Thanksgiving, Family, Liquor

So today was Thanksgiving. I did absolutel nothing until about … oh … 11:30am, when I roused Keen, then he, I and Paulie headed to my Parents’ place to have TurkeyDay luvin. The food was good, the converastion was good, everything went really well. I’m pretty glad I got to see my Sis, and my Dad still rocks my socks, and everything went really well. Good Times. So then Keen and I got home and decided to go do a little *gulpgulp* if you know what i mean. SO we scoped out downtown while wearing our thanksgiving-attire-duds, and ended up at the Red Martini, nex tto RumBay. Lots of imbibing later, (three martinis!) I almost had enough liquid courage to speak to these two superhot, very tall, speaking some foreign language (german?), ladies, but eh, they left before the cougrage came to bare. So we finished our drinks and headed home. The REd Martini is expensive, at least on par with mm, wh’t it called with the blakc light. 15c! Yes. THey had some better tasting drinks, bu t I don’t think they are quite on par with 15c, but the environg ment is really good – gonna be a must-go-to for a while, especially because it invovles better than normal attire, meaning that very fewa skansk will make it in the door. Happy Late TUrkay Day everybody!

2004-11-28 01:09:48 – WC
Sounds like you had fun Randal! I managed to get up and going earlier than I do for work! I picked up Rachael and were back at my parents house (40min later) before 9am. Ate breakfast there, and kicked it with my parents while my Dad occupied me with computer questions and my mom talked Rachaels ear off. At about 3ish we went over to her house for some turkey love. It was great. 🙂 After all that the whole gang went to go see "The Incredibles." In case you haven’t seen that movie yet, it is a "must see"! So that is how my turkey day went. Ok now back to more hl2. (I know I suck but I’m busy :-))
2004-11-29 13:23:59 – GrooveMan
I clicked on your ADs Randy… Thats few cents just for you, Now go buy yourself something nice 😛 World of Warcraft Rox
2004-11-29 14:57:52 – Netheus
I hate the holidays. I read Harry Potter books and abstained from my text books. I won’t bore you with the details of my family. I just hopw they continue to stay away.
2004-12-01 15:13:52 – fourdegrees
Wasabi! Happy late Turkey Day to you, too. 🙂 How’s life?
2004-12-03 12:37:42 – Dice
For Thanksgiving, the construction workers next door tore open my house’s drainage pipe, forcing mud into it and freezing it at the same time. This caused all of the house’s water to flow up out my my basement toilet and flood my room. Then they "fixed" it, and it happened yesterday again. And my bathtub is filled with mud…or at least I hope its mud. Hadn’t talked to all of you recently, so I figured I’d share. Happy holidays.