Super Duper Good news, and Super Duper Bad News

Super duper good news is that we are not closing EGC. Turns out we got a miracle investor who is going to fund the whole shebang well into next year, with very few strings attached. I’m totally stoked. Yea, the free time thing is toast again, but at least my baby will live on! Super Duper Bad News. I rolled into the dayjob tonight on a lark and found the place totally vandalized … a couple of our glass windows are cracked, and one is totally broken. It doesn’t look like they took any customer gear at all, but they did empty out our storage locker and pillaged my office. They even took my mouse, so I’m using a clunker peice of shit to post this. They tried to take the 21″ monitor, but couldn’t so they left it overturned on the desk :-/ The critical part is that nothing is damaged beyond repair and nobody went down. In-fucking-credible. At the end of the week too. Bastards. Sometimes I feel like life is just one great big beat down followed by a short rise, followed by another great big beat down. Wash, rince, repeat. I mean, the good times are fun and all, but they’re totally squashed by the unending heap of crap that is laid down. It’s just one thing after another. One second I’m reveling in the fact that I can stay home and drink beer all day, and the next I’m feeling horribly guilty because other people don’t have it as good as me. As they say — without the lows, you never really get to relish the highs. [b]update[/b] – I forgot to mention that I did a DNS server shuffle for, so ya’ll shouldn’t experience any more randomly-unavailable [b]update2[/b] – I just heard that Pope John Paul II has died. Mitch Hedberg, Terry Schiavol The Pope, Johnny Cochrane and KILO’s Sam. Goddamn it’s been a bad week. [b]update3[/b] – WOW Seattle has banned free WiFi due to them causing a fire at a coffee shop: [L=]Seattle Bans Free Wi-Fi[/L]

2005-04-01 12:12:46 – w0lfy
I heard he’s not dead yet, has brain and heart function. Somebody forgot to tell FoxNews that easter was last weekend — he can’t come back to life now, he’s a week late!
2005-04-01 12:15:29 – rand0m
What’s sad is that I think people will want to watch more reruns of Schiavo drooling and blinking rather than a clip of the Pope waving. These are great times. *sigh*
2005-04-04 10:44:07 – mark
Wait. That WiFi article was dated April 1st. I am having a tough time believing a coffee machine exploded due to "WiFi radiation" as the article states.
2005-04-04 11:40:22 – The Disco Nova
Oh, and strangely enough, it was posted on april fools day.
2005-04-04 12:15:49 – rand0m
Yea, mark actually PM’d me to make sure that was fake. This April Fool’s didn’t go over as well as [L=]last year’s[/L].
2005-04-04 14:01:06 – mark
I am, in fact, pretty worthless. and slow.
2005-04-04 15:21:32 – The Disco Nova
That was a trully great flamefest, complete with pwnage.
2005-04-04 23:04:46 – Netheus
so…. no monitor that I will actually be able to read? :::pouts:::: yeah, this year seems pretty deadly so far. Finished moving, still moving in. My god we own a lot of crap. And I mean crap. I knew I was a pack rat, but this is farking ridiculous. And my neighbors up stairs are amazingly ignorant. A) Shrimp Cocktail is served cold. Cold does not = raw. Blue/black/ grey = raw, pink= cooked. If one overcooks shrimp, it’s tough and inedible. B) They are the Ute Indians (YOU-teh), not the oooh-tay Indians. And I seriously didn’t think that computer illiteracy of that level could operate a mouse. And car oil needs to be changed, not just refilled. And you shouldn’t drive around with the parking brake on, all you have to do is pull slightly and twist, not a big operational issue there. And if you expect to get a decent working car for only $1K, I have some nice swamp land in Florida that’s worth millions…. People’s ignorance – still amazes the fuck out of me that there are sooo many people still walking on the planet….