yup, feeling like shit right about now. It has hit me that hey, guess what! Most chicks *do* fit the stereotype of taking joy in being treated like shit. woowee. Okay, in other news, I realized that I need to get some community service done by March 8th. 24 Hours of it, to be exact. So, if you have some hella non-back-breaking community service suggestions, I’m all ears. I’m even more ears if you can think of a way to get 24 hours of community service signed off on without actually doing it. Thanks! Went to Little Bangkok tonight with housematt for dinner. It was decent. A little better than mediocre, but not quite “good.” Decent fits almost exactly. Anyway, I thoroughly recommend going to the Lonestar Steakhouse on 8th street, because it’s hella good. A little pricey for their only-“good” steak, but their ribs are to die for. So that’s my eatery advice for the day 🙂

2002-04-26 00:42:56 – t
24 hours of community service can be best spent in helping the mentally retarded… who doesn’t remember how much fun it was playing dodge ball with the tards… do it, you’ll feel better!
2002-04-26 01:08:12 – pinky
dude, you should call my mom and see if she has anything for you to do. now that you’re all done making jokes about that last statement. yeah, my mom works for a non-profit, so she might have shit for you to do, and it prolly wouldn’t be back breaking, but i can’t guarantee anything. also, i am really really really fucked for this semester. i’d like to thank depression and insanity 🙁
2002-04-26 02:53:38 – pinky
fucking shit, motherfucker. since i have a final the night of may 4th, i was wondering if any of you would like to buy my ticket to the Pop Disaster Tour off me. I was supposed to go, but now I can’t. It was $44…yeah, fuck school.
2002-04-26 15:49:21 – keener2u
dude plus their bread rocks the hizouse!!!
2002-04-26 15:57:29 – keener2u
BTW yeah you are totally right I don’t know what is wrong with women and their I want to be treated badly thing. …none the less I have no idea why people like you and I can’t just treat people like shit…..I think we should go to a class on this….how to bash women class 101..that would be interesting..I think they teach it in the summer at ppcc
2002-04-26 21:24:00 – Nettheepoooo
Yeah, so women bashing eh? You guys should come and see my psyche class some day…. there are like four guys, and they are all quiet, so we kick them like soccer balls…. Then again, the class is made up of women– divorcee, house wife, single mom, southern belle, black panther, me, some moon worshiping naturalist, and 2 girls who haven’t matured past high school. It’s like Luke and the Rancor, baby… Anyway, I already knew you were coming, so I RSVP’ed Laura, Randal, Bryce, and Mike. There will be beer. And chocolate dipped fruits, and a BIG cake, and flowers, and strange people (OH YEAH bAbiEEEE), and only one of my parents is even gonna try to come!!! But I have hired bouncers anyway. Thank you CoS!! Ave!! And Randal— You can read to kids at the Library. At least that’s what I would do… but you’ll prolly get stuck cleaning up the sides of the highway in a bright orange suit. You can also donate money. Pay off the state.
2002-04-26 21:43:25 – rand0m
Donating money is not an option I don’t think. I could talk to the public service place about that … that would fucking rock. Pay like $7/hr, and just cut a $168 check and walk away quite pleased with myself. I don’t think that can happen though. In other news, Friday night, ended the booty call relationship, and … yup, have nothing to do. [sigh]
2002-04-26 23:27:32 – Siaokh
Punch. And on a side note… bootycall relationships are fun for about a week.
2002-04-28 05:07:02 – red5
one of the best quotes my buddy has ever said: "oh shit! ive got to do 12 hours of community service in the next 45 minutes." -well…you’d better hurry
2002-04-28 10:15:41 – Master Ha-reed
no go on that neighbor of mine (damn those moral people) 😉 anyway, if you are actually going to do the community service, you could do some office type work down @ Children’s Literacy Center