Man, today was a pretty odd day. Went to work and did mostly nothing for a change. It was really nice. I downloaded lots of mp3s. That’s about it.

Right before leaving work, I saw that my dr. marten’s shoes are coming apart. My left shoe’s sole is coming off, and all the threads are coming out. I am going to the store tomorrow to bitch and maybe get a new pair. grr.

On another note, apparently there is yet another crisis in Utah; my parents are leaving tomorrow morning @ 4am to go there. They plan on being back on wednesday night. So, if you are female, and want to shag, the address is 72…

That about does it for me. I didn’t get to do the laundry I wanted done. Dammit.

2001-04-17 16:45:07 – SuperDave
Work. I assume that you didn’t take the job in Denver as a result of you still being at ‘work’ today? Let me know. Email me or something.
2001-04-18 00:56:07 – randal’s penis
randal, shagging, hahaha. riiiight. i’m sorry you’re so hard up. maybe you should play counter strike. 😛