I am so blazed. No wonder other people’s groups don’t have so much drama … [b]Update[/b]: It’s Sunday! You know what that means? Cleaning time. And Shopping. And other Huge Acts of Enjoyment. Man, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my day. And I have serious doubts about tomorrow — nothing is planned and everyone is gone. I guess I’d better get around to finding more friends *hrmph* [b]Update (Again)[/b]: mmmmm, Counter-Strike + T-1 = hours and hours and hours wasted in a good way 😀

2002-09-01 09:09:38 – Netheus
Yay! I post first. And I am pissed off. A kid in TX got suspended from school for wearing her pentacle. School is about the only place you can wear a pentacle and not be totally discriminated for it by general society. Someone else has already written the usual letter to the school board and it should be taken care of soon enough, but goddamnit, having the credo to the rest of the world for Wiccans be "I will sue you," is bull shit. I hate people.
2002-09-01 12:43:43 – Siaokh
Isnt freedom of religion one of our protected rights? Last i checked it was… oh well, "One Nation under God" yeah, whatever. Our schools are going to hell in a hand basket, and people wonder why everyone wants to send their kids to a private school. I’m rambling here, but bite me. Punch. Classes have started, and i am reminded of highschool… Damn kids all running around looking hot… *argh* -Tim
2002-09-01 20:29:47 – realbighead
So I started reading Rand… it’s pretty much as painful as I’d heard. One-dimensional characters, a weak imagination, and a tendency to overdo *everything* cripple her a bit as a writer. Maybe it’s just me, though. So I’ve started school too, and have been so disgustingly busy with schoolwork that I haven’t had time for anything (tore? schoolwork? arugh?). Except staring at all the beautiful women… ah, the advantages of college campuses. But my DSL hookup goes live on Friday, which is the greatest goddamn news of all time, because life is very hard when you have to sell your ass on the streetcorner so you can snort some broadband off a 12-year-old’s ass… but that’s neither here nor there, so forget I ever mentioned anything. And did anyone else think the end of that last thread was kinda cute? I’m glad that randal’s comment pages are still a safe place to let out your horribly crippling insecurities (napoleon complex anyone?).
2002-09-01 22:22:14 – rand0m
mmmmm, school. I’m sorry to hear that you think it sucks. Don’t pussy out on me 😉 I’m starting to think a minister is the right position for you, considering all this talk of illicit activity with minors. heh. And yes, this place is still wide open. Please unload all of your little ninny whinings here just so you feel good when the door hits you in the ass 🙂
2002-09-01 23:10:24 – Master Ha-reed
Yes, Rand does tend to overdo things and repeat herself – and if you cant early stages of the book, make sure you skip John Galt’s speech near the end (if youre reading Atlas Shrugged). On a side note, The Dispossessed doesn’t seem like shit-hot writing either, but maybe it will get better. And Randal, to quote Tyler Durden, it could be worse: a woman could cut off your penis while you’re asleep and throw it out of the window of a moving car 😉
2002-09-01 23:28:42 – Disco Nova
Can we please stop the slap fighting over Ann Rand? And Neth, go to Wren’s Nest and post there like all the other tree people. While I’m pissing everyone off, Amanda, Actually I was there when Randall responded to your oh so bitchy post, and he gave you a well thought out response to it, so there.
2002-09-02 13:40:15 – Burnz
God you people make me sad. I am going to eat brownies.
2002-09-02 14:05:08 – rand0m
Ys, yes we are. Only stupid things happen to us, and we only bitch. That is all we do, 100% of the time. So yea, I can see how we make you cry like a little baby. whaaaaa! whaaaa! Where’s your bib?
2002-09-02 14:49:04 – realbighead
it’s not the best writing, but it does a lot better job with characters than Rand does. Plus, I liked the plot a lot better, but that’s just a matter of taste. And if you all want shit-hot writing, check out Mark Helprin; not merely is he a newer, up-and-coming type (name-dropping galore), but he is actually an incredibly engaging writer. I will now stop talking about books altogether. so I actually have 26 credit hours of class per week, except that 9 of those are paid, so I don’t get credit for them; I have the most disgusting schedule ever. Busy busy busy busy busy. Every time I try to type "busy" I end up typing "busty", which says bad things about what’s going on in my head. Fix me. DSL FRIDAY!!!!!
2002-09-02 14:59:08 – rand0m
[ thinks that Tore is a pent-up geek ]
2002-09-02 15:15:08 – pinky
hehe…i got laid 🙂
2002-09-02 17:18:37 – Netheus
Right…. And fuck you Nova. Worked 9 hours today on time and a half. Woohoo. and my boss made chicken soup for the up coming Rosh hashanna (sp), and it was yummy. He put saffron in it. Saffron is like the cocaine of herbs… so expensive, yet sooooooo good…..
2002-09-02 19:34:34 – Siaokh
Ahhhh… Labor motherfucking Day… Where Everyone is supposed to be out partying and picnicing and all that jazz.. But no, they’re coming out to shop at my store… Calling me in early. Not like i was doing anything, but i’d rather be doing nothing than dealing with whiny bitchy customers after an extra percent off on the shoes we are practically giving them. Going back to school tomorrow… shold be fun, i changed a couple of classes around so i’ll be behind on homework, and say Screw you hippies… i wasnt in the class, i aint gonna do it… or something like that. I’ve been wondering lately what’s with girls and the joke "Is that a in your pants, or are you just happy to see me"…. I mean, i dont have much of a frame of reference here, i’ve had that question directed towards me on more than one occasion. *shrug* whatever… It’s a rabbit, and he’s VERY happy to see you *wink* bet you thought i wouldnt say punch…. PUNCH MOTHERFUCKERS. -Tim
2002-09-02 22:58:48 – rand0m