Lots of work, Shopping, Shoes,Trip to ND

Lots of exciting things have been going on work. Lots and lots. New customers moving in, current customers adding to and changing their setups, just lots of hustle and bustle. It’s a good time, especially the new customers part — means I may get a raise 😉 Janelle called me last … Wednesday. It was nice to hear from her again, and it was even better to hear that she is doing well for herself. None of the freaking out / self loathing / world spinning that I usually get to enjoy right after talking to her. Does that mean I’ve grown up and don’t live in the past anymore? [L=http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=balderdash]Balderdash[/L]. I went shopping this afternoon after the standard Sunday stretch of Hooters/Barnes&Noble/Best Buy. I spent money. Too much, I’m afraid, but I did come home with a ton of stuff from Old Navy … cargos, jeans, two thermal things, fleece pullover, and some pajama pants. Then we went on the hunt to find some shoes. I have a pair of Docs that I’ve had since my senior year in highschool. They died early on, but Dr. Marten’s shoe company replaced them for me free of charge. That was summer of 2000. Here it is, 5 years later, and they are just now getting to the point that I can’t justify wearing them to even semi-casual shindigs, like say … work. Because of that, I’ve been doing crazy things like polishing & buffing them to get them to last a little bit longer. Unfortunately, they just aren’t holding up anymore, so I’ve been on the lookout for a while. Now, you may think that being a boy and finding shoes is an easy proposition … not like women, where it turns out to be a $400, 10 hour searching and buying extravaganza. Well, when it comes to shoes, I’m a woman. I wear exactly one kind of not-tennis-shoe, and that is Dr Martens classic Gibson 5-eye, round tip, original sole, model # 8053ZBEN. They are generally impossible to find. We spent 2 hours searching the Chapel Hills Mall for these bad boys, and time and time again came up with the wrong shoe – a bull or strong-nosed tip , 5eye oxford, horizontal sole affair that [i]everybody[/i] carries. They look incredibly similar, but the toe & the sole are wrong – the sole I can live with, the fugly, pronounced toe? No way. Thus the search began. Foley’s. Dillard’s. Timberhome. Overland. The Buckle. Nothing. Until we hit Famous Footwear. GOLD MINE BABY! Not only did they have the exact shoe I crave, they have it in Greasy (shiney leather) AND Nappa (matte leather). So I chose the Greasy, as that’s what I prefer. Then I found out that it was buy one, get the next pair for 50% off! So I went back and got a pair of the Nappas. These things are so freaking hard to find that I -Had- to purchase two pairs. Total cost – $144. I won’t have to endure searching for another pair of these babies for 10 years. I can’t believe I’m excited about shoes, but I am. I’m going to North Dakota in a couple days. I’m so freaking stoked that I can’t describe it. I get to see Amanda. Fuck Yea. I get to meet Amanda’s friends. Awesome. I get to see her parents again, who are freakin cool. Righteous. I get to see the vast wilderness of North Dakota. *crickets* Ahhh, Amanda. I can’t wait. I want to jump for joy. But I can’t, new shoes and all. Gosh I sound like a twitterpated school boy. But I can’t wait. 😀 [b]Update @ 7:12pm[/b] – As some of you may know, Tony got into a wicked snowboarding accident and fucked up his chin/jaw pretty good. WOW++ is all I have to say … here is a pic of his stitched up chin: [L=http://rand0m.org/images/TonyWreck.jpg]Tony’s Chin[/L]. I have one question though — why can’t they attach an arm or someother prosthetic, like a sexy new chin, there? [b]Update #2 @ 7:17pm[/b] – I haven’t smoked in a while. I had one last Saturday that I bummed from YTCracker at Eden, and I couldn’t finish it. Before that … gosh, maybe 10 days? That means I’m going on 2 1/2 weeks of mostly cigarette free … I’ve never been hard at it, generally 2-3 a day, but none is just better. When I see other people smoking or smell cigarrette smoke my body and mind kind of convulse and urge for a puff. It’s hard, but for the better I guess. It’s cheaper too. 😉

2005-11-22 23:28:09 – jrdn
2005-11-23 02:19:34 – rand0m
Took over two days, I’m sad. 🙁
2005-11-28 10:54:55 – mark
"It’s cheaper too." I’ll say. I quit for 2 and a half years and bought a powerbook with my savings. Keep it up Randal.