12 – Mark
That is some funny fuckin shit MutherFucker. That shits funny. That shits whacked. That shits funny and whacked.
2001-04-13 10:55:02 – rand0m
Hey man, that funny whacked shit is what I look for every day. it’s one of the highpoints of my life — that whacked out mofo you see on the corner? makes my day, every day.