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Work was long this week. Sure, it was a 4 day week and it’s over in less than 5 hours, but it sure took it’s time. A much larger than normal amount of office drama taking place regarding some potential business. I’m usually pretty busy fielding calls and putting together proposals and such, but pretty slow on the admin side of things. Our upstream provider sucks ass. No, I won’t say why. Grr. I am in love with UUnet. <3<3<3 UUnet. Not much else going on. It’s Friday. I think someone is having a party but I don’t know. I am not in the loop on these things. I think I might go to Chipotle for lunch, but goddamn, that’s like 1500 calories in one go. Ugh. Oh, have to buy a YMCA membership today so I can swim. mmmm, swimming. Have you ever noticed that you put on different game faces for different people? We’re showing our wireless to some people today, and I’m playing the joe-blow sysadmin role, and then when I’m talking to Jack I have to be very, very clear, slow and thought out. Then when I talk to Corey, I go at hyperspeed and things just flow. I think the dynamic between people is what makes and breaks things, and I’ll tell you, more and more every day it is me doing the sales routine with a stab of tech to lure buyers. It’s fun, it really is. I think I’d be good at it, but nobody takes a 20 year old seriously in the tech industry unless there is experience or a pile of acronyms following the title. Just gotta do what I do best, I guess.

2002-09-06 14:28:48 – Burnz
/me pictures rand0m swimming and sees many many small mexican children throwing wet tee-shirts on him to keep him hydrated until the tide comes back in. I’ll save you the trouble – Fuck you Burnz. Punch. 1st post motherbitches.
2002-09-06 15:49:47 – Name
I didn’t mean to imply CO sux i meant the timezone you live in sux, sorry to offend you neth. and random i always surf anonymous less pings to static ip.
2002-09-06 15:56:50 – tony
2002-09-06 16:12:22 – rand0m
well, as long as you’re not a huge dick I don’t think there’s a problem … welcome on board ๐Ÿ™‚ Man, 4:14pm, and I want to go home. I think I’ll put the logo on some business cards.
2002-09-06 16:20:25 – Siaokh
No tony, it’s Punch. Get it right. So today is friday…and what is there to do in texas on a friday? You guessed it… Highschool Football, it’s like a religion out here or something, who knows. Maybe it’s just parents attempting to live vicariously (fuck you i cant spell) through their children, or the appeal of gladiator style violence (safe for our kids). Let’s count the concussions little johnny gets. Should be fun though, lots of lookie-no-touchie from the highschool cheerleaders *drool*. Weekend not much fun is supposibly going on, working and working, and "homework" lol, yeah. We’re starting to get some neat stuff in, too bad i dont make enough to buy any of it. Somewhere along the line i’m going to try to go camping out here by a lake… avert the west-nile virus, and go Jetskiing. w00. Jumping the wakes of larger boats on those things is quite thrilling. (i already said punch. but whatever) -Tim
2002-09-06 16:24:14 – Siaokh
Ok… maybe i can spell. but fuck you anyways. -Tim
2002-09-06 19:25:17 – netheus
no, your time zone sucks. Our time zone gives us uncanny math skills, yo. I made a turkey dinner today. It was great. Randal, we should get together for sookashay sometime this week. Top 10 reasons not to do speed/ crack: 10. You quit sleeping. 9. You quit eating. 8. You magically start fucking people over left and right. 7. You call your 20 year old daught from your hotel room at 3 a.m. every morning for a week, and expect to get a ride to somewhere. 6. Your IQ/ g score immediatley drops 10-50 points. 5. You quit sleeping. 4. It’s expensive. More so than drugs that allow you and encourage eating AND sleeping. 3. You have no idea what else is in it. 2. Sudafed and coffee are cheaper. 1. You quit eating.
2002-09-06 21:29:52 – pinky
i’m guest blogging on my friend matt’s site, so if you want to head over to [L=]here[/L], you can read the bullshit that is Laura. wooo! also, i have to say that it probably doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in because really, uh, colorado still rocks.
2002-09-07 18:46:08 – rand0m
wow, what an interesting saturday. It’s almost 7pm, and I’m still in my pajamas. Hmmmmmmmmm … at least my chicken is marinating nicely. Yummy, yummy chicken. w3rd.
