rand0m stealthily slips around the corner, looking for any signs of life in the house … the stillness is ear splitting … the bedrooms? empty. the bathrooms? empty. the kitchen? empty. the stairs creak wearily as our hero glides downstairs. laundry room? nothing. family room? nothing. he looks out the window and realizes that the owner’s car is gone … that means the people are gone for the weekend.


[cue disco ball] It’s a paaaaarty! The cats are away, the mice will play! call me for the hook-up! there or square!

2001-04-13 14:10:24 – Todd (AKA GZ Donner)
I like the site Randy.. looks NIEECE! i wish i cna party…… =(
2001-04-13 15:18:42 – YOUR PIMP!
So we pimpin’ things ‘night eh??? K I will be expecting to be picked up by Janelle around 7pm