I’m glad I’m me

Sometimes I am just so happy that I am me. For instance, I go home for lunch today, and there, right across the street, are 30+ lithe, scantily-clad, glowing tennis players, actively jumping up and down, stretching, and bending over while playing tennis. Man oh man, it’s a shame that I have other responsibilities that so carelessly drag me away from watching the near-orgasm-inducing ladies do their thing. In other news, FirstMatt bought a dresser. It’s nice, and not even all that heavy … got it from Furniture Family or some such place … I’d say one of the best parts of picking it up with him [cuz I have a truck] is the whole cruising around on a bright, sunny Tuesday afternoon. Sometimes I loathe the fact that I can’t just go outside and enjoy downtown like I could when I ditched class in highschool. Damn this whole growing up thing … it’s definitely for the birds. Update – 4:54p – I’ll tell you, the tall tennis players are the best, because they have these short skirts and long legs, and then they serve, and … yummm … Anyhow, not much tops sitting in the hammock, drinking a margarita while watching young ladies do their thing. If any of you guys ever get the opportunity, I heartily endorse this. [/testosterone]

2002-04-09 22:33:14 – Netheus
I guess the t&a action subdued the tooth pain? Or was it the margarita?
2002-04-10 01:27:50 – bastard
I have a question. I wonder if anyone could suggest a good book for explaing the subconscious inter-relationship with the present conscious? I have been thinking about this subject for quite some time and have tried to make some of my own conclusions regarding this subject. This is all probably all due to my viewing "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and my soon to be departure to that varily wary location. Btw, I’ve never read Aldous Huxley, although I will think that I should read this literature at some point. Also, I love Vodka, heart and soul.
2002-04-10 02:39:31 – Burnz
Ooooooooooooo, for once I am madly madly madly in love with Tony’s randomness. If you are going to walk the Huxley road, make sure you hit up Island. It was part of his humanistic era, after all the hallucinogens. Eastern humanism with western ambition. But start it off with the old standby, Brave New World my Epsilon friend. And for a poor man’s guide to psychological communication between subconscious and conscious mind, get "Man and his Symbols" it is an omnibus of Carl Jung and 13 of his best students. It is also the only lower-brow piece he conceded to doing. Not to say that it is simplistic, just more so than his other 11,000,000 books and their tendancy to make a lot of assumptions about the reader’s knowledge of societal structure in Germany many generations ago. And don’t worry, he strongly divorced from Freud’s perverse psycho-sexual answer to everything. Read it, you will like it, it is good. Sorry you all had to read that. Know that I am not proud of what I have done.
2002-04-10 11:45:16 – Siaokh