2002-09-07 21:02:54 – tony
wow, wierd, just got an email that says i may have to get an anthrax vaccination ack, me be sick soon
2002-09-08 00:53:02 – Siaokh
Tony… just take cipro… works just as good… aleast that’s what iv’e heard. Anthrax vaccine is just the way the military uses it’s peons as gunnepigs. I’m watching the breakfast club, and it’s made me realize the 80’s sucked… a lot. But we’re past that, and it’s all good. Gotta work tomorrow, so i’m headed to bed. Punch. -Tim
2002-09-08 02:30:44 – Disco Nova
*begin negative exhalation*
2002-09-08 02:31:50 – Disco Nova
Btw, I like Burmz I wanna bear ihis children
2002-09-08 08:54:36 – netheus
mmmmm…… I hope that was supposed to be an image….. I don’t wanna go to work…. I wanna sit at home and read!! Damnit. Maybe I can appeal to my boss’s reading nature…. and they will let me sit at work and read…. hmmm…..

Laborious Day Weekend Update

Okay, so this weekend started out as suck. Serious, serious suck. Friday night? Yea, that was a no-go. I kind of sat on my ass thinking “what the fuck am I doing at home on a Friday night?” And you know what? The only thing I could think of is that I have nothing else to do. So I sat. And it sucked. Enter Saturday. I did mostly nothing this day as well. Until of all people, James came swooping in to save the day. He brought me a computer (ROCK! – which I’m typing on now), which is sweet as hell because it plays Counter-Strike, but he also took me over to Frank’s place. Frank is the shit. So that sucked for a while, we left, came back to my place, then ended up over at Frank’s with vodka & OJ. And then eventually some of the peep. So we got blasted, then got blazed, and life was good. And Michelle is a fucking babe. O .. M .. G. So yea, stumbled home at 5am, posted and fell asleep. Soonday. I don’t remember this day. I do not know why I don’t remember this day, but I think it has to do with 5+ hours of Counter-Strike luvin. I’m such a goddamn dork. I really shouldn’t spend so much time in front of my box. Oh wait. Christina somehow rounded up Mr. Bryce Case, and we all went over to Boulder Street and hung out. God, it feels like highschool. Only minus the stupid fun, plus the responsibility, plus everyone being older. Bryce is still the shit. Mad Props. We had a good time chillin out. Pretty good day. And Monday. Man, today was sorta busy. Went to work to make sure everything was running smoothly, came home, cleaned out my truck, walked up to the front door and found it locked, because I had just locked myself out of the house. Now normally, I would just use our “alternate” method of entering the house, but that wasn’t a possibility. So I had to call Shawn, who was less than 20 feet away, to open the door. I felt dumb. Ha. Then I spent the day cleaning my shit up. My room is spotless. It makes me feel good. Why do I clean on my days off? I don’t know. Guess I’m just a clean freak. Housematt did the bathrooms, though, and that was a nice change — didn’t take him long, though, cuz I did such a stand-up job last weekend. And then at 6:35pm, I got ready to leave. Why? Because I went out with Janelle to get coffee. What’s that you say? That I’m nuts? Overboard? Fucking stupid? Well, okay. You’re right. So I pick her up and we went over to The North Perk and talked. And talked some more. We talked about everything from school to work to people we know to people one of us didn’t know. We reminisced about the trip to Albuquerque / Flagstaff that we took, about Uncle Art and Aunt Joe … we talked about less pleasant stuff, and that was actually okay. She talked a lot about Ari. I didn’t say much about any of my ‘relationships’. She’s pretty smart, and I think she’s going places. She is also very attractive. And not just because we used to date, but because she just has a lot going for her that I like. I totally like her (*sigh*) but I’m fairly sure that she thinks that I’m a huge ass. A stand-up, nice, confident, smart, romantic ass. (that second part is my ego-boost). Anyway, we had a good time — honestly, I’m very surprised at this. Left her place around 10:30pm and came home. It was good. So that was my weekend. I’d like to thank Emily for the pep talk (thanks! :-D) and to Uncle Sam for giving me the extra day off. Sure, I didn’t use it very well, but hey, I’m not complaining. Drunk + Stoned + CS + YTC + Cleaning + Janelle = good weekend.

2002-09-03 00:02:43 – Siaokh
You left out the poon… cant forget about poon. More to come later… Punch. -Tim (FIRST POST MOTHERFUCKERS)
2002-09-03 01:00:14 – captnspectacular
What is your screenname in CS? cottontail still?
2002-09-03 07:01:37 – rand0m
I usually play as "rand0m," but I think "cottontail" the asshole will make a revival. For some reason I play on Texas-based servers a lot — I get really low pings to there.
