Shooting, Sin City, First steak of 2k5

OK So another update. The last update was an April FOol’s gag, minus the Pope part. He really did die. Twice.;-) Friday night rocked my socks. I went with Ryan, Joe & Jordan up to Rampart Range and burned through ~1000 rounds of ammo for an AR-15 (civilian M-16), 9mm Beretta 92fs (pistol) and 20guage shotgun. It was a helluva time. The drive up and down rampart range road (I think that’s what it’s called) was awful as my truck has zero suspension. Despite that, I had an amazing time. It was awesome. I recommend doing so to everyone 🙂 On Saturday night I went out with the guys and saw Sin City which was a great movie. A LOT more violent than I was expecting — no less than 5 genital mutilations, not to mention more blood and dying than I could count. The cinematography was incredible, and the dialogue was at exactly the right level of campy. Afterwards we went out to IHOP, where we had a helluva time and where I reamed out Emily for being horrible at socializing and for always having bullshit excuses to avoid going out (which is suck!). I am still determining if that was good or bad. We had steaks on Monday night. I got to light up the grill for the first time this year — much less the past 6 months — and grill up some yummy pieces of cow. That was also a hella good time. I also shaved my head tonight. Not shaved, more shorn to 3/8″. It looks like old-school me. With the still-re-growing goatee, I look pretty freakin badass, if I do say so myself. Thanks to James for trimming my neck 😉 Last but not least, I dropped off my truck on Monday because I had sprung a gigantic exhaust leak on Sunday, even though I just had some work done a month or two ago. I took it back to the same place (Accurate Japanese Auto Repair) and they fixed it for free. Turns out that the two manifold studs they didn’t replace last time came loose, causing my truck to sound like it had a swarm of locusts under the hood. I offered to pay for the two studs, some of the labor, and for a six pack of beer and they replied with no, no and we don’t drink. Somehow I doubt that last one. Regardless, they’ve treated me well twice now, so they are now my defacto mechanic place. [b]Update[/b] – Below are the links to how the new do looks: before: [L=][/L] after: [L=][/L]

2005-04-06 14:45:19 – The Disco Nova
I vote before.
2005-04-06 15:30:55 – rand0m
the world disagrees with you.
2005-04-06 21:36:05 – Master Ha-reed
Actually, the world minus 1. If you do stick with this do for a while, ditch the facial hair.
2005-04-06 21:53:54 – rand0m
I’m going to let the goatee grow out a little bit (it’s only 4-5 days old) then re-evaluate it. We’ll see from there. I’m still hit or miss on the goatee in general :-/
2005-04-07 14:39:32 – Netheus
two words Randal- Ben Affleck. (minus, of course, the brown thick hair, and hot as shit gf)
2005-04-12 01:04:41 – jrdn
so… shooting rocked… randal was gangster with the beretta
2005-04-12 01:15:06 – jordan
randal got me all high on life on that last post about a miracle investor… ojhghseghsegohsdljg;hsf
2005-04-13 12:19:31 – Ryan
I know you didn’t mention it in this posting, but please, even though they aren’t bad, do NOT buy a Glock.
2005-04-14 02:14:48 – BoxOfLunch
I just bought a glock after reading your post Ryan. 😉
2005-04-14 13:22:27 – Master Ha-reed
What’s the problem with a Glock?