2002-09-03 11:00:22 – tony tone
Wow, it’s monday in the morning on a nice day in Alamosa. Just finished showering and about to head back up to the springs where I don’t have classes till tomorrow. And I’ve already had breakfast, a red stripe and brown sugar oatmeal, tis divine. My weekend was sweet. Definitely made up for a shitty shitty shitty thursday and sick week. Drove out to Lake Vallecito outside of Durango and stayed at a cabin right off the river. It’s a place I’ve stayed at for about 10 years off and on. The couple that invited me up took us to play at the casino where I lost 30$ in blackjack. The lady of the house cooked scrumptious lamb ribs, and grape leaf covered rice and lamb meat, and this cool potato cake thing. MMM. Played a lot of cards. Hung out on a rock in the middle of the river drinking a beer and reading a lot of my book. Then monday rode my bike for the first time in two weeks. So anxious, I woke up at 630 am, went to Durango, and started riding the Colorado Trail which stretches 400 miles throughout Colorado up to Denver. I did 12 miles on that, then headed back into town where I spotted this secluded dirt bike track. Went and did a couple of laps on that doing some kick ass jumps and high ass berms at speed. Then went and did another trail at 11 called Telegraph hill which was an absolute dog of a climb. But the view from the top was definitely worth it. Then rode downhill on a trail called Anasazi’s descent and crashed a few times giving me a couple of scratches. Then said goodbye to Vallecito and went over Wolf Creek pass to Alamosa where I ended up crashing out at 10pm after imbibing much beer. Nice mellow weekend with scratches. And Ian plans on coming up to the springs this weekend. Might have to buy a keg.
2002-09-03 11:05:28 – rand0m
[ wonders when became ]
2002-09-03 11:33:29 – Burnz
Use the Burnz filter for things like that rand0m. All I read was: Red Stripe….blackjack….drinking a beer….imbibing much beer….get a keg. But seriously Tony, I am pretty sure you could code a site for all that jizz-unk rather than making us think that the comment might be worth the reading time. But you know that.
2002-09-03 14:03:54 – tony
[L=][/L] It’s still up too. Check out the picture of the scary fuckin gremlin behind my sister. Dude is fucked up muy loco.
2002-09-03 19:42:47 – netheus
yeah… I keep thinkin’ bout it….. ytc has got it goin on. One pimp ass mofo. Responsible and happy. His girl is one lucky lady. But that was cool hangin with Cracka…. We both look back at high school as a high point of diversity and new ideas and things. Exposure to different elements without the territorial bull shit that goes along with cliques. Good times.
2002-09-04 00:59:35 – Burnz
Bah. *retch*
2002-09-04 18:07:59 – Girlie
so i finally made a site… go there if you want, not much up right now, but its pretty functional.
2002-09-04 18:40:36 – rand0m
Linkified: [L=][/L] I think the text could be smaller. $.02
2002-09-05 01:53:57 – pinky
i think your just jealous…her site kicks my ass, and kicks your site design’s ass. dayam.
2002-09-05 01:55:53 – tony
yeah pinky, no shit thought i was the only one that thought the flash thing was killer i’m gonna have to finish those tutorials in FlashMX i got started on
2002-09-05 08:45:26 – rand0m
That’s because has never had the goal of being flashy or looking great. My site works perfectly for how it is run. If her site is supposed to be a blog and not an art show, then there is a significant amount of tweaking that could & should be done. Function over form, you know?
2002-09-05 11:44:17 – Siaokh
BAH… it dont work in lynx… PUNCH. -Tim
2002-09-05 13:29:11 – Burnz
Content content content content is all I have to say.
2002-09-05 15:26:53 – realbighead
and honestly, how could anything ever beat our little peanut gallery for content? oh yeah, and whatever that thing at the top is… everyone just scrolls down anyways.
2002-09-05 15:45:21 – Girlie
the function of my site is to display my work, the blog is more of a bullshit area and not the main thing. as of now its bones of design, because, thats what i do… design. when i get time i add shit… mmkay.
2002-09-05 16:01:40 – rand0m
It can’t. owns the world. muHAhaaha. I personally don’t like the little splash-page like thing that zooms up to the top left. And it’s a *huge* chunk of flash … does it work with a db for the blog?
2002-09-05 21:24:12 – Name
tony try flash 5 before MX a little easier for the learner and more example sites/.fla’s try for tutes. the migration from 5 to MX is easier than learning off of MX. Random what is the function of this site?!? content content content try making some of your own content, did you write the php for the blog? siaokh lynx rocks we should bitch until macromedia makes a flash plugin for it!!!
2002-09-05 22:03:17 – rand0m
this site thrives on two types of content. The first kind sucks, and that is mine. The other type is the community input, which is invaluable. I wrote the whole site from scratch. I originally wrote it all in ASP & Access, then ported to PHP & Access, then ported to PHP & MSSQL. All hand coded by me ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-09-05 22:56:53 – Burnz
Did name suggest that I make some content? pardon me while I laugh hysterically at the irony if that is the case.
2002-09-05 23:02:33 – Name
so do you think the access support in php sux also or was that just me being a little stupid… so what happens if you just…Punch…back!?! sell ticks to the blog fights at 9:00 eastern and pacific screw you central peeps mountian peeps suck too… timezone-wise
2002-09-05 23:12:43 – Name
random != burnz nope wasn’t typing to you, however, continue to laugh like an idiot…don’t worry you’re being pardoned for both self-induced thoughts of implied irony, and failure to realize no one was typing to you.
2002-09-06 00:01:34 – rand0m
well, PHP doesn’t do access natively, have to run through the ms odbc access jet driver, which really sucks. and the logs show that I am not Name. And that Name comes from like 4 separate IPs, 2 of which are proxies. [ /me wonders ‘wtf?’ ] … anyway, I’m glad to have another reader, although "Name" is rather lackluster. Mind coming up with something a little more interesting?
2002-09-06 00:08:29 – tony
do you remember when you were growing up and you got to hang out with some uncle/aunt and they started reminiscing about old times, when they grew up, how things were, and you had no idea why they were talking about this time, but you were interested nonetheless because it was cool seeing them talk about that… for me this happened a lot growing up since I grew up in small town kentucky and everyone KNEW everyone… if you mentioned a friend of yours, all of a sudden your relatives would pick up on their last name, ask you like, oh, is that johnny’s son, and you’d be freaked out because they knew them by association, and yeah, everyone KNEW everyone anyway, that wierd reminiscing feel came up tonight, had a good long talk with some of the roommates and got to go back in time to when we were all little boys growing up and having friends and everything that was our world was the only thing we knew. a really good feeling
2002-09-06 00:20:43 – Burnz
Speaking of content, I just love it when commentors make their sentence structure legible. It makes them seem so much….less like a childish and inflammatory 9 year old. But I suppose everyone has to have their little pissing contest when they first show up. I never thought I would meet someone that would make me miss Disco so much. *sighs wistfully*
2002-09-06 00:27:25 – Siaokh
And the hunt begins. Punch. -Tim
2002-09-06 00:57:27 – Name
Name hereby changes names to "burnzblows"…no…how about "//|-|/+?" wow leet how original still a little "lackluster" maybe even a new ip from somewhere in CO interesting site but something is lacking like a bio from Mr. Kohutek himself does everyone here reside in CO
2002-09-06 01:10:31 – Siaokh
My vote is for "Half-Fast" Pizzidy punch. -Tim (damn i shouldnt have drank that MountainDew Amp right before bed)
2002-09-06 09:41:45 – Neth
right…. So you are blabbing from the east coast to a bunch of us out here in CO about content. And fuck you, sir or madam, whatever the hell you may be, be cause the east coast sux. And so does the west coast for that matter. It’s NO coast that’s rockin’! Yeah baby, yeah!!!! I am also going out on a limb and assuming that you are a guy. On the east coast, with four IPs. Are you mentioned in the guiness book of world records for having the largest porno collection EVER?
2002-09-06 10:03:12 – rand0m
The four IPs all belong to, an internet proxy. So … for some reason, Name has explicitly gone out of their way to visit anonymously. Oh well … I don’t see a reason to ban those IPs, but I do have to ask: Why are all newcomers huge assholes when the first show up?
2006-02-08 14:56:05 – mention garyhoodlumnow
2006-03-01 14:39:37 – inhibitions complimentwhosewondered
2006-04-18 11:44:36 – invited complimentwhosewondered


I am so blazed. No wonder other people’s groups don’t have so much drama … [b]Update[/b]: It’s Sunday! You know what that means? Cleaning time. And Shopping. And other Huge Acts of Enjoyment. Man, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my day. And I have serious doubts about tomorrow — nothing is planned and everyone is gone. I guess I’d better get around to finding more friends *hrmph* [b]Update (Again)[/b]: mmmmm, Counter-Strike + T-1 = hours and hours and hours wasted in a good way ๐Ÿ˜€

2002-09-01 09:09:38 – Netheus
Yay! I post first. And I am pissed off. A kid in TX got suspended from school for wearing her pentacle. School is about the only place you can wear a pentacle and not be totally discriminated for it by general society. Someone else has already written the usual letter to the school board and it should be taken care of soon enough, but goddamnit, having the credo to the rest of the world for Wiccans be "I will sue you," is bull shit. I hate people.
2002-09-01 12:43:43 – Siaokh
Isnt freedom of religion one of our protected rights? Last i checked it was… oh well, "One Nation under God" yeah, whatever. Our schools are going to hell in a hand basket, and people wonder why everyone wants to send their kids to a private school. I’m rambling here, but bite me. Punch. Classes have started, and i am reminded of highschool… Damn kids all running around looking hot… *argh* -Tim
2002-09-01 20:29:47 – realbighead
So I started reading Rand… it’s pretty much as painful as I’d heard. One-dimensional characters, a weak imagination, and a tendency to overdo *everything* cripple her a bit as a writer. Maybe it’s just me, though. So I’ve started school too, and have been so disgustingly busy with schoolwork that I haven’t had time for anything (tore? schoolwork? arugh?). Except staring at all the beautiful women… ah, the advantages of college campuses. But my DSL hookup goes live on Friday, which is the greatest goddamn news of all time, because life is very hard when you have to sell your ass on the streetcorner so you can snort some broadband off a 12-year-old’s ass… but that’s neither here nor there, so forget I ever mentioned anything. And did anyone else think the end of that last thread was kinda cute? I’m glad that randal’s comment pages are still a safe place to let out your horribly crippling insecurities (napoleon complex anyone?).
2002-09-01 22:22:14 – rand0m
mmmmm, school. I’m sorry to hear that you think it sucks. Don’t pussy out on me ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m starting to think a minister is the right position for you, considering all this talk of illicit activity with minors. heh. And yes, this place is still wide open. Please unload all of your little ninny whinings here just so you feel good when the door hits you in the ass ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-09-01 23:10:24 – Master Ha-reed
Yes, Rand does tend to overdo things and repeat herself – and if you cant early stages of the book, make sure you skip John Galt’s speech near the end (if youre reading Atlas Shrugged). On a side note, The Dispossessed doesn’t seem like shit-hot writing either, but maybe it will get better. And Randal, to quote Tyler Durden, it could be worse: a woman could cut off your penis while you’re asleep and throw it out of the window of a moving car ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-09-01 23:28:42 – Disco Nova
Can we please stop the slap fighting over Ann Rand? And Neth, go to Wren’s Nest and post there like all the other tree people. While I’m pissing everyone off, Amanda, Actually I was there when Randall responded to your oh so bitchy post, and he gave you a well thought out response to it, so there.
2002-09-02 13:40:15 – Burnz
God you people make me sad. I am going to eat brownies.
2002-09-02 14:05:08 – rand0m
Ys, yes we are. Only stupid things happen to us, and we only bitch. That is all we do, 100% of the time. So yea, I can see how we make you cry like a little baby. whaaaaa! whaaaa! Where’s your bib?
2002-09-02 14:49:04 – realbighead
it’s not the best writing, but it does a lot better job with characters than Rand does. Plus, I liked the plot a lot better, but that’s just a matter of taste. And if you all want shit-hot writing, check out Mark Helprin; not merely is he a newer, up-and-coming type (name-dropping galore), but he is actually an incredibly engaging writer. I will now stop talking about books altogether. so I actually have 26 credit hours of class per week, except that 9 of those are paid, so I don’t get credit for them; I have the most disgusting schedule ever. Busy busy busy busy busy. Every time I try to type "busy" I end up typing "busty", which says bad things about what’s going on in my head. Fix me. DSL FRIDAY!!!!!
2002-09-02 14:59:08 – rand0m
[ thinks that Tore is a pent-up geek ]
2002-09-02 15:15:08 – pinky
hehe…i got laid ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-09-02 17:18:37 – Netheus
Right…. And fuck you Nova. Worked 9 hours today on time and a half. Woohoo. and my boss made chicken soup for the up coming Rosh hashanna (sp), and it was yummy. He put saffron in it. Saffron is like the cocaine of herbs… so expensive, yet sooooooo good…..
2002-09-02 19:34:34 – Siaokh
Ahhhh… Labor motherfucking Day… Where Everyone is supposed to be out partying and picnicing and all that jazz.. But no, they’re coming out to shop at my store… Calling me in early. Not like i was doing anything, but i’d rather be doing nothing than dealing with whiny bitchy customers after an extra percent off on the shoes we are practically giving them. Going back to school tomorrow… shold be fun, i changed a couple of classes around so i’ll be behind on homework, and say Screw you hippies… i wasnt in the class, i aint gonna do it… or something like that. I’ve been wondering lately what’s with girls and the joke "Is that a in your pants, or are you just happy to see me"…. I mean, i dont have much of a frame of reference here, i’ve had that question directed towards me on more than one occasion. *shrug* whatever… It’s a rabbit, and he’s VERY happy to see you *wink* bet you thought i wouldnt say punch…. PUNCH MOTHERFUCKERS. -Tim
2002-09-02 22:58:48 – rand